"Amidel-gel": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

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What is a preparation such as "Amidel-gel"?Instructions for using this medication and its pharmacological action will be described in this article. amidel gel

Description, packaging and formulation of the drug

What does the "Amidel-Gel" preparation contain? The main active ingredients of this remedy are: methyluracil, lidocaine hydrochloride and amitraz. Also in the composition of the drug are additional substances such as carboxymethylcellulose, dimethyl sulfoxide, citric acid, glycerol and distilled water.

"Amidel-gel" is a light yellow color or colorless mass, packaged in disposable dispensing syringes or bottles made of glass or polymer.

Therapeutic properties of the drug

What properties are characteristic for the drug "Amidel-gel"?The reviews state that this is an acaricidal agent of systemic and contact action. Its therapeutic effectiveness is due to the main components that make up the composition.

Amitraz is highly active against mature and larval phases of development of demodectic and sarcoptoid ticks that parasitize cats and dogs. By blocking the octopaminergic receptors of arthropods, this agent causes tremors, excessive excitation and death of ticks.

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Methyluracil displays anti-catabolic and anabolic activity, significantly accelerates healing and resorption of wounds, and also stimulates humoral and cellular defense factors.

As for lidocaine hydrochloride, this substance is capable of providing local anesthetic action and a pronounced antipruritic effect.

Kinetic features of

Is the drug "Amidel-Gel" absorbed into the systemic bloodstream( for a person this remedy is not prescribed)?According to experts, when applied to the skin, it is almost not absorbed, but it has a pronounced acaricidal action in those places where the mites( that is, in hair follicles, on the skin and in the sebaceous glands) are localized.

General characteristic of

"Amidel-gel" refers to low-risk drugs( 4th class) according to the degree of influence on a living organism. When using the medicament in the recommended dosages, it does not have a resorptive-toxic, local-irritant, sensitizing, teratogenic, embryotoxic and mutagenic action. However, it is quite well tolerated by cats and dogs of different ages and breeds.


When should I use Amidel-Gel? amidel gel instruction Instruction informs that this remedy is intended for the treatment of cats and dogs with:

  • sarcoptic disease;
  • notodrodisis;
  • demodicosis;
  • otodectosis.


"Amidel-gel" for a person is not dangerous, but for the treatment of people it is not intended. Also it should be said that this medication is contraindicated for use in the following cases:

  • to puppies and kittens under 2 months of age;
  • with increased sensitivity of the animal to the ingredients of the medicine( including in the history);
  • for lactating and expectant females;
  • is a convalescent animal;
  • to cats and dogs infected with infectious diseases;
  • depleted animal.

Preparation "Amidel-gel": instruction for use

In the presence of sarcoptic disease, demodecosis and noctoedrosis, this preparation is applied a small layer to the previously cleared from crusts and scabs lesions in a dosage of 0.5 ml per kg of animal weight. The gel is evenly distributed from the edges to the center, grabbing healthy areas of the skin up to 1 cm. amidel gel for human

To prevent licking of the medicine, the animal is put on a special neck collar or muzzle( it is possible to close the jaws with a loop from the braid), which is removed after half an hour after application.

Treatment of this gel is done 5 times at intervals of one week or until the complete clinical recovery of the dog or cat, which is confirmed by several negative test results.

Animals with large skin lesions are treated in 2 divided doses at intervals of 1 day. In this case, the gel is first applied to one half of the trunk, and then to the other.

In the presence of acarose complicated by a bacterial infection, additional use of antibacterial and immunomodulating medications is required.

In ear scabies, the external auditory passage is cleared of crusts and scabs with a tampon moistened in a gel, after which it is injected into each ear for 0.5-2 ml( depending on the size of the animal).

For more complete processing of the ear canal and ear surface, the auricle is folded in half, and then the base is massaged.

This treatment is carried out 2 times with an interval of 5 days. In advanced cases, which are complicated by otitis, it is recommended to additionally use anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. If necessary, the course of therapy is repeated. amidel gel reviews

It should be specially noted that "Amidel-gel" must be injected into both ears at once, even if one of them is affected.

Adverse events

No complications or side effects are observed with Amidel-Gel. Sometimes an animal can exhibit local skin reactions in the form of erythema or itching, which disappear on their own without the use of additional medicines.

When the animal's hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug, as well as the development of allergies, the use of the medication is discontinued, and then desensitizing treatment is immediately performed.

Special instructions

Is Amidel-Gel dangerous to humans? Experts say that there is no information about the harmful effect of this medication on the human body at the moment. However, when working with it, you must follow the general rules of safety and personal hygiene. When applying the drug to the skin of an animal, you should always wear dense rubber gloves. amidel gel instructions for use

During the treatment it is prohibited to smoke, take water and food. Also, after applying the gel, it is not recommended to iron the animal with your bare hands. In addition, it should not allow young children( within 24 hours after treatment).

After the preparation has been applied to the animal's skin, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands. If the medication has accidentally got on the mucous membranes or human skin, it should be washed off immediately with a stream of running water. If the product is swallowed, you must drink a large amount of warm liquid, and then contact a health facility.

It is strictly forbidden to use empty dispensing syringes and bottles for household purposes.

The preparation "Amidel-gel" is undesirable to combine with other acaricidal medicines for processing animals.


To date, there is a lot of feedback from the owners of those animals that received the drug "Amidel-gel."They argue that this drug is good for treating sarcoptosis, notoedroz, demodecosis and otodectosis. However, the result is effective only if the agent in question was used correctly and for the purpose of an experienced veterinarian. amidel gel for man reviews

Also advantages of this medication are its simple method of application, absence of pronounced side effects and safety for a person.