The drug "Noflux": analogues. List of drugs, instructions for use, prices

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Modern medicine does not stand still, it is rapidly developing. New methods of treating various diseases are being developed, and the most effective drugs are available to combat illnesses. One of them - a violation of gastric secretion. It leads to the appearance of a number of concomitant diseases. Preparations "Noflux" and "Rabeprazole" are inhibitors of the proton pump, reducing gastric secretion. They have a similar therapeutic effect, but differ in price. Consider how they work.

noflux analog General information

Country of origin of "Noflux" - Hungary. The main active ingredient is rabeprazole. Produced in the form of tablets, coated with a shell, soluble in the intestine. Their shape is biconvex, and the color depends on the dosage. Tablets of 10 mg are pink, and 20 mg are yellow. Inside the tool is white. Packages of "Norflux" contain instructions for use and blisters with the drug. Each plate has 7 tablets, and in the package they can be from 14 to 28 pieces.

Chemical composition

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"Noflux", whose composition in addition to the main active substance has additional, you can buy in almost any pharmacy.

The following co-products include:

  • titanium dioxide;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • magnesium oxide;
  • talc;
  • dyes;
  • ethylcellulose and other components.

Pharmacology means

The instruction for use proposed for the drug "Noflux" says that its action is directed at inhibiting the secretion of acid in the stomach, both basal and stimulated. The drug easily penetrates into the parietal cells of the stomach, where it affects the reduction of acid secretion.

The first signs of the action of the drug can be noticed already an hour after its use, and the maximum effect is achieved in 2-4 hours, while "Noflux" completely equalizes the secretion of the stomach not earlier than 24 hours after the first intake. The action of the tablets stops after a few days after the last intake. The drug does not affect the work of other body systems. noflux instructions for use

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

Getting into the body, "Noflux", the active substance of which is rabeprazole, is almost completely absorbed, concentrating in the blood plasma with maximum values ​​in 3-4 hours. The main component of the drug is almost completely associated with blood proteins, and its bioavailability does not depend on the number of receptions and is more than 50%.

The drug is excreted mainly by the kidneys, but a small part of the substance leaves the body through the work of the intestine.

For what is used

"Noflux", analogue of which can be purchased at a more affordable price, is used in a dosage of 10 mg for the treatment of symptoms of dispersion and GERD( gastroesophageal reflux disease).They can be a sour eructation, heartburn and other accompanying increased acidity of the stomach discomfort.

The increased concentration of the active substance is applied already with:

  • exacerbations of duodenal ulcer and stomach;
  • anastomosis ulcer;
  • ulcerative GERD;
  • other pathological elevated acid secretions.

zulbex instruction


To whom it is impossible to use for the treatment of "Noflux", the instructions for use clearly stipulate. These are:

- pregnant;

- nursing;

- individual intolerance to the preparation or to any of the included products.

Dosage of 10 mg is contraindicated to use at the age of 18 years, and 20 mg - at the age of 12 years.

With caution, the drug and all substitutes for "Noflux" should be taken in the presence of severe renal or hepatic insufficiency or with the appointment of a drug of 20 mg after the age of 12 years. In each case, you need to consult a doctor about which drug to choose.


The analogue of "Noflux" can be both according to the main active ingredient, and its effect on the body.

Excrete major similar inhibitors of the proton pump:

  • "Zulbex";
  • "Omeprazole";
  • Pariet;
  • "Emanera";
  • "Hirabezole

Advantages of the active component

Often asked what is better," Noflux "or" Omeprazole "? The answer is obvious -" Noflux. "First of all, its active ingredient is more safe for the body, and the second is more effective. Rabeprazole is required in 2 times less. There are a number of additional advantages: for example, rabeprazole does not create a withdrawal syndrome after discontinuation of reception, and its bioavailability does not depend on the time of reception. It is safer and operates in a wider range, but at the same time

"Zulbeks", the instruction for which uses the same indications, is analogous to the active ingredient, so its cost is not much lower. This drug is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription, regardless of the dosage. In the rest, the drug is completely analogous"Norflyuksu."

pariet instruction on application price

Instruction of

Tablets "Zulbekks", the instruction on which describes all the features of the remedy, like "Noflux", are used to treat diseases of the stomach and intestines:

- GERD erosive poresaggravations;

- GERD without erosive lesions;

- exacerbations of stomach ulcers;

- exacerbation of duodenal ulcer;

- Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

This is due to its similar chemical composition. Among the analogues of the active ingredient is included the preparation "Pariet", instructions for use, the price and other features of which also do not differ from the means discussed above.

All tablets based on rabeprazole are taken orally, no need to chew. If you need a single dose per day, you better drink tablets in the morning before eating, which will contribute to optimal adherence to the regimen. The length of the course of admission depends on the disease and individual characteristics of the body, therefore it is prescribed only by the attending physician. If necessary, the duration of therapy can be up to 1 year.

