Comedones: treatment in a beauty salon and at home

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Comedones are black dots on the skin. Most of the troubles they deliver to adolescents and women. There are a variety of reasons for their formation. If there are comedones on the face, treatment should be started immediately, do not wait until they go by themselves.

Comedones: the causes of the appearance of

Black dots may appear in adolescents because of their transient age. In women, their appearance is usually associated with hormonal failure, improper use of decorative and caring cosmetics, as well as genetic predisposition. There are a lot of diseases during which comedones can also form. Stress is another common cause, in fact, it often leads to the appearance of acne. If there are comedones on the face, treatment should begin as soon as possible, otherwise the risk of catching the infection is great, and this is much more serious consequences.

The mechanism for the formation of comedones is as follows: sebum begins to accumulate in the hair follicles, interacts with particles of dust, which in any case settle on the skin, and creates a tight stopper. The cork closes the pore and does not allow it to function normally.

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Comedones: types

Comedones, the treatment of which we will consider below, are divided into two types: closed and open. Closed comedones are located under the skin in the form of whitish papules, which are often not so easy to recognize. When there is no elimination of the cause of their formation, the sebum exits outward, and under the influence of oxygen it acquires a black color. Thus, open comedones are formed. Black dots, unlike whitish papules under the skin, are much easier to treat. Some even try to squeeze them, but this is not the best way.

Comedones: how to treat

When there are no elementary concepts, the maximum, which is enough for the forces of a person suffering from black dots, is to squeeze them out. Many people think that only in this way you can bring your skin in order. But this is fundamentally wrong. It has already been proved that during the squeezing, it is possible to easily record an infection that will lead to the development of the inflammatory process.

But if you look at the other side, then there are not so many tools that allow yourself to eliminate comedones. Treatment is best done in the beauty salon. And here's what they can offer:

  • Manual cleaning. This is the so-called extrusion, before which the skin is previously steamed, and then black dots are squeezed out with sterile wipes. Pay attention that the key in this process is sterility. But even in such cases, you can not hedge against negative consequences. It is also important to find a good specialist who will do everything right.
  • Fruit acids. This method of getting rid of comedones is considered the safest, but not the most effective. The problem skin is covered with a mask, which contains an increased amount of glycolic acid. Under its influence, the skin warms up, softens, and the fatty rods partially decompose. But not all.
  • Ionization. Another little-known way to remove black dots. The mechanism of its effect is that a special preparation is applied to the skin, which dilutes and draws sebum from the pores. To achieve a good result, it will take more than one such procedure.

Comedones: treatment with folk remedies

You can also try to get rid of comedones at home. The simplest thing is to lubricate black points with table vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. You can also first make a steam bath, and then apply a mixture of salt, soda and shaving cream in equal amounts. But if you do not have time to bring your skin in order, then you can try to squeeze out annoying formations, but you should do it as carefully as possible, preferably using sterile wipes that avoid direct contact between hands and black dots.