The knees hurt. Psychosomatics

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It has long been proven that frequent illnesses in humans are associated with psychosomatics. Emotions, spiritual state affect the physiological processes. So, for example, in patients who suppress the strongest anger, oncology is often observed. And those people who do not know how to forgive, are hurting insults in their souls, suffer from catarrhal and viral diseases, because their immune system is greatly weakened by such an internal state. And this list can be continued indefinitely, but here the mechanism of development of a psychosomatic state remains unchanged. Today we will try to understand one of the most important issues. If the knees ache, the psychosomatics pathology with what is connected? For what reason does the pathology develop?

What is this psychosomatic pathology?

Many believe that it is to blame for the pain of the knees, the psychosomatic. And what is this? These are different types of ailments of the human body, which are conditioned by the internal psychological state.

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psychosomatic knees

When a person experiences negative emotions inside himself, his body strains and a reaction to irritability appears. At the level of physiology, destructive changes begin to develop. As a result, the work of internal organs is disrupted. If the patient stays in a depressed state for a long time, this provokes the development of an illness in one of the organs or systems.

The science of psychosomatics( legs, knees or any other organs it touched upon) claims that this kind of body reaction acts as a protective mechanism. Thanks to them, it is possible to temporarily reduce psychological stress, in simple words, some of the negative energy goes out of consciousness and is transformed into an ailment.

How to treat a psychosomatic state correctly?

If the patient has a pathology caused by a psychosomatic( the right knee she touched or another organ), then to which specialist in this case to apply? To cope with such problems will help the therapist. He helps patients using psychological methods or medications in treatment. But only after examination of the doctor and the statement of the exact diagnosis can the complex of preparations be selected individually in each case. Self-medication can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.

Communicating with a therapist, the patient reconsiders his attitude to himself, to those who surround him, and to the world as a whole. The person understands that in the depths of his subconsciousness a "worm" has started, which gnaws it from the inside, as a result of which there is a disease of the knees. Psychosomatics this fault, and nothing else.

aching knees psychosomatics

After the problem in the subconsciousness of a person is resolved, self-healing of the organism occurs soon, and the ailment leaves, and in most cases one does not even have to take any medications.

Pathology of the knee joint

But why are knee pains, psychosomatics like in this case affects the ailment? In medicine, it is assumed that people with certain problems in the psychological state are more likely to develop pathologies associated with joints.

Scientists have long been following the most difficult cases and are trying to understand the causes of the emergence of ailments that are directly related to psychosomatics. They managed to find out that the knees ache most often in patients. Psychosomatics in this case is associated with the feeling that a person is being pressured, he has lost a feeling of support in life. This also applies to those who very much require constant support from relatives, they can not cope with difficult situations on their own.

psychosomatics knees cause

Such people are constantly in emotional stress, which often already becomes chronic. And in this case, at the physiological level, they begin to experience negative states. The adrenal glands begin to produce hormones at an accelerated rate, and their overabundance leads to such changes:

  • sharply increases blood pressure;
  • there are serious disorders in the circulatory system;
  • immune cells cease to be synthesized;
  • there are failures in the exchange processes.

Metabolic disturbances from the side of the vessels lead to the development of knee disease. Psychosomatics in this case played its negative role. Without a serious conversation and revealing what is gnawing at the patient, one can not be cured simply.

The knees ache: psychosomatics

In the practice of orthopedists, there are patients who tell that there was pain in the knee, and this happened after they experienced the most severe stress: divorce, dismissal, loss of a loved one or a catastrophe.

There is even an opinion that the nature of emotions may depend on the fact in which place the pain syndrome appeared, the right leg or the left knee hurts.

knee pain psychosomatics

Psychosomatics in this case is due to the fact that the patient likes to protest, suppress others, manage, control everyone around, so complaints come in pain in the right knee. And the left hurts from those who are afraid of everything, fear pursues him everywhere, wherever he goes. But let's better understand what exactly leads on a subconscious level to the fact that it hurts the knees. Psychosomatics is often the cause.

The cause of pain in the joints

So, negative emotions lead to the development of the disease, and positive, on the contrary, establish the work of this or that organ:

  • hope helps to normalize the innervation of the joints;
  • despair increases pain and joint sensitivity;
  • disappointment provokes destructive changes in the joints;
  • ability to forgive helps fight inflammation;
  • sensitivity provokes the development of inflammation;
  • anger leads to destructive violations;
  • courtesy normalizes metabolic processes;
  • indecision reduces joint activity;
  • criticism will lead to a decrease in immunity in the joints;
  • a negative condition provokes autoimmune processes;
  • idleness reduces strength. the right knee of psychosomatics hurts

In addition, it is worth mentioning that arthritis and arthrosis are also directly related to what gnaws from inside, most often this is despair, disappointment. That is why it is important to understand why the right knee hurts, how is psychosomatics related to it? What mental states can provoke unpleasant sensations in the knee?


