How is salted water used for health?

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Slags and toxins are being digested in the human body for many decades. Such wastes are capable of causing intoxication, which ultimately leads to the development of various diseases. salty water

To cleanse the body of toxins and improve it, experts recommend a special purification with salt water. Such procedures relieve the body of a person from unnecessary toxins and contribute to the normalization of the work of all organs and systems.


What is Shank Praxalana? It is the purification of the whole human body by salt water. This technique is often practiced by yogis. It is extremely simple to perform and very effective.

Shank-Praxalana, or saline water cleansing, removes food and other waste from the colon and the entire digestive tract.

After a person drinks a specially prepared liquid, it gets into the stomach, and then, by performing simple physical exercises, moves on to the intestines.

This procedure is repeated until the salt water that comes out is clear and clear.

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According to experts, purification of salt water is absolutely safe for human health. A similar procedure can be performed by everyone, but under the conditions of the exact execution of all receptions.

The essence of the

method Salt water is a simple and effective remedy that can be used to clean the entire digestive tract at home. As mentioned above, this method is due to Indian yogis. The literal translation of "Shank-Praxalana" sounds like "Action of the Shell".purification with salt water

Salt water is not absorbed by the human body, but passes through it, as if through a shell. The main advantage of this method is that it allows you to clear all parts of the intestine and stomach.

The essence of this procedure is that a person on an empty stomach consumes a specially prepared liquid. Salt, which is added to the water, causes it not only to go along with the urine, but directs it into the intestinal cavity, which leads to a global cleansing, during which all toxins and toxins leave the body.

Indications for the use of the

method Salt water for self-cleaning of the intestines is necessary in the following cases:

  • When losing weight. It is not a secret for anyone that removing toxins and toxins from the body contributes to weight loss. In addition, after such cleansing of the intestine, the digestive tract and metabolism improve noticeably. It also helps to lose weight.
  • With chronic constipation. Salt water is able to adjust the work not only of the stomach, but also of the intestine. Regular procedures with the use of such a liquid reduces the occurrence of constipation to a minimum.
  • With flatulence and bloating.
  • If there is a need to normalize the functioning of the digestive system.
  • In order to preserve intestinal health for many years. salty water intestine

How is the procedure performed?

How can saline water clean the intestines at home? Such a therapeutic measure should be carried out only after a morning awakening. The purification process is as follows: a person on an empty stomach drinks one glass of salted liquid, after which he performs simple physical exercises. Then he again drinks water and does exercises.

Such actions must be repeated until the entire prepared solution is exhausted.

As a rule, up to the time of bowel movement, approximately six glasses of water are consumed. It should be noted that the more liquid you drink, the purer it will be at the exit from the intestine. Thus, after clearing the entire procedure, you should get absolutely clear water.

Features of cleaning

During the procedure described, experts do not recommend the use of toilet paper. This is due to the fact that salt water irritates the anal opening, and rough paper increases unpleasant sensations. Thus, after each evacuation of the intestine should just be washed away. Also, if desired, the anus can be lubricated with vegetable oil or a nourishing cream. Such actions will reduce irritation and other unpleasant sensations.

How much salt water is used in the cleaning process? The bowel is emptied after the sixth glass with the solution. In general, for the whole procedure you may need about 15 glasses of water. It depends on the slagging of the body and the degree of contamination of your intestines.

Specialists warn that at a time you should not consume more than three liters of salt water. After the body starts to emerge completely clear liquid, you can drink 3 cups of ordinary warm water without salt. salt water

How should salt water be made?

Only water and salt are needed to prepare a cleaning solution. Cold liquid from the tap should be well filtered, and then boiled over high heat. After this, it must be cooled to room temperature or left warm( about 40 degrees).Drinking cold water during cleaning is prohibited.

Salt for the preparation of such a solution can be taken ordinary cookery. The proportions of the cleaning liquid are as follows: 1 liter of boiled water should have 1 large spoon of salt. In total, you may need about 2-3 liters of fluid. By the way, it can additionally add the juice of a small lemon. From this, the cleaning capacity of the solution will increase slightly.


In the process of cleaning the saline solution, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. Standing on your feet, leave the distance between your feet at 30 cm, and twist your fingers and palms up. Adhering to a smooth and calm breathing, you need to keep your back straight. In this position, you must first make a slope to the left, and then smoothly to the right. Similar exercises need to be repeated about 8-10 times. Such inclinations are opened by the pylorus of the stomach. When they are performed, part of the solution passes into the small intestine and 12-colon.
  2. Standing, legs should be moved apart and put on shoulder width. The right arm should be pulled horizontally forward, and the left arm should be bent so that the thumb and index finger touch the collarbone on the right side. Having made the corners of the body, you should remove the elongated upper limb as far back as possible. In this case, the trunk must remain stationary. In other words, the turns should not be made by the whole body, but only around the waist. This exercise must be repeated 4 times. It forces salt water to flow well through the small intestine. drink salt water
  3. In order for the drunk solution to continue to move along the intestine, it is necessary to perform the exercise "cobra".The big toes should touch the floor, and the hips are raised above it. In this case, the feet should be moved apart by 30 cm. When taking the position of the "cobra", you should rotate the head, trunk and shoulders until you see the opposite heel. Do this exercise should only be the upper body, while the lower should remain stationary, and also be parallel to the floor. In this case, deflections are allowed only downwards.

Contraindications to the use of the

method There are practically no contraindications to the technique in question. It can not be used only for people with a stomach ulcer. Also, it is forbidden to cleanse the body by taking salt water with patients with digestive tract diseases in the acute period( including dysentery, diarrhea, acute colitis, acute appendicitis and others).

Reviews of people

Is saline water effective in cleansing the body? Reviews argue that such an Indian technique really allows you to get rid of various impurities and deposits that are literally absorbed into the mucosa of the colon. salt water cleaning

Most people who do not suffer from constipation and regularly empty their intestines, mistakenly believe that their gastrointestinal tract is in perfect condition. However, experts argue that even a properly eating person in the intestine can have different waste and accumulate there not only months, but also years. All this can lead to the development of diseases, as well as to a significant deterioration of the person's well-being.

It's unreasonable to put up with this state of affairs. That's what many patients think. Performing the procedure of purification by means of salt water, people completely get rid of the deposits accumulated in their digestive system.

The result of this procedure does not take long to wait. According to the experts, the saline solution does not affect the plans for the next day. So do not worry that the process of emptying the intestine will take you by surprise at work or school. The results of such a procedure will not be evident to everyone. However, it necessarily manifests itself in the form of clean skin of the face and body, as well as fresh breath.

It should also be noted that the procedure is capable of providing a stimulating and tonic effect on the liver. In addition, cleansing the body with salt water quickly and easily cures colds, as well as other diseases that are associated with impaired metabolism. salty water reviews

Specialists claim that one of the most important results of this procedure is the complete disposal of allergic conditions.