Health resorts of Belarus: treatment rating and reviews

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Rest in Belarus is really unforgettable. Here everyone can find what exactly he associates with an excellent holiday. Belarus is perfect for active pastime and relaxing. And almost every sanatorium offers you dozens of options. It is a country of countless lakes and rivers, cognitive excursions and sunny beaches.

Tourism development

A few years ago, only Belarusians were visitors to local health resorts. However, today everything has changed radically. Tourists began to understand that it is not necessary to go far abroad, to Europe, to have a good holiday. Russians and Ukrainians, the Baltic states and Poles, Germans and citizens of other countries began to show great interest in Belarusian resorts. Why is this happening? This is the result of excellent service, which is equal to European, but at the same time prices are much more affordable. Today we want to consider the most popular sanatoria in Belarus, whose rating will allow you to plan your future vacation.

The main medical factors

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This country is famous for its favorable climate, and the wonders of nature have made it an excellent place for building a network of recreational facilities. Moreover, high demand led to the fact that modern health resorts are equipped with high-tech modern equipment. Prices for recreation here are quite democratic. In this case, you will be offered a wide range of health-improving procedures.

Sanatoriums of Belarus, whose rating is presented below, are real reserves with unique clean air of untouched forests, mineral springs and well-developed tourist infrastructure. health resorts belorussia rating

1. Sanatorium "Bug"

Each tourist's opinion is slightly different, therefore the distribution of seats is subjective. We will be guided by the opinions of the majority of tourists, based on the reviews placing the places of the sanatorium of Belarus. The rating can not take into account all the health resorts, because there are a lot of them.

So, the sanatorium "Bug" is located in the tract Sosnovy Bor, on the stunning bank of the river Mukhavets. Very convenient is its location, as only 2 kilometers separates it from the highway Brest - Moscow. Here every tourist will gladly welcome, and attentive staff will help get rid of any diseases. What exactly is the "Bug" superior to other sanatoriums in Belarus? He leads the rating for the reason that this is the largest all-the-year-round health resort with a huge selection of services. The priceless treasure of the sanatorium is curative mineral water, which is extracted from its own well, from a depth of more than 1260 meters.

The price for a double standard is 1256 rubles per day. Reviews are difficult even to list. All without exception, they emphasize the highest level of service and the amazing quality of treatment. health resorts of belorussia rating of the best

2. Sanatorium "Belorusochka"

Let's continue to consider the sanatoriums of Belarus. The rating of the best health resorts can not be imagined without this unique complex. It is located on the territory of the Minsk region, among coniferous forests. Here balneotherapy, thermal mud treatment, inhalation and therapeutic massage are practiced. The cost of rest and treatment is 1060 rubles per day per room.

Based on reviews, it is famous for its good medical base. Physicians are very sensitive to each tourist, create for him individual conditions.

3. Sanatorium "Ruzhansky"

It is located on the territory of the Brest region. Truly unique health resort, which allowed to improve health to thousands of people. That is why, considering the rating of the sanatoriums of Belarus for treatment, we invariably meet it in the first positions. It combines incompatible things at first glance. These are comfortable conditions, unique equipment and modern interiors, on the one hand, and the opportunity to spend time in a virtually untouched corner of our planet - on the other.

Clean air, its own mineral spring and the best in the whole CIS medical service - all this increases the popularity of the sanatorium every year. However, the resort is designed for only 283 places. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of the voucher in advance. The main profile is the treatment of endocrine, nervous, digestive systems. best health resorts of Belarus with a swimming pool rating

4. "White Tower"

If you consider the rating of sanatoria in Belarus according to reviews, then most often you can find a mention of this amazing health resort. First of all, the attention of tourists is attracted by an ecologically clean area. Here there are no enterprises, only centuries-old trees and silence. The sanatorium started working about fifteen years ago, but already hundreds of people were able to improve their health here.

First of all, reviews mark the beauty of the Belarusian nature. Here, you seem to fall into another world, where all the problems go to the background. Excellent conditions in comfortable rooms contribute to a relaxing stay. Friendly, friendly and attentive attitude from the staff wins vacationers. And finally, medical care. It's just here on top. Specialized health resort for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

], rating of sanatoria of Belarus according to reviews

5. Sanatorium "Krinitsa"

It is very difficult to choose the best sanatoriums in Belarus with treatment. The rating can be compiled on the basis of various criteria. However, today we have two main ones: reviews and quality of treatment.

Sanatorium "Krinitsa" is one of the most popular health resorts in the country. It was founded relatively long ago and managed to preserve the best traditions of spa treatment. It is located on the shore of the reservoir Krinitsa. This is a modern comfortable sanatorium, which has unique medical equipment, a comfortable residential building.

This is a multi-disciplinary health resort, but the main direction is therapy of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Warm responses to medical staff do not allow to doubt the effectiveness of the treatment courses that have been completed on the basis of the sanatorium. best sanatoria of Belarus with treatment rating

6. Sanatorium "Lesnoye"

The frames of the short article do not allow for a more detailed survey, but we will consider some other sanatoriums in Belarus. The rating of the best on reviews necessarily includes a health resort called "Lesnoye".It is distinguished by the amazing beauty of the scenery. There is a sanatorium on the shore of the lake, in a mixed coniferous-deciduous forest.

On the territory there is a mineral spring, equal in composition to which there is nowhere else in the country. This is a sanatorium of the general strengthening profile. In addition, there is an opportunity to spend time cheerfully and actively. Hunting and fishing, walking - all this is possible in the sanatorium "Lesnoe".Special excursions of entertaining and fortifying nature are organized for tourists. The daily promenade will strengthen immunity, which means that next year you will spend without care to the sick leave. rating of sanatoria of Belarus for treatment

The best health resorts with a swimming pool: "Priozerny"

We decided to separate the rating of the sanatoria of Belarus with the pool and consider them separately. And the first in this list will be the sanatorium "Priozerny".It is located in a unique corner of the republic, 150 kilometers from Minsk. Pine forests prevail around. Most often come here to treat heart and vascular disease. Reviews say that the therapy gives excellent results. Hypertension and tachycardia retreat for a long time, and if they regularly visit the sanatorium they stop worrying. On the territory there are two sources of mineral waters, a drinking ditch operates. There are also mud storage facilities. On the territory - a huge indoor pool in which you can swim without any restrictions. health resorts of belorussia best rated by reviews

"Pine Forest"

And we are considering the best sanatoriums in Belarus with a swimming pool. The rating continues the sanatorium "Pine Forest".It is located in the environment of the forest, which means that you have clean and fresh air. Next to the building there is a hydropark, fountains and cascades, openwork bridges. Distance from Minsk is only 55 kilometers.

Profile of this sanatorium - treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Judging by the feedback, there is a favorable atmosphere, which is created by medical workers and staff. You can completely relax and have a good rest.

For lovers of water sports there is a large swimming pool for swimming. The total area is 50 square meters.m. In addition, the sauna has a small pool, only 3 square meters.m. But it is quite enough to cool off after the steam room.

Instead of concluding

We have listed not all the sanatoria of this beautiful and hospitable country. However, the scope of the article does not allow for a more extensive review. But all the health resorts, which we managed to mention, have the highest rating and every year collect hundreds of warm reviews. If you are planning a holiday combined with treatment, then Belarus awaits you. A unique climate, clean air, wonderful living conditions - all this attracts tourists every year. A pleasant bonus is the price policy. Here, the cost of living together with the treatment is much lower than in the European resorts.