In those moments when a person thinks that he can not do it, he does not have enough time for something or he just finds it hard to work - the work does not please at all, but only causes tension, and as a result, despair settles inside the person. Everyone should live to make everything happy, and happiness follows the person wherever he goes, but despair can lead to serious consequences - the development of ailments.

The joints contain a dynamic tension, and when a person feels desperate, it leads to immobilization. As a result, pain and sensitivity occur in the joints, and especially in the knees. That is why the first thing that begins treatment, is that a person must change jobs if he does not like it, learn how to plan his day properly, so that everyone can keep up and enjoy every day he has lived.

Resentment and anger

Resentment is a kind of anger, but it is directed inwards. Offended people try not to notice those who looked bad, did not say so, or behaved rudely. This is found in cases where a person can not punish the offender. Anger inside destroys the liver, nervous system, adrenals and joints. Most often, such a feeling is found in women, at first there is a small insult, and then it all increases and if you do not speak out in time, the consequences can be much more serious than it seems.

psychosomatics legs of the knees

But men first have anger, which many immediately splash out, and others leave in themselves, after which there is resentment. As a result, there are serious ailments, which leads psychosomatics. Joints, knees in this case suffer very much, and to begin treatment, the first thing to do is to speak out so that anger and resentment splash out and leave the body.

Active Inactivity

If a person is forced to sleep, this also has a big effect on the joints, and after all they take their power from the satisfaction of movement. The joints on the legs feed on the power of the piran, namely the joyful movement of the piran leads to health. While a person is engaged in manual labor, and his heart is hurt, he develops inflammation in the lower limbs, resulting in the development of polyarthritis. Often, such an oppressed state develops after an employee does not receive a salary for a long time or is criticized for what he did not do or make observations that do not concern his work at all.


This quality is often accompanied by greed. People proud and greedy always act with assertiveness, while their interests should be higher than others, as a result of this state, the consciousness deteriorates, and as a result, the body develops a particular ailment. Sometimes a person can not understand what is wrong, he does sports and watches himself, and it's unclear where the pain in his knee came from. Psychosomatics in this case is obvious, but such people rarely when immediately inclined to such a diagnosis, because they are better than all, where does their internal state?

Disappointment of

When a person does not have a goal in life, he seems to work hard, earns well, but never comes to him any happiness. But it is of a spiritual nature, and one can not find the spiritual in the material. A man is kind and well-off, and everyone respects him, but there is no personal happiness, but the poor man also works for the good of society, he is respected, but he also has happiness. That's why wealthy people often complain of knee pain, although they seem to drive, they go in for sports, but the pain still does not pass.

As a result, against the background of prolonged negative emotions, some parts of the brain are destroyed, the nervous system suffers and all this leads to the development of such pathologies as arthritis and arthrosis in the knees, and in other joints. That's how psychosomatics affect.

Knees: cause of pain and arthritis

Inflammation in the joints can lead to a person being immobilized even at a young age. Severe pain, stiffness in the whole body, redness and swelling in the joints are all signs of arthritis, and psychological factors can provoke them. If you look at the ailment from the side of psychosomatics, then arthritis is most often found in those who are afraid of serious changes that are just around the corner, a new way in life. As for emotions, in this case, in the soul of a person suffering from arthritis, live:

  • insult;
  • critical attitude to others;
  • greed;
  • disappointment.

psychosomatics knee joints

Constant experiences for relatives lead to the fact that the tone of arbitrary muscles increases, especially the spasms of muscles in the hip area. They eventually pinch the pathways of the passage of nerves and blood vessels and, as a consequence, metabolic processes are violated.

Clinical manifestations, according to scientists, are manifested in the form of severe pain, especially after waking up in the morning. Before you start taking painkillers and other medications that help to establish metabolic processes, you need to consult a therapist, and perhaps several sessions will lead to all the symptoms of arthritis go away.

Psychological causes of arthrosis

Chronic joint destruction is associated with psychosomatics, and not only is associated with age-related changes in the body. Pathology is more often observed in those who experience negative emotions and anger. In the family and at work such a person will necessarily find someone who, in his opinion, is to blame for all his troubles.

Malice and dissatisfaction - this is what accompanies it every day. Even when everything seems to be all right, he will still find something that he does not like, and will grumble, thereby infecting everyone around him with a bad mood. This negative state leads to serious disruptions in the entire body, and first of all, the joints of the lower extremities suffer.


In summary, it is necessary to say that often pain in the knees is a consequence of a person's psychosomatic state, when he is in a depressed state for a long time, can not forgive people and does not find a better place in society for himself. That is why doctors advise before going to serious treatment, undergo an examination with a therapist, if in this case the conclusion shows that the emotional state is normal, then the cause will need to be sought in another direction.