The best speech therapist in Novosibirsk: reviews. Children's speech therapy center

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Only when a child appears in the family, parents begin to understand that the speech therapist is a very important specialist, whose consultations are not only desirable, but important and necessary. The first meeting with a specialist should take place at the end of the first year of life. He will pay attention to how the child's speech develops, and also how much he understands the words addressed to him. In addition, young parents will receive important information on how to communicate with the child so that his vocabulary replenishes. He can teach simple games that will develop the motor skills of the hands and the whole body, the perception and attention of the baby. Therefore, the speech therapist in Novosibirsk, in a developed and modern city, will never remain unclaimed. speech therapist in Novosibirsk

Second visit of

Closer to three years the child has finally formed a phrase speech. Now it is already possible to say exactly whether the kid is behind in his development, or everything goes on as usual. If the lag is diagnosed, then the classes on speech therapy rhythm are most often prescribed. If the classes are organized in a play form, the child usually does not have problems. It is at this age that children often have problems such as stuttering. Therefore, by three years, it is necessary to choose a competent specialist and visit it with the child. In Novosibirsk, a speech therapist is easy to find.

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From four to five years

This is another important point in the process of speech formation. In the period from four to five years, the previously formed pronouncing part of the speech is being improved. Just at this time, the children are already beginning to speak clearly, clearly, pronouncing all the sounds. If the sounds are not formed, then you need to pay close attention to this. Now a competent speech therapist in Novosibirsk, as well as any other city, can easily enough help. Children in 4 years with pleasure are engaged in the correction of sound and make it much more successful than schoolchildren. clinics in Novosibirsk

"Open World"

If it's necessary, then you need to find an experienced speech therapist in Novosibirsk. This is what we are going to do with you today."Open World" is a private educational institution that provides various services, including individual consultations. Speech therapist will spend with your baby:

  • Articulatory gymnastics.
  • Fingering gymnastics.
  • Logopedic massage.

The aim of the classes is to correct sound and speech development, prevent reading and writing disorders. Individual lessons are held twice a week, for 60 minutes. The price of one lesson is 850 rubles. The school is located at 52/2 Sovetskaya Street.

"Academy of Development"

This is a children's logopedic center, which becomes the second family. This is not accidental. Only with the participation of loving and caring parents and experienced professionals can grow a truly harmonious personality. In addition to general development classes, there is an individual reception of a professional speech therapist. Work experience - more than 35 years, he takes children from an early age. It will help solve the following problems:

  • Difficulties with soundproofing.
  • Setting of missing sounds.

For this, he uses exercises for articulation, on the development of fine motor skills. In the program tongue twisters and tongue twisters, correction and automation of sounds, as well as exercises for the development of spoken language. The company is located at: 1 st Rimsky-Korsakogo Lane, house 5. logopedic games

Neurological and medical center "Tomatis"

If it is not only that the child badly pronounces one letter, but about more serious problems, then it is worth contacting the most trusted onesclinic in Novosibirsk. One of these is the Tomatis Center. There is a team of real professionals, speech therapists and psychologists who use the latest technologies to help children with various, including severe, speech disorders, mental and psychomotor development delays and other abnormalities. To provide full-fledged assistance to the child, there is a children's speech therapist and a correctional teacher, a speech therapist-defectologist. The center is located at: ul. Sacco and Vanzetti, 23.

Educational Center "Krugozor"

This is a unique clinic in Novosibirsk, which is a non-profit organization. That is, all the profits received are invested in equipment, the purchase of new methods, the payment of teachers and so on. That is, your payment goes to help children. This clinic has been working since 2007 and specializes in speech problems for children and adults.

For effective work, there is a team of specialists with vast experience, neurologists specializing in these problems. On the basis of the clinic, modern diagnostic methods are used, as well as functional simulators and techniques that significantly speed up and simplify the correction. Address of the center: Lineynaya street, 51. children

Early Development Center "A, B, C"

Speech therapist services in Novosibirsk can be obtained not only in correctional clinics, but also in almost every center of early development. The same happens here. Classes are held individually and in groups that are formed according to age and tasks assigned. The content of the classes is built from simple to complex. This takes into account the individual characteristics and the pace of development of each child. Your baby is unique and unique, and training should be the same.

