"Omeprazol-Teva": user's manual, manufacturer, reviews, analogs

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The increased acidity of gastric juice not only contributes to the appearance of unpleasant sensations, bloating and heaviness, but can also cause erosion or even ulcer. Therefore, when the first symptoms of such a pathology should immediately turn to the gastroenterologist. omeprazole teva user guide

Fortunately, today there is a huge number of different medications that help reduce the acidity of gastric juice, and also solve a number of other problems associated with the digestive tract. One such medication is Omeprazol-Teva. Instructions for use, the manufacturer of this medication will be presented below. Also you will learn about how the mentioned medicament works, what consumers say about it, and so on.

Composition, description and form of release

The drug "Omeprazol-Teva", the instruction of which is contained in a cardboard package, goes on sale as opaque solid cellulose capsules No. 3. They have an orange case and a red cap. The white ink on them is marked with the letter "O" and the figure 10, 20 or 40( depending on the dosage).

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The contents of the capsules are white micro-pellets( may be pinkish or yellowish in color).

What does the "Omeprazol-Teva" medication contain? Instructions for use indicate that the active ingredient of this medication is omeprazole. As for the additional components, such substances as oleic acid, sugar grits, sodium carboxymethyl starch type A 2, povidone, sodium lauryl sulfate, potassium oleate, hypromellose, triethyl citrate, methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate copolymer, titanium dioxide and talc are used as additional components.

The composition of the cellulose capsule includes carrageenan, dye "sunset sun" yellow, potassium chloride, titanium dioxide, iron oxide red oxide, hypromellose, water, dye red charming.

Pharmacological properties of

What are the omeprazole-Teva capsules? Instructions for use asserts that it is an inhibitor of K + -H + -ATPase. It slows the activity of K + -H + -ATPase in parietal cells of the stomach and blocks the secretion of hydrochloric acid. This effect of the drug helps to lower the level of stimulated and basal secretion, regardless of the nature of the stimulus. omeprazole teva that heals how to take

Due to decreased acid secretion, it ceases to have a detrimental effect on the esophagus of the patient with reflux esophagitis.

It should also be noted that omeprazole is able to exert a bactericidal effect against Helikobakter Pilori. Eradication of this bacterium with simultaneous administration of the drug and antibiotics allows instantly stopping the signs of the disease, as well as achieving rapid healing of the damaged mucous membrane, prolonged remission and reducing the likely development of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.

Kinetics of the drug

What are the kinetic properties of the drug "Omeprazol-Teva"?When taken orally, the medicine is absorbed rather quickly from the gastrointestinal tract and penetrates into the parietal cells of the stomach. The connection with plasma proteins is about 96%( mainly with albumins).

Biological transformation of medicament occurs in the liver. It is excreted by the kidneys( about 72-80%) and together with feces( about 20%).

The half-life of the drug is ½-1 hour. In people with chronic liver diseases, this period increases to 3 hours.

Medication "Omeprazol-Teva": indications for use of

omeprazole teva reviews

According to the instructions, the agent under consideration is well manifested when:

  • of gastroesophageal reflux disease( or abbreviated GERD), reflux esophagitis, including relapse prevention;
  • peptic ulcer disease( including for the prevention of recurrence) of the 12-типерстной gut and stomach;
  • ulcerative and erosive lesions of the gastrointestinal tract( i.e., 12-типерстной gut and stomach), which are connected with Helikobakter Pilori( as part of complex treatment);
  • ulcerative and erosive lesions of the digestive tract( i.e., 12-типерстной gut and stomach), which are associated with the intake of NSAIDs;
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, as well as other pathological conditions that are associated with abnormal gastric secretion.


When should I not take the drug "Omeprazol-Teva"?The reviews report that such a drug is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to omeprazole or any component of the drug. In addition, it can not be administered with fructose intolerance, pregnancy, sucrose deficiency and isomaltosis, lactation, glucose-galactose malabsorption and at a minor age. Also, the drug is contraindicated in a joint reception with "Clarithromycin" in people with hepatic insufficiency, St. John's wort and "Atazanavir."

With caution, this drug is prescribed for insufficient liver and kidney function.

The drug "Omeprazol-Teva."What heals? How to use?

The indications of this drug were presented above. To treat listed diseases, medication is taken only by mouth. Do this in the morning before breakfast or while eating. Capsules are washed down with plain water and not chewed. omeprazole teva

When peptic ulcer diseases and reflux esophagitis exacerbate, the drug is prescribed 20 mg once a day. The duration of treatment is 4-9 weeks. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 40 mg per day.

