Testosterone propionate: feedback on the application

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A beautiful male figure is primarily a relief muscle and broad shoulders, due to the lack of which teenagers are so complex. In fact, this dream is not so unattainable as it seems to you. Of course, first of all you need to gather your spirit and enter the gym. However, it will not be superfluous to receive special funds for athletes. These can be protein shakes that provide muscle nutrition, as well as specialized drugs that stimulate the growth of dry muscle mass. As a result, you get a stunning result in a short time. The only "but": after stopping going to the gym, you will lose the achieved result just as quickly.

testosterone propionate reviews

Testosterone propionate: myths and truth

Should I take testosterone propionate? Reviews about it are mostly good, but there are also statements by newcomers who do not understand the specifics of the issue. Just in these utterances, it is often argued that this drug, like all other steroids, is a terrible evil, and it can not be used in any case. In this case, the main argument is the sagging of muscles after the end of the course. In part, this is true, but after all, this phenomenon is observed in natural bodybuilding. The fact is that only constant loads stimulate the body to build up and maintain muscle mass. If a person begins to lead a passive lifestyle, the body will get rid of it, since this is an irrational consumption of nutrients.

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All of us are so different

However, individual features play an important role. If by nature you have a strong physique, and the build-up of the muscles went against the backdrop of intense training and high-quality nutrition, then even with a full break you will save the form for a long time. But if the main criterion was speed, then the basis of your outstanding forms will be water, which was delayed due to steroids. In this case, the return to the previous volumes will happen very quickly. Therefore, nothing terrible is testosterone propionate. The testimonials of experienced athletes say that it allows you to increase the endurance of the body, which means it is faster to achieve your goals.

Description of the drug

Now let's take a closer look at what testosterone propionate is. Reviews make it clear that it is used usually only by professional athletes. It should be noted that this is the most popular, popular and used in the world of bodybuilding testosterone ester. But novices and amateurs know practically nothing about him. Why is this happening? First of all, because the duration of action of the active substance is only 1-2 days. That is, in order to achieve really outstanding success, daily injections are required.

testosterone propionate

Visible Advantages of

Why are among the hundreds of other steroids professional athletes choose testosterone propionate? The reviews here also come to our aid, saying that it is through this ether that you can very quickly achieve a visible result. And it will not appear because the drug mystically makes you grow your muscles. No, just almost instantly after the injection you feel the recovery of energy and a huge supply of energy, which means that you can lay out in the gym in full. First of all, this happens due to a jump in the level of the hormone in the body. However, it should be remembered that the agent we are considering is not a complex of vitamins, but a steroid, that is, a serious drug with a well-pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. A drug that can be converted into estrogens.

The other side of the

medal Why does not everyone who dreams of an athlete's figure use testosterone propionate solo? Reviews about the admission of this steroid are mixed. As you know, there are capsules for oral use, which are easy to use, but, according to professionals, they do not give instant effect. The oily solution for injection is much more effective, but it needs to be used daily, and the injections are very painful. Places of injection are almost always inflamed, which means that you will always have to look for a new one. It can be a shin and biceps, deltas and other muscles. Often there is a fever, a temperature jump. These unpleasant symptoms can last from a couple of hours to several days, but usually( at least, so say in their responses athletes), this reaction happens only in the first days.

testosterone propionate reviews after the course

For men or women

Below we will consider in more detail how to take testosterone propionate. The instruction for use warns that for the most part it was produced for male athletes. However, he is popular with women. As arguments "for" the latter is called the possibility of avoiding an intense androgenic effect on the body. In addition, the recovery period after heavy training is significantly accelerated, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. However, a steroid is used in reduced doses, and only among professional athletes. If you are new to the world of sports, but decide to take testosterone propionate, the instructions for use recommend not to exceed the dosage of 25-30 mg, injections are done once a week. In this case, a woman can achieve excellent results without the slightest hint of masculinization. Of course, the effect will be more modest, but by increasing the dosage, you should be prepared for side effects. In addition, it must be taken into account that testosterone is not recommended for women without extreme reasons.

testosterone propionate solo reviews

Manufacturers of

The company, which produces testosterone, is very much today.

