Potassium permanganate solution( potassium permanganate): use and precautions.3% and 5% potassium permanganate solution

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Potassium permanganate solution, better known in the people as a solution of potassium permanganate, has long been used in many diseases. They are saved from food and alcohol poisoning, disinfect and cauterize wounds, with its help prepare baths for bathing babies. What is the secret of this inexpensive, but effective means? How to properly prepare and apply the solution to avoid burns?

potassium permanganate solution

Brief information about the preparation

Potassium permanganate is small crystals of dark purple( almost black) color. They dissolve well in warm water, coloring it depending on the concentration in a light pink or bright lilac color. In scientific circles, the substance is spoken of as potassium permanganate or potassium salt of manganic acid.

This is a strong oxidizer that can effectively disinfect the various tissues of the human body. A more concentrated aqueous solution of potassium permanganate acts as an antiseptic. It has a tanning and cauterizing effect. Too concentrated solution can cause burns on the skin.

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potassium permanganate

Internal use of

For internal use of potassium permanganate, the solution is indicated only for acute poisoning. Its effectiveness in this case is explained by the fact that during the contact of the liquid with proteins produced by the human body, active oxygen is released. It is a thunderstorm of microbes. Thus, when a solution of potassium permanganate enters the digestive system, a process of transition of hazardous chemicals into a non-hazardous form occurs.

Additionally, in the case of acute poisoning, another feature of potassium permanganate is its specific odor. Due to this, it is possible to cause vomiting much quicker and easier to purify the stomach. After the solution is drunk, do not rush to cleanse the stomach. It is better to give him some time to act.

To wash the stomach, it is necessary to prepare a very weak solution of manganese, where the ratio of active ingredient to water is from 0.01: 100 to 0.1: 100.In practice, it is difficult to maintain the exact proportions, but you can focus on factors such as the number of grains and color. On a liter of boiled water usually take 3-4 crystals of potassium permanganate. If you are guided by the color of the solution, then after dissolving the powder, the liquid must be pale pink.

External application

Potassium permanganate has a very wide outdoor application. He is treated with wounds and burns. The concentration of the solution should not exceed 0.5%, which outwardly corresponds to the color of the red wine. Effective use of potassium permanganate in diseases of the mouth and throat. Rinse in these cases, you need to produce the same solution as used internally for poisoning.

5 solution of potassium permanganate

The same liquid can be used to wash eyes with conjunctivitis or small foreign bodies entering them. Gynecological and urological diseases are also sometimes accompanied by douching or washing with the use of a weak manganese concentrate. True, for this purpose today there are many more specialized means.

Ulcers and burns on the skin surface are treated using a more concentrated liquid. For the treatment of skin, covered with a rash with chicken pox, the strongest of the permissible for human treatment 5% solution of potassium permanganate is used. After the end of rashes to accelerate skin cleansing, the patient is shown the reception of trays with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. A strong mixture of potassium permanganate daily wipes bedsores in patients. Weak mortar can handle even small cuts or cracks on the skin for their disinfection and early healing.

Manganese in Pediatrics

Many mothers to care for their babies also use a permanganate potassium solution. Most often he is disinfected with water for the baby's bath. A stronger concentrate can be used to lubricate the unhealed baby's umbilical cord. As healing is used, 5, 4 and 3% potassium permanganate solution. Until the umbilical wound is prolonged, it is necessary to add the potassium permanganate to the bathing water. But it should be done very carefully.

aqueous solution of potassium permanganate

In no case can not immediately pour the crystals of potassium permanganate into the bath. So, it will be very difficult to completely dissolve them. And this is fraught with getting the baby burns skin or mucous membranes. First you need to make a raspberry concentrate in a glass, then carefully strain it through several layers of gauze. And only after that, making sure that not a single crystal has slipped, pour the solution into a baby bath.

Today there is much debate about whether such a weak concentration of the substance can disinfect the water in the baby's bath. Information on this use of the product can not be found in the instructions for its use. And many experienced pediatricians consider this generally impractical. Nevertheless, the preparation of baths with potassium permanganate for newborns is still actively practiced. This experience is passed on to the next generation.


Remember that the solution of potassium permanganate is not completely safe. It is important to remember that the ingress of any undissolved crystal of potassium permanganate to the skin or mucous membrane of any organ is a 100% burn.

In order to check the absence of grains in the finished solution, it is necessary to pour it into glass containers. It is also important to take into account the chemical properties of potassium permanganate crystals during storage. This seemingly harmless powder is prone to spontaneous combustion and even explosion. Therefore, one should never make any manipulations with it, mix with other substances or store in the sun.

Where did the potassium permanganate go?

In recent years, many have faced the fact that potassium permanganate has become difficult to find in pharmacies. Even if you're lucky enough to find it, you can not buy without a prescription. To the loss of this remedy in drugstores complicity of its storage conditions is involved. But the main reason is that since 2007 the authorities of the Russian Federation have declared all known manganese a prohibited drug. But why?

3 solution of potassium permanganate

First, the government considered that potassium permanganate can be used in the manufacture of explosives. They explained this by the fact that potassium salt has the ability to self-ignite and explode. Because of this, it can be used for terrorist purposes. Experiments have shown that it is sufficient to simply friction the substance with the metal particles to explode. Secondly, potassium permanganate can be used to make drugs.

Fortunately, there was no complete disappearance from the pharmaceutical market of potassium permanganate, a solution of which is considered one of the best antiseptic agents. It became more difficult to acquire, but still possible. Many have learned from their own experience that this is one of the best tools for treating all kinds of wounds, treating the throat, mouth, certain gynecological and urological problems and disinfecting water for bathing babies. Many people consider it their duty to have it in their medicine cabinet.