Contact lenses for continuous wearing: instructions, reviews

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The most convenient in our time are continuous wear lenses. With their help, you can completely forget that you have vision problems. In 1981, in America, these products were approved as fit for consumption. After the lenses appeared in large numbers in the medical market, people began to show up after their wearing eye infections and other complications.

continuous wear lenses

After long studies it was found that long-term continuous-wear lenses cause such eye diseases. After that, ophthalmologists reduced their wearing time to a week. Of course, lenses are considered safe, but you need to take them off at night, to keep your eyes healthy. Innovative technologies do not stand still, so now they can be worn for about 30 days, and they will not cause any complications. The silicone-hydrogel material allows the eyes to "breathe".All these products are made of such new raw materials.

Characteristics of lenses

If a person is difficult to put on or remove lenses, or maybe just too lazy to mess around with them, contact lenses of continuous wearing will suit him perfectly. The main positive criteria of these products are:

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  • ability to pass oxygen well, allowing breathing of the eyes;
  • during sleep can not be removed;
  • to look after lenses very easily;
  • can be used by people with dry eyes.

Lenses of continuous wearing are much more expensive than those that need to be removed before bed.

lens continuous wearing reviews

Instruction for wearing

There are certain rules for wearing these products:

  1. The correct choice of lenses is an important point. Long-term continuous wearing lenses can be purchased for six months, a month or one day.
  2. To remove and put on these products, you need to follow the instructions that come with each pair. Do not allow a foreign object to fall under the lens, so as not to damage the cornea.
  3. Carefully take it for putting on, without damaging the nail.
  4. Each time, removing the lens, put them in a new solution.
  5. They must have good gas conductivity.
  6. Hands before dressing and taking off must be clean.
  7. When eyes are aching, you can not wear continuous wear lenses.
  8. Check expiration dates before purchase. Overdue goods are not recommended.
  9. The container in which the product data is stored is changed once every 3 months.
  10. If the lens is not recommended to wear around the clock, then remove them at night.

continuous continuous wear lenses

Categories of people wearing lens data

There are people who need to resort to such tools permanently. Truckers who do not see well must constantly wear continuous contact lenses. Sitting for a long time at the wheel without water and hygiene procedures they can not take off or put on these products.

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Many patients prefer to wear such products all the time. People who want to see well and not think about how to take care of lenses, buy such products. Fearing that the eye gets an infection, they prefer to buy lenses with continuous wearing.

Buy these products in case of a long trip by bus or train, as well as in therapeutic cases, like a bandage after surgery on the cornea.

Cost of long-wearing contact lenses

The modern medical market offers a wide range of contact lenses. Most people who have vision problems prefer to buy continuous wear lenses. The price for them varies from 700 to 2 thousand Russian rubles. Although the cost of such products is higher, the demand for it is always good. If the buyer has an unforeseen situation, where such products are needed, he buys them for any price.

Opticians and online stores offer these products from different manufacturers and at an affordable price. Of course, goods worth less than 700 rubles will be a forgery, and their purchase is not recommended.

Reviews of thankful buyers

Many people who use these products write numerous reviews. They recommend that everyone suffering from poor eyesight buy lenses of continuous wearing. The reviews are mostly positive and grateful. Some optometrist patients write that, after prolonged wearing, their eyesight improves, and the eyes are perfectly protected from the harmful effects of the environment.

continuous contact lenses

If a person has very sensitive eyes, the long-term wearing of lenses can lead to redness and development of infection under them. You should carefully read the instructions for use, before you want to use them.

The risk of prolonged wearing of

Almost all specialists-ophthalmologists believe that prolonged wearing of lenses for eye health is highly undesirable. It is necessary to wear them only if necessary or at the patient's will. Studies of many years have shown that with such a sock, microbial keratitis can develop.

Continuous wear lenses can cause this disease, which can lead to the most dangerous complications for the eye. For 20 years, ophthalmologists have studied this problem and found this trend: if you wear your lenses only during the day and take them off at night, the disease does not develop. With prolonged sock, the risk of its occurrence is quite large.

Every person should check their eyesight at least once a year. The oculist will help you choose the right treatment for eye diseases and write down the right drops or lenses that will help the patient to see better. Sometimes complex therapy can significantly improve people's sight. If your profession requires you to use products with a long period of wearing, then follow the rules that are prescribed in each manual for these products.

The most popular manufacturers of this product are Johnson and Johnson, as well as Cuba Vision. They produce high-quality products, which are appreciated not only by experts, but also by simple users. In our time, lenses are so refined that people can safely use them in everyday life, without fear for their health. Everyone should buy the products of only those firms that have an excellent reputation in the modern medical market.