But that's not all. Currently, the children's center with the support of the state is carrying out the program "Children should talk".As part of this program, speech therapy is completely free. Specialists use modern methods and logopedic games, which allows you to get excellent results quite quickly. By order of the Governor of the NSO, this center is listed as a non-profit organization. The cost of classes for preschool children is 3350 rubles per month. The center is located at the address: Krasny prospect, 200, office 702.

Development Center "Delphania"

And we continue to look for good speech therapists in Novosibirsk. We are guided first of all by the feedback of former clients, which allow selecting the really most experienced professionals and just lovers of their business. After all, working with children is also a deep personal work, in addition to knowledge.

Children's Center "Delphinia" is not in vain included in this list. Its goal is to provide long-term, comprehensive medical and pedagogical assistance to children with various developmental disabilities. The average work experience of employees is over 10 years. This allows you to work with such diagnoses as logoneurosis and alalia, dysarthria and aphasia, ZPR, mental retardation and autistic spectrum disorders. Any of these violations requires the help of a competent specialist.

The speech therapist here accepts children at the age of a year. Testimonials confirm that competent specialists first perform complex diagnostics, and then go on to correction. You can order a service of complex logopedic accompaniment of the child. It includes:

  • Speech and sensorimotor examination of the baby.
  • Study of a medical record.
  • Drawing up of an individual program of speech development.
  • Training of parents for special rules and methods of speech therapy games.
  • Recommendations on the mode of playing games and exercises.
  • Assignment of the time of the control meeting.


Private specialists

In Novosibirsk, a child's speech therapist is not difficult to find. To do this, it is enough to contact one of the above centers. All of them have good reviews, on thematic forums parents do not regret words of gratitude. But in the city there are also specialists with good experience who decided to conduct private practice. They are university teachers and people with quite a lot of experience in polyclinics. Among them:

  • Genze Natalia Alekseevna - speech therapist-defectologist with experience more than 20 years. Works in the following areas: correctional pedagogy, ZPR, oligophrenopedagogy, cerebral palsy and ZRR.Classes for 45 minutes are 700 rubles.
  • Belolipetskaya Irina Vladimirovna is a correctional teacher. Works with such problems as dysgraphy and sound production, dyslexia. The cost is 560 rubles for 45 minutes.
  • Krestianova Olga Mikhailovna - teacher-speech therapist, works with such problems as dyslasia and dysarthria, dysgraphy, sounding and dyslexia, ZPR.The cost is 750 rubles for 45 minutes.
  • Reshetnikova Yulia Gennadievna - teacher-speech therapist. Works with ZRR and ZPR, and also performs correction of mental and written disorders.

Each of them has a huge list of positive feedback. Parents note their kindness and benevolence, profound professionalism and excellent command of modern correction techniques. speech therapist services novosibirsk

Training of speech therapists

Many parents note that, when bringing a child to a consultation, they involuntarily became interested in the work of a specialist. Of course, from the outside it looks very simple: it works in a cozy office, receives a good payment. In fact, for this, a person has to learn a lot. You can not just graduate from a speech therapist in Novosibirsk or in another city. First you need to get a basic education. It can be a pedagogical or medical college. And only then on the basis of higher education to pass courses of improvement of professional skill on a specialty "logopedics".This profession initially assumes constant self-education, learning new techniques, techniques and ways to help children. All this is superimposed on the daily practical experience, and only so the specialist grows in his professionalism.

To go through additional training today offers a large number of educational institutions. One of the most famous is the training center "Logopedist-master".Modern technologies allow conducting distance learning and confirming the qualifications of graduates with the appropriate certificates. good speech therapist Novosibirsk

Instead of

conclusion Speech therapist services are needed every day, and, of course, in such a large city there are worthy offers in response to this demand. Many people specially come to Novosibirsk, so that one of the above specialists will work with their child. In turn, speech therapists advise not to delay treatment. If you see that the formation of speech is delayed, the child speaks poorly or does not pronounce the letters, then be sure to come to the reception. The sooner the treatment starts, the better the result.