For maintenance therapy of GERD and prevention of relapse, medication is taken for 10-20 mg for 25-55 weeks( depending on the clinical effect).In the case of severe esophagitis, the drug is prescribed for life.

In the treatment of ulcerative and erosive lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, which are associated with taking NSAIDs, as well as for the prevention of recurrence of "Omeprazol-Teva" recommend taking 10-20 mg per day.

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome should be treated only after consultation with the doctor. The recommended initial dosage is 60 mg once a day. If required, this amount is increased to 80-120 mg per day( divided into two doses).

How to eliminate Helicobacter pylori with "Omeprazol-Teva" medication? Instruction for use says that in this case, complex therapy( together with antibiotics) is necessary. The drug is used at a dose of 20 mg twice a day for a week.

Side effects of

What negative reactions occur after taking omeprazole-Teva capsules? Reviews report that such a drug can cause:

  • rash, allergic vasculitis, fever, bronchoconstriction, angioedema, fever and anaphylactic shock;
  • hypochromic microcytic anemia, reversible thrombocytopenia, pancytopenia, leukopenia and agranulocytosis;

omeprazole teva instruction

  • headache, paresthesia, dizziness, lethargy, insomnia, confusion, drowsiness, hallucinations, anxiety and depression;
  • impaired hearing, including ringing in the ears;
  • visual impairment, including reduced visual fields, clarity of visual perception and reduced acuity;
  • nausea, discoloration of the tongue, vomiting, dryness of the oral mucosa, flatulence, stomatitis, constipation, candidiasis, diarrhea, abdominal pain, taste distortion, benign salivary gland cysts, pancreatitis;
  • itching, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, alopecia, erythema multiforme, photosensitization, increased sweating, toxic epidermal necrolysis;
  • interstitial nephritis;
  • changes in liver enzymes, hepatitis, encephalopathy, jaundice, liver failure;
  • fractures of the vertebrae, femoral head and bones of the wrist, myalgia, muscle weakness and arthralgia;
  • peripheral edema, hyponatremia, hypomagnesemia and gynecomastia.

Overdose with

What happens if the doses of Omeprazol-Teva are exceeded? Instruction for use reports the following symptoms: confusion, impaired vision, increased sweating, drowsiness, headache, agitation, dry mouth, arrhythmia, nausea.

Symptomatic therapy is required to correct such events.

Interaction with other drugs

With which medications can not take omeprazole-Teva capsules? When combined with ketoconazole, absorption of the latter may decrease. omeprazole teva user guide manufacturer

This drug reduces the absorption of vitamin B12 for prolonged admission.

With simultaneous use with omeprazole, the elimination of "Diazepam", "Warfarin" and "Phenytoin" is slowed down.

Special recommendations of

Before taking Omeprazol-Teva, the analogues of which are listed below, the presence of a malignant tumor in the upper gastrointestinal tract should be excluded. This is due to the fact that this medication can mask symptoms and postpone the diagnosis.

Reducing the acidity of gastric juice increases the number of bacteria in the digestive tract. This increases the risk of developing various infections.

This medication contains sodium. This need to be taken into account by those people who are on a controlled sodium diet.

Patients with a high risk of developing osteoporosis during therapy are required to ensure adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium.

Similar agents

There are many different analogues in the preparation in question. They include "Helikol", "Lansofed", "Pariet", "Ontaym", "Nexium", "Epicurus" and others. This medication can also be replaced by one of the following synonyms: Omeprazol-Acry, Gastrozol, Zerocide, Omeprazol-Shtada, Omega, Omitox, Omipix, Omizak, Promez,"Omeprazol-Richter", "Helicidum", "Ultop", etc. omeprazole teva analogues

"Omeprazol-Teva" or "Omeprazole": what is better? The answer to this question will be given only by an experienced pharmacist. According to specialists, it is difficult to identify the best drug from the presented ones, because both of them effectively cope with the task.

Are there any differences between the medicines Omeprazole and Omeprazol-Teva? The difference between them is only in the manufacturer and the price. The company that produces the drug we are considering is located in Spain and is called Teva Pharma.


Now you know what properties are inherent in the drug "Omeprazol-Teva."What heals, how to take this remedy, we also told above.

According to consumers, this drug is an effective, inexpensive and quick-acting agent that is used in GERD, exacerbation of peptic ulcers and other acid-related diseases of the digestive tract.

As for the doctors, they also leave only positive responses about omeprazole. Doctors say that this remedy proved to be a very safe and effective medicine for short-term use with the aim of eliminating heartburn.