Small-petalled Canadian. Application in folk medicine

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A Canadian finch fin is often found in fields and garden areas. It is known not only for its unusual beautiful appearance, but also for its excellent healing properties.

Description of the plant

Originally from North America, this perennial appeared in Europe more than 400 years ago. It belongs to the family Sophisticated and reaches 60 cm in height. Rusty prefers on the sandy soil along the roads, along the shores of lakes, rivers, in the gardens. The Canadian finch( pictures of its unusual flowers are placed in this article) can act as a decorative plant. It is unpretentious, therefore in natural conditions this plant is found almost everywhere in Russia. The stem of the petiolate is erect, stiff-haired, covered with slightly pubescent ash-green pointed leaves. The lower leaves have small denticles along the edges. Canadian small-petrel

The flowering period lasts a long time - from June to September. Small flower baskets are collected in lush inflorescences and have a pale lilac color with a yellow center. In the place of flowers fall fruits appear, which are achenes of oblong form with a crest of long hairs.

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For medicinal purposes, the leaves, stems and flowers of this plant are collected at the time when the Canadian small-petrel blooms. Description of the preparation of various drugs are given in this article. The cut stems are hung in bundles under a canopy, where the sun's rays do not reach. In this case, it is best to harvest the upper part of the stem, since the lower one is too coarse. Flowers are laid out in a thin layer on a piece of paper. Dried raw materials can be stored for no more than a year. It is stored in a cardboard box, which is then removed to a dark ventilated room.

The healing properties of

Due to the content of flavonoids, tannins, tannins, resins and essential oils in this plant, the Canadian small-petrel has a rather powerful therapeutic effect. This is one of the most effective astringent, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drugs. small-petrel Canadian photo The ability of this plant to purify the body of lactic acid is used in the treatment of gout, rheumatism. A petrel can remove joint pain and associated with inflammatory processes in diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis or polyarthritis. It is used for hemorrhoids and diarrhea of ​​any etiology. The peculiarity of this plant is that the medicines prepared on its basis can be taken for a long time, since they do not cause habituation. Side effects are also not identified.

Application in folk medicine

The form of the medicine used depends on the available specific diseases. Infusion of the herb petrel is used to treat gout, arthrosis, dysentery, cystitis, prostatitis and various bleeding( nasal, intestinal, pulmonary, patrimonial, dental, etc.).

Broth helps with eye diseases, lichens and rashes. Rinsing hair with this product helps them strengthen and grow quickly. Great popularity in uterine bleeding enjoys essential oil, which is prepared from the Canadian small-petrel plant. Its use of only 5-10 drops has a very effective effect. Homeopathy very much appreciates the essence of the fresh flowers of this plant.

Tincture on alcohol is suitable for the treatment of arthritis, hemorrhoids, with renal and uterine bleeding. You can prepare it yourself or buy it in a pharmacy. It is recommended to dilute with water before use. small-petrel Canadian application

Very good effect gives the Canadian small-petrel in combination with other medicinal herbs. For example, with rheumatoid polyarthritis apply alcohol tincture with the addition of gravid and bold.

With endometriosis, infusion with flowers of lavender, wormwood, meadow grass, calendula, yarrow and small-petalled will help. Preparation of it is quite simple - 4 spoons of the collection pour boiling water( 500 ml) and insist.

Recipes of

  • Infusion of small-petrel .Dry the grass chop and pour boiling water( from the calculation of 4 teaspoons of herbs to a glass of water), insist for 20 minutes, strain and drink one small cup 3 times a day.
  • Alcohol tincture. For 250 ml of alcohol, take 10 grams of dried leaves of a small-petrel. The container with this mixture is stored for 7 days in a dark place. Take, adding 30 drops in half a cup of water twice a day.
  • Decoction of .To make it, take 30 g of grass, which is poured with a liter of boiling water and cooked over low heat for 15 minutes. Then the resulting broth is infused for 3 hours and used as directed.

small-petrel Canadian description

Melkolepestnik Canadian contraindications does not. It is not recommended to take funds on its basis only to pregnant women.