How to reