Vitamin D for the baby which is better: reviews Komarovsky. Vitamin D3 for babies which is better?

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Each young mother met with a terrible, suggestive chilling word "rickets."They are afraid of doctors, saying that vitamin D deficiency leads to a delay in the development of the child. The problem of rickets in the complexity of getting rid of its consequences. Therefore, preventive actions aimed at replenishing vitamins in the body of crumbs must be carried out.

Vitamin D for babies which is better

Pediatricians advise mothers to buy vitamin D for babies. Which is better, it costs a little more - the truth of all pharmaceutical companies. The popular children's doctor Komarovsky often said that it is better to buy a jar of the drug than to try hard to cure the crumb because of his own negligence.

We trust Komarovsky

To those mothers who choose vitamin D for babies, which is better, Komarovsky will easily answer. But before you prescribe the drug, you need to determine whether it really is necessary for your child. The fact is that the overabundance of a vitamin is as dangerous as its deficiency.

Symptoms of the need to introduce vitamin D

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Choosing vitamin D for babies, which is better to look at based on the symptoms. So, to introduce additional medications is necessary if:

  • The child has problems with sleep. If you believe Komarovsky, then this is the main sign of a deficit.
  • Your baby is constantly troubled and anxious( both during the day and at night).
  • Increased sweating and, as a result, skin irritations.
  • Tummy bloating.

vitamin D for babies which is better than mosquito

If you notice at least one symptom, consult a doctor who prescribes vitamin D for babies. Which is better? Komarovsky argues that filling the deficit is available not only with the help of drugs, but also in a natural way.

Natural receipt of vitamins

Independent replenishment of vitamin D in the body of a small man should still be under the supervision of a doctor. If the expert notes that there are no bright manifestations of a deficit, then you can try to restore the balance by the following methods.

  • Increase the time and frequency of walking. If the window is a warm season, then keep the baby at home and hide it from the sun, according to Komarovsky, it is impossible. Put the baby in the stroller and tilt the top. Naturally, everything should be in moderation. Carefully watch that the tender skin of the baby is not burnt, and the child does not overheat. The sun is the best provoker for the production of vitamin D. Doctors have long recognized this method as the most effective for the prevention of rickets.
  • In the winter months, sunlight is restricted to the body, so if you can, get a bright lamp that will simulate the sun.
  • For babies who are breastfed, another way is suitable. Mom needs to increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin D. For example, egg yolk, fish and fish oil, low-fat beef.

Any method will increase vitamin D( for babies).Which is better to choose is difficult, so it is better to give preference to an integrated approach. It is not so difficult to walk and normalize food more. Especially it is useful both to the kid, and to mum.

Medicinal preparation of vitamins

In case if vitamin D in the body is very small, you have to resort to medicines. Komarovsky does not deny this method, on the contrary, emphasizes his positive impact on the child. When asked about which vitamin D preparation is best for a baby, he names the three most popular drugs: "Osteetriol", "Aquadetrim", "Alpha D3".Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the amount of absorbed elements is equal to those that the body absorbs in sunlight.

Vitamin D for babies what better reviews

Price of vitamin D

You can buy a drug containing vitamin D3 in any pharmacy. The price will vary depending on the manufacturer. The most inexpensive - domestic means, their price for the Moscow region is about 200 rubles, the import is more expensive, about 600 rubles.

Vitamin d3 for the baby which is better

There is a little trick. Ask the pediatrician about the possibility of obtaining a discount medicine. If it is available, you will be given a prescription, according to which you can get vitamin D for free.

Correct organization of vitamin D deficiency replenishment

With all the ease of the process, you should know that the reception should be properly organized in order to achieve prevention effectiveness. Requirements that must be observed for newborns and infants:

  • Use drugs only in the form of drops. Other dosage forms are not absorbed properly. In addition, there may be problems with the calculation of dosage and ingestion.
  • Contact the pediatrician, he will help to calculate the amount in which it is necessary to give vitamin D for babies, which is better, he will also prompt. Depending on the neglect and symptoms, dosage may vary. This may affect the time of year. So, children born in hot months are treated with minimal doses.
  • If the doctor did not say the exact amount that should be given to the child, then use the standard scheme. The daily rate is 500 IU.In translation to everyday, habitual language - one drop. If taking medications is of a curative nature, then the dosage can be increased by the doctor.

It is important to take into account the testimony of a specialist who is monitoring your child. Do not ignore his recommendations, as this can lead to sad consequences, for which you will blame yourself and the doctor.

Symptoms of an overdose or excess of vitamin D

The external ease of medications is deceptive. It would seem that they can damage vitamins. It turns out that poisoning or an overabundance can provoke the strongest consequences. Therefore, the earlier you notice the changes in the state of your child, the better.

which vitamin D preparation is best for infants

The most common symptom is prolonged vomiting between feedings and, as a result, weight loss. Not to notice such a manifestation is impossible, but not everyone realizes that the case lies in a harmless, at first glance, vitamin. Often, parents are trying to find another cause of digestive tract disorder, continuing to give "Aquadetrim" or similar medications containing vitamin D. For a baby, which one is better than one drug, it does not matter, the main thing is moderation of dosage. Otherwise, it can lead to severe intoxication, seizures, arrhythmia, dehydration of the body, respiratory failure. In medicine, several cases of death have been recorded.

So, if you notice that the child has become restless, appetite worsened or other bad symptoms have appeared, consult a doctor, warn that your baby is taking vitamin D, and name the number of drops. This will help you and your doctor to better understand the problem.

Reviews of vitamin D intake

Modern moms are trying to choose the best vitamin D for babies, which is better. Reviews on the Internet are teeming with details and personal experience. Each of the parents says that at first they would rush before choosing whether to give the vitamin complex or let it go and ignore the doctor's recommendations. Most still agree that vitamin D3 is needed for the baby. Which is better, too, choose the whole world. Someone is trying to advertise their drug, someone, on the contrary, calls into question their difference. However, almost all the reviews say that the organism of the child perfectly absorbed the vitamin and no side effects were observed.

Vitamin D for babies what is better

It is not without the opinions of those who believe that the sun is the best prevention of rickets. And they are right, if you have the opportunity to stay on the street for a long time, then this should be used. Unfortunately, the climatic conditions of our large country are different, so not everyone has such a chance.