Immunil candles: instructions for use and reviews

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Immunil candles are a harmless homeopathic remedy. It is intended for the treatment of several diseases of the urino-genital organs and rectum: hemorrhoids, prostatitis and inflammations of the vagina. The composition of suppositories includes only natural components, so the drug has very few contraindications.

Composition and therapeutic effect of

Instructions for the use of suppositories "Immunil" informs that the preparation contains a homeopathic immunomodulator and extracts of plants. Suppositories contain the following active ingredients:

  1. Sea buckthorn oil. This is a useful wound-healing agent that promotes rapid regeneration of the mucosa. It quickly heals cracks, ulcers and wounds. And also oil increases the elasticity of blood vessels and removes toxins from the body.
  2. Dry mixture( trituration) of thymalin. This substance is obtained from the thymus gland of cattle, it is an immunomodulator. Trituration of thymaline stimulates the activity of lymphocytes and macrophages - cells that fight infection.
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  4. Extract of narrow-leaved echinacea. This plant component also has immunostimulating properties. Echinacea is useful for colds, hemorrhoids and furunculosis. By increasing the protective forces of the body, the inflammatory process is stopped.
  5. Extract of perennial Baltic. This healing plant has bactericidal and immunomodulating properties. It helps with intestinal poisoning, septic diseases and conditions accompanied by chills.
  6. Extract of evergreen thuja. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is used in folk medicine for the treatment of diseases of the genito-urinary organs: cystitis, urethritis, frequent and painful urination. The extract also helps with inflammation of the ovaries and vagina, as well as with prostatitis in men.
  7. Cocoa butter. It is the basis of suppositories and is used in folk medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids and inflammation of the female genital organs.

Immintil candles

Such a combination of candles provides anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, wound-healing and immunostimulating effect of suppositories.


Instruction of candles "Immunil" recommends the use of the drug for diseases of the rectum, prostate and gynecological inflammatory pathologies. They can be used for cracks and cancers of the rectum, as well as after rectal surgery. Suppositories help with hemorrhoids and inflammation of the cellulitis of the anus( paraproctitis).Male candles are shown with prostatitis, and women - with inflammation of the vagina. In addition, suppositories help to establish the function of excretion and relieve pain with difficulty urinating( with urethritis and cystitis).

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Immunil suppositories are quite safe and have almost no contraindications. Suppositories should not be used only for allergies to any of the ingredients that make up the drug. During therapy with this drug, patients did not experience any side effects or overdose.

How to use

Before using suppositories, the area of ​​the anus should be thoroughly washed. At night before going to bed, you need to insert 1 candle deep into the rectum. This procedure is repeated daily. The length of the course of therapy depends on the severity of the disease. On average, the treatment with Immunil suppositories takes 10-30 days.

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Storage conditions, price and candlestick reviews

Suppositories can easily melt even at room temperature. Therefore, it is better to store them in the refrigerator. The temperature should be no more than +10 degrees. In such conditions, the "Immuntil" candles are suitable for use for 2 years.

The drug is developed and produced in the center of scientific and practical homeopathy "Adonis"( Pyatigorsk).The price of 10 suppositories from 250 to 350 rubles.

In the network there are many positive reviews about the candles "Immuntil".Women write that candles effectively relieve inflammation of the vagina. Unlike antibiotics, this drug does not suppress immunity, but strengthens the defenses of the body and has no side effects. And also these candles help to reduce the erosion of the cervix and stop pain with thrush.

immunity candles reviews

You can also find negative feedback about candles. Patients write about the low effectiveness of the drug, but it should be noted that in these cases, suppositories were not used for the intended purpose. For example, some patients used this drug as an immunomodulator to prevent colds during epidemics. However, the instruction does not provide for such use of candles. Suppositories "Immuntil" stimulate immunity, but can not serve as a means of protection against ARVI or influenza.

Many patients note that the candles contribute to the rapid healing of cracks in hemorrhoids and the removal of pain in cystitis and urethritis. To the drawbacks of the drug some users of the network refer to the fact that suppositories contaminate the laundry. But this is a feature of all preparations in the form of candles, they dissolve inside the body and partially leak outward. However, the remedy does not have a sharp and repulsive smell, the candles have the aroma of cocoa and sea-buckthorn. Patients also note a convenient form of suppository, which facilitates their introduction.