Is it useful to use lilac for joints?

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Lilac is a shrub from the family of the Olive trees, reaching a height of 2 to 7 meters, with a multitude of stems on branches and a strong root system. From time immemorial, it is considered a people's medicinal plant. Any part of the bush has a bitter syringin. Flowers are saturated with essential oils, coumarins, farnesol, flavonoids, resin, ascorbic acid.

lilac tincture for joints

Lilac is widely distributed everywhere. Rarely is there a site without this beautiful bush. It is cultivated as a fragrant, beautiful plant in gardens, in cottages, in parks, but often wild. Excellent survives in dusty and gassy air.

Lilac tincture for joints or other therapeutic purposes is made from kidneys, bark, leaves and flowers.

At the beginning of budding, the flower is cut with the twigs, tied in a bundle and dried in a shady place.

Leaflets need to be collected early in summer in dry weather. They can also be dried in the shade or at a temperature of 40 to 60 degrees in the dryer, spreading a thin layer.

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The bark should be harvested from young stems, and stored in a wooden container or in a bag for no more than two years.

Lilac use

Lilac is rich in useful substances. Therefore, in folk medicine, tea, infusions, decoctions, ointments and compresses are made from it. For example, from the kidneys of plants make a medicine that lowers blood sugar levels. Applicable lilac tincture for joints, for the treatment of malaria, diarrhea and rheumatism. Stomach ulcers, dyspnea, whooping cough, diabetes mellitus are treated with tinctures from flowers. Effective treatment of lilac from bruises, pains, wounds and neuralgia.

for joints

Diseases of the joints. Tincture of lilac

Joint pain can cause diseases such as gout, arthrosis, arthritis. The resulting injuries, infections, improper metabolism, allergies, lack of vitamins or disturbances in the work of the nervous system can cause arthritis of various forms. Often, progressive arthritis makes a person disabled. People are sick at any age, but more often arthritis occurs in older women. To combat this disease use such means as medication, nutrition correction, physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, mud therapy and surgical operations. Of course, tincture of lilac for joints can also help.


  1. You can start treatment with the cleaning of joints from salts. And the best option is hot water. The process is long, but effective. Start every morning with half a glass of hot water, drunk in small sips. diseases of the joints lilac tincture
  2. Two-month cranberry course. Infusion of cranberry leaves leaves salt well. Together with such treatment it is necessary to drink potassium three times a day, one tablet before meals. Otherwise, cranberries will excrete potassium from the body together with salts. Infusion is consumed twice a day. Half a cup in the morning and evening before eating.
  3. Tincture of lilac for joints is done like this: dried flowers of white lilac fill 40% alcohol( 1 to 10), insist 10 days in a closed jar. Drink three times a day for 20 drops. Together with this, you can put compresses on sick sites or rub them. A particularly effective method for arthritis.
  4. It is good for joints to apply such a recipe: mix three large spoons of dried white lilac and the same amount of Vaseline or butter. Obtain the ointment in the inflamed joints.
  5. Pour a glass of spring lilac buds with half a liter of vodka and store in the dark for 10 days. Such a medicine rubs sore spots, and with bruises make lotions.

Treatment is work, we wish you success and patience in this!