The main causes of pain in the lower abdomen in women

Aching pulling pains in the lower abdomen are more common in women than in men. This is due to the fact that the women have a different pelvis in a different way, and some internal organs are different from the male ones. What value should be given to periodic, unexpressed pain, what to do when the stomach is pulled hard, and even pain medication can not eliminate these sensations? Not always such pains have an innocuous origin. Below is listed what are the causes of pulling pains in the lower abdomen in women:

  1. Spasm of the intestine or its inflammatory diseases, accompanied by constipation.
  2. Diseases caused by adhesions.
  3. Gynecological problems, inflammation, bleeding.
  4. Herniation of the spine in the lumbosacral spine.
  5. Appendicitis.
  6. Oncological diseases of small pelvis or organs located in the abdominal cavity.

If a woman feels the pulling pains in the lower abdomen, the causes of which are not clear to her, you should contact a doctor - gynecologist, surgeon or therapist - to identify and eliminate them. In most cases, drug treatment is required, sometimes hospitalization, and in the extreme case, even surgical intervention.

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Causes of malaise in pregnant women

The causes of pain in the lower abdomen in women are conventionally divided into two categories: pain in pregnant women and pain in those who do not expect a child. In the case when a woman is in an "interesting position", there are enough reasons for the painful sensations in the base of the abdomen. This is due to the expansion of the uterus, which clamps the abdominal muscles, previously in a tonus, and now experiencing a growing strain. In addition to muscles, the growing uterus compresses the intestines, the ovaries and the bladder, so the presence of abdominal pain can be accompanied by a constant desire to go to the toilet. Such feelings, as well as permanent constipation, are unpleasant, but they almost always accompany women during pregnancy, and they are unlikely to be eliminated. But not always aching pain from below the abdomen of pregnant women should be left without attention. Sometimes it indicates the existence of a threat of miscarriage. If a pregnant woman develops an insufficient amount of the hormone progesterone or she is in a state of stress for a long time, the risk of premature miscarriage and detachment of the placenta increases. Sometimes excessive physical activity leads to this condition. When abdominal pain is accompanied by spotting, you should immediately call an ambulance, without delaying the trip to the doctor.

Causes of symptoms that are not dependent on pregnancy

The reasons for the pulling pains in the lower abdomen in women who are not expecting a baby are slightly different from those described above. Often women are concerned about pain before and during menstruation. This is a natural process, when the cervix is ​​slightly opened, its nerve endings, which cause soreness, are touched. Such pains are more pronounced in nulliparous women, with a new cycle may become weaker or stronger. But there are also non-bodily reasons for pulling pains in the lower abdomen in women: these are inflammations of the internal organs, constipation, intra-abdominal hemorrhages. Sometimes appendicitis shows itself pains not in a side, and in the bottom of an abdominal cavity. If you feel pain in the abdomen, and the time of the month has not yet come, it's an occasion to consult a specialist for medical help, take a survey and find out the reason. This is especially true if the trailing pain is accompanied by fever, chills, blood discharge, nausea, or vomiting. The appearance of blood in urine is also a cause for concern - this is one of the symptoms of cystitis. Sometimes a doctor may suspect an ectopic pregnancy and prescribe an ultrasound. You can not engage in self-medication, even at first glance, harmless folk remedies, when the cause of the disease is unknown. Also, do not put a heating pad on a sore spot: if you have an inflammation, the heating will only aggravate the process. Sometimes painful feelings spread to the lower back, usually this happens when ovulation.

Take care of your health and live without pain!