What to do with poisoning? First aid for children.

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Knowledge of first aid to the victim is needed for every person. Especially parents, because our "kids" at any age can get into difficult situations that threaten life and health. Sometimes it happens that it is impossible to quickly call an ambulance car, and you need to save a child.

One such situation is poisoning. What to do in case of poisoning to improve the condition of the victim? It is necessary to help remove poisons from the body, restore the functions of digestion, respiration, circulation, and neutralize poisonous substances.

What to do with food poisoning, which can occur quite unexpectedly during the heat wave. In addition, schoolchildren also risk buying overdue yoghurt or a patty with meat near the school.

Symptoms of food poisoning are familiar to many: abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, cold sweat, loose stools, weakness, dizziness.

The first thing to do with food poisoning is to induce vomiting, irritating the root of the tongue with your fingers or drinking plenty of water. Vomiting will help poisonous substances to escape from the body. In drinking, you can add a few crystals of manganese( the water should be a little pink!).Such a solution is recommended to drink in several receptions.

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Then the poisoned one should be given something from enterosorbents: smect, enterosgel, activated charcoal. To accelerate the process of cleansing the body, a salt laxative will help: for half a liter of water, 20 g of sodium sulfate. A liquid stool, as well as vomiting, is necessary for the excretion of poisons.

In addition, it must be remembered that when poisoning occurs dehydration of the body, accompanied by the loss of the necessary salts. Therefore, an abundant drink should be combined with a drink of drugs that restore the water-salt balance in the child's body, for example, rehydron.

The injured child should be wrapped, warmed and put to bed. In case of relief, continue to give abundant drink and refrain from dense food. In the beginning, only tea with breadcrumbs, then you can have rice liquid porridge cooked on the water. On such a medical diet will have to "sit" for a minimum of two days.

If the patient's condition does not improve after the performed procedures, he must be hospitalized.

Young children are very curious. They can taste everything that is left unattended by adults.

What should I do if my child is poisoned with drugs? Symptoms may appear immediately or within a few hours. Immediately call "03".At this time, induce vomiting and diarrhea( with a cleansing enema).A lot of water and no food. You can not feed a child, even with milk.

Grown up children worry parents as much as babies. Interest in alcohol often leads inexperienced teenagers to severe poisoning. Moreover, low-quality alcohol products are often sold in small stalls, eateries, where everything is still illegally and unnoticeably sold to children.

What should I do if I have alcohol poisoning? The danger of such poisoning is that there can be an alcoholic coma, in which there is no reaction, for example, to ammonia, to an injection. Only urgent hospitalization can help. Before the arrival of the "fast" teenager, you need to put it on your stomach.

If unconsciousness does not occur, let the victim sniff the cotton wool with ammonia. Then it is necessary to wash the stomach with a soda solution( one teaspoon per liter of water).Summon a vomitive reflex. Warm up with a blanket, hot tea. Activated charcoal will help to cope with intoxication.

What to do with carbon monoxide poisoning, which symptoms are severe headache, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, lacrimation, cough, and with more severe poisoning - loss of consciousness or, conversely, motor paralysis in full consciousness, reddening of the skin, hallucinations?

It is necessary to provide the victim with fresh air, a comfortable position, restoration of the function of breathing. It is obligatory to give sniffs of ammonia, put a heating pad at your feet.