Tablets with a dosage of 10 mg are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription, but a doubled dose of 20 mg already requires an appropriate opinion from a specialist.

Side effects

Tablets "Pariet", instructions for use, the price and contraindications of which are similar to "Noflux", have the same and possible side effects. In most cases, they are not observed at all or are weakly expressed, but rarely appear in other forms.

So, can be observed:

  • from the digestive system: constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain;
  • from the side of the immune system: allergic reactions;
  • from the hepatobiliary system: jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy;hepatitis;
  • skin reactions: rashes;
  • nervous system: headaches, dizziness.

Peripheral edema, necrolysis, and leukopenia may occur, but this is extremely rare. With long-term administration of "Noflux"( analogous to the active ingredient - also), it can provoke an increased risk of fractures.

When an overdose is symptomatic treatment, but severe cases of such a reaction recorded very little.

noflux active ingredient Features of reception

For patients of advanced age, dose adjustment is not required. There are no bans to driving vehicles and controlling mechanisms, but nevertheless one should refrain from this kind of action, because dysentery may develop on the background of therapy.

Before the beginning of the course and after its completion, it is necessary to undergo a study for the presence of malignant lesions in the stomach, as taking the drug helps mask the symptoms accompanying tumors.

Fetal reception

According to studies in rats, there was no adverse effect on the body of the pregnant woman and her fetuses, but some experimental individuals noted penetration of the active component through the placenta to the fetus. Since there was no direct research on women during pregnancy and lactation, taking the drug is not advisable. During gestation, if the risk from the disease is greater than from taking the medication, therapy is allowed.

Child's age

According to the instructions available in each package of the drug, "Noflux" is forbidden to take in any dosage to children under 12 years of age. At a dosage of 10 mg, the age limit is 18 years. These contraindications are due to the fact that studies in young patients were not conducted.

noflux composition Disorders from the

withdrawal system In liver or kidney failure in the initial stages of development, there are no restrictions to taking and adjusting the doses, but in case of detection of acute stages of the disease, it is necessary to apply Noflux with caution.

Storage of

You need to store analogues of "Noylux" exactly as the original - only in a place protected from light and children and at an air temperature of no higher than 25 degrees. Shelf life of the drug from the production date is 3 years.

The cost of

The price of tablets depends on their quantity in the package and the dosage. Because of the mark-up of pharmacies, she can fluctuate within 100 rubles. Buy a small package of "Nofljuks" in a dosage of 10 mg can be within 500 rubles. Tablets in it are 14 pieces. Packing with twice the number of tablets will cost about 800-1100 rubles.

Double dose of the drug provides for a corresponding increase in the cost, so you can buy 14 tablets of 20 mg not less than 800 rubles, and a large package - no less than 1500.

Reviews about the

tool Comments on the use of this tool on the Internetnot too much, because regularly take expensive drugs there is a possibility not for everyone, and therapy courses sometimes last up to 1 year. Nevertheless, out of the few people who tested the effect of the drug on themselves, one can single out a clear positive line. Most reviews indicate a rapid tangible effect with the first application. Exacerbations of peptic ulcers are treated well, they undergo symptoms of GERD and NERD.

In most cases, there are no side effects during admission, but some still emphasize the manifestation of headaches during therapy, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. In this case, all the symptoms accompanying the reception are very weakly expressed and are of a floating nature.

Interaction with other

agents Very often, rabeprazole-based medications are prescribed with the complex with antibacterial. In this combination, there were no deviations in the effect on the body from antibacterial agents. At the same time the action of rabeprazole became more pronounced in comparison with monotherapy.

noflux or omeprazole which is better Any combination of the drug with other drugs, the absorption of which depends on the level of acidity, should be accompanied by adjusting the dosage individually.

It is not recommended to use Noflux together with atazanavir or other proton pump inhibitors.

In studies, it was noted that rabeprazole interferes with the production of cyclosporine.

Also, based on the results of testing the effect on the body of the drug, it was found that when it was taken together with methotrextate, the half-life of the drug was increased. This effect in most cases leads to the need to cancel therapy with proton pump inhibitors.


The only drawback of the drug is its cost, which is too expensive for most patients, but otherwise decided to spend that money on their own health are satisfied. Many selected analogues of this remedy do not give off the same positive effects, especially when treated with omeprazole-based generics. Although such tools are cheaper, the effect from them is much less.

Among the large list of possible side effects in reality are seen only the least serious, and with a floating character. Given that the positive result of the treatment is greater, at the time you can resign yourself and with such inconveniences.

Due to possible problems in the combination of the drug with other agents, it should be taken only after consultation with a qualified specialist.

Try to constantly monitor your health, go for routine examinations to doctors, lead a correct lifestyle, and then you will not have any problems.