"Lizarin": instructions for the use of the drug

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"Lizarin" is a concentrated disinfectant of a wide range of applications. The product has a specific odor, is released in liquid form, it is diluted with water. In medicine and other spheres it is used due to its washing properties. Working solutions of the preparation "Lizarin", the instruction for its use confirms the low hazard class, with the correct breeding and application are not harmful to humans. Shelf life of the drug in a sealed package is five years, the finished solution can be stored under proper conditions no more than 28 days from the date of breeding.

Spectrum of application of

Due to the properties of destroying organic films on surfaces, not changing their properties during freezing and thawing, retaining the color of fabrics and not causing deformation and destruction of products, the drug is actively used in the activities of public utilities, social services, in preschools and schools."Lizarin", the instruction for the application of which describes in detail the possible range of use, is actively used in medicine, in public catering establishments and in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Lizarin user

The scope of the tool is wide enough. This disinfection of surfaces of various types in the premises, soft and hard items of furniture, linen and shoes, utensils( including medical and disposable use), medical devices, sanitary equipment, children's toys, tools for cleaning and washing dishes,equipment, tanks of biotoilets, any organic waste, air conditioning systems and other.

Preparation of working solution

How to use the concentrated preparation "Lizarin" instruction for use? How to breed this remedy? The working solution is prepared by mixing the required amount of concentrate with water at room temperature in accordance with the calculations. So, for the preparation of the solution it is necessary to take 9.9 parts of water for 1 part of the concentrate "Lizarin"( the instruction for use details the ratio and the required dosage).

For one liter of working fluid it is necessary: ​​

  • concentration 0,05% - 0,5 ml of the preparation + 999,5 ml of water;
  • 0.1% - 1.0 ml of the preparation + 999.0 ml of water;
  • 1% - 10 ml of Lizarin concentrate + 990 ml of water;
  • 5% - 50 ml of disinfectant + 950 ml of water.

Lizarin instruction on how to plant

By analogy, solutions of other concentrations are prepared. One-time indicator strips are used to accurately determine the level.

Methods for treating materials with disinfectant solution

Depending on the workpiece or material, the following treatments can be distinguished:

  • Wiping( furniture, indoor surfaces, appliances, large medical and sanitary equipment, etc.).At the end of work with the facility, the premises are necessarily ventilated for 10-15 minutes.
  • Soaking( bed and underwear, cleaning tools, hygiene products, etc.).The objects to be treated should be thoroughly rinsed after soaking.
  • Immersion( metal and plastic containers, patient care items, medical instruments, etc.).All items after treatment with "Lizarin" are washed with running water.
  • Irrigation. The method of disinfection involves the treatment of surfaces with a solution using an atomizer.

The processing rules can vary considerably depending on the type of disinfection objects, therefore, before using Lizarin, the instruction manual is mandatory.

Use for anesthetic equipment

The disinfecting drug "Lizarin" is also used during the operations. Instructions for the use of anesthesia equipment involves processing by immersion in the solution of all components. The optimal disinfection time in this case is calculated depending on the concentration of the working solution. Thus, at 0.5%, it is necessary to keep parts of the apparatus in the cleaning solution for 40 minutes, the optimal time for 0.75% is 20 minutes, at a concentration of 1.0%, ten minutes are sufficient.

Lizarin instructions for use in anesthesia equipment

After the disinfection time has elapsed, all components are removed and washed sequentially in two portions of sterile drinking water( five minutes each).After that, the components should be dried naturally. Store parts of equipment in aseptic conditions.