  • The first popular product is the Moldovan Balkan Pharmaceuticals. It contains 100 mg of active ingredient per ml. However, judging by the reviews, it is not worth buying. This heavy and thick oil, which is very poorly absorbed, works sluggishly, as if the active substance in it is much less than it should be.
  • Next - Testovis( Italy, 100 mg per 2 ml).It seems all the same, but if you believe the reviews, the difference is very large. Very good, soft, and most importantly - a perfectly working product.
  • But most of all confidence in the market has won the Russian drug - it differs fine quality and low price.
  • On the market you can find English and Japanese, as well as Indian testosterone, about which there is little feedback due to low popularity. In general, its cost is much lower than that of other steroids.

The cheapest Moldovan will cost 156 rubles, for Russian and Italian it will be necessary to give about 500 rubles.

  • Separately I want to say about the Ukrainian product. The manufacturer, which produces testosterone propionate, is Farmak. Feedback on the reception of this air show its highest efficiency and rather mild impact( the latter means that the number of cones from injections will be minimal).Its cost is about 500 rubles. testosterone propionate pharmacies

When you want more

Despite all the positive feedback about this drug, it is considered to be weak. Partly because the action lasts only one day. The peculiarity of this drug, according to experts, is almost complete absence of such an effect as water retention in the body. However, this is also a controversial point. On the one hand, the body receives a minimal load, and there is a growth of dry muscle mass, however you will not get more than 6-8 kg of weight per month, that is, as an express method it works poorly. On the other hand, athletes have learned to turn this effect in favor. To do this, they combine testosterone propionate and "Turinabol".Reviews say that in this case, an amazing effect is achieved: excess fat is burned and musculature grows. There is a reasonable question: is it then worth using testosterone ester if the effect is given by another drug? It may seem that the only advantage of the means we are considering is a low price, and only unsupported athletes accept it. This is fundamentally wrong. Professional bodybuilders in their prepared cycle include testosterone propionate. Reviews after the course suggest that without this drug, training would not be so effective. The testosterone ester starts to work right after it enters the body, and is as quickly excreted. It can be used even before major competitions, and the doping test will not find it.

So, "Turinabol" and testosterone ether can be used if you have already gone through several easy courses and expect more impressive results. In this case, the reception of turinabol( tablets) is divided into three stages( morning, lunch and evening, after meals), and testosterone is administered three times a week for 100 mg. course testosterone propionate and stanozolol reviews athletes

Instruction for use

Once again we draw your attention to the fact that it is not vitamins. You can not take testosterone uncontrolled propionate. Indications for use are sexual underdevelopment and disorders of the sexual system of a functional nature, as well as diseases of the nervous system. But in the world of sports it is used solely to get a powerful surge of energy and potential for muscle growth.

Patient is given intramuscularly a 1 or 5 percent solution. The interval between administrations is 1-2 days. The course can last from several weeks to several months. At the same time, a doctor or a fitness instructor should formulate the regimen if he has the appropriate qualifications. It should be mentioned that doctors do not recommend taking medication to healthy people, but this does not reduce its popularity among athletes.

Testosterone propionate and "Stanozolol"

Another excellent example of the use of steroids for muscle growth - a complex of the two drugs. Anabolic, with which testosterone is combined propionate, - "Stanozolol".Feedback on the admission allows you to conclude that this is one of the most effective complexes for athletes. At the end of the eight-week course of a pleasant surprise: according to athletes, a set of lean mass is accompanied by a fat-burning effect. That is, all loose folds will be tightened and give way to the relief muscles. This is just a dream. However, after such a course, maintenance therapy is needed so that there is not a sharp collapse of muscle mass.

What is the course? Testosterone propionate and "Stanozolol"( reviews of athletes confirm this information) is better taken as follows: injections of testosterone ether are given every other day for eight weeks, and "Stanozolol" is drunk at 60 mg per day, dividing this dosage by 3 doses. To secure the effect obtained with the ninth week connect "Clenbuterol"( 120 g) and "ProvironĀ®"( 50 mg).This scheme, according to bodybuilders, will allow for the exchange rate gain 6 kg in muscle mass and significantly reduce body fat, but the effect will be achieved only with proper nutrition. testosterone propionate stanozolol reviews

Summing up

Despite the fact that the testosterone ester is a medicinal product, it is also used with great success by athletes. It helps to increase stamina and speed up the process of building muscle mass. What is noteworthy, testosterone propionate does not retain water in the body, which means your success will last for a long time even if there is a break in training. However, this drug has both contraindications, as well as a number of side effects, that is, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting the procedure.