How to Speed ​​Up Metabolism: 5 Simple Techniques

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Many people who want to lose weight often complain about their metabolic rate. Almost every second believes that with the exchange of substances he was extremely unlucky, and the reason that the success in the matter of losing weight is not very, he considers biological injustice. We will not argue about the reduced or increased speed in you personally, but answer the practical question "How to speed up the metabolism?".

The causes of delayed metabolism are usually two. Either he is naturally low( but this is very rare) or slowed down due to an incorrect lifestyle. If the first reason is clear, then the second one needs explanations. So, why does the energy consumption of the body decrease?

  1. Half-starved diets( if the girl eats less than 1000 calories, and the guy - less than 1400).
  2. Low-carbohydrate diets( after all, the flame for fat burning is given only by carbohydrates).
  3. Low protein food( Orthodox fasting is good, but metabolism decreases).
  4. A way of life that is far from active( the body does not learn to expend energy, but because it can not really do it, as a result, and energy is wasted little, and when you are exercising you feel so-so).
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  5. 2 or less meals a day( then faint from hunger, then gluttony to nausea).

Total, we see 5 reasons, respectively, our problem has 5 solutions.

  1. How to speed up the metabolism after half-starved diets? Take the maximum value that was prescribed in your diet and every three days to increase the caloric value by 100 kcal, to come to a value of at least 1400 calories for girls and 1800 for guys.
  2. You spent more than a week on a diet like "Kremlin".This, of course, requires a lot of effort, for which you can be respected, but that's just the effort spent almost in vain - most of the deceased weight - glycogen, water and muscle protein. When the brain-sweets lack blood glucose, first of all, muscle tissue is destroyed, because chemically it is easier than turning fat into glucose precursors. Without carbohydrates, fats are not burned to the finish, but they poison us, turning into ketone bodies. So if you ask how to speed up the metabolism during the "Kremlin", you should advise stop this very harmful diet for the kidney and liver. First, of course, a kilo or two will return, but eventually they will go away, if you do not overdo with the calories. And in order to accelerate the metabolism, it is necessary to eat not 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, but 200, not just at a time, but dividing by about 4 doses. And let it be complex carbohydrates.
  3. On the other hand, you need to consume at least 1.5 g of protein per kg of body weight without fat. The fat-free mass can be calculated after determining the percentage of fat. For example, the calculated mass is 60 kg, already without fat. Hence, at least 90 g of protein must be eaten in its pure form. In 100 g of chicken it is about 20 g, yet it is good to eat in the form of low-fat beef or low-fat cheese, some types of cottage cheese.
  4. How to increase metabolism with a load? This is best done with the help of power load. That is, it's either exercises in the gym, or at home with the weight of your own body. Only their doing should be very difficult. The next most effective tool is interval training. That is, for example, you need to run one minute at maximum speed - and then two on average. Duration can vary according to the state of health. The exchange also improves cardio training, that is, running, swimming, fast walking and skiing. In any case, the load needs to be increased.
  5. How to accelerate metabolism, if you are used to eating rarely? You have to force yourself to eat at least every 4 hours, the employer can lie, that you have prediabetes and you need to eat at a certain time.

In general, in any case, it is possible to increase the energy consumption of the body at rest, even if you are offended by nature. And the weight will tend to go down faster, of course, if the total energy balance is negative.