Chondroprotectors for arthrosis

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One of the diseases that often affects older people is arthrosis. Symptoms of this disease can appear much earlier. Usually, first, there is pain in the joints during exercise and even when walking. Most people do not pay much attention to this and do not attach any importance to the pain, doing self-medication. The doctor is treated much later, when the disease is already running. It can be treated surgically or therapeutically. Surgical intervention is used after the therapeutic treatment for arthrosis of the knee and hip joints with complete destruction.

A special place in the fight against the disease is occupied by chondroprotectors. With arthrosis, these are indispensable drugs that slow the progression of the disease and restore cartilaginous tissue. After their application, there is an improvement in articular fluid production, normalization of "lubricating" properties, restoration of the cartilaginous surfaces of the joint. It is advisable to use them when the first signs of the disease occur.

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Issue in their form of capsules, tablets and powders( chondroprotectors "Don", "Teraflex", "Artra").They can also be administered with the help of intraarticular( Ostenil, Fermaton) or intramuscular( Mukosat, Dona) injections.

Chondroprotectors for arthrosis should be taken only after consultation with the doctor, as the indications for their use are different, and they must be assigned to each individually. It is necessary to fully pass the course of treatment, the duration of which should not be less than 3 months, and periodically pass them repeatedly.

For the treatment of arthrosis, the following drugs are used:

- "Arteparon".The composition of this drug is similar to the composition of the cartilage itself. It prevents the destruction of the joint, restrains the development of the disease. It is used intramuscularly, initially twice a week for two months, and in the subsequent - every two weeks for four months. The main thing is to fully maintain the course, then there will be a result.

- "Mukartin" - sulphate ether of mucopolysaccharide. The dosage of the drug is 2 ml. The principle of operation and the scheme of application is similar to "Arteparon";

- Rumalon. The preparation contains biologically active substances, namely amino acids, pethids, nucleotides, chondrocytes, proteoglycans, as well as bone marrow cells. Applying such chondroprotectors for arthrosis, it is possible to achieve improvement: the production of glucose amine glycans in the patient's joint, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, the lubrication of the diseased joint. Thus the composition of the synovial fluid becomes favorable. The drug is administered intramuscularly every other day. A total of 25 injections of 0.1 ml should be done. The device is used only at the first stages of arthrosis;

- "Arthron".Properties and principle of action, as well as dosage and treatment course of the drug are similar to "Rumalon".

The group of chondroprotectors includes glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. The first stimulates the production of the necessary cartilage elements, and also protects it from destruction, contributes to the restoration of joint tissues. The second neutralizes the destructive effect of enzymes on cartilaginous tissue, accelerates the formation of a protein-collagen.

Chondroprotectors in coxarthrosis( arthrosis of the hip joints) do not simply eliminate the symptoms, but affect the very "basis" of the disease. Nevertheless, they are practically useless in the 3rd stage of coxarthrosis, with an almost completely destroyed joint. To restore the already destroyed tissue simply will not succeed.

Chondroprotectors for arthrosis are very slow, and to get the desired effect, you should complete the course at least three times( that is, for half a year or maybe a year), but they will bring a lot of benefit. Chondroprotectors with arthrosis have almost no contraindications and they have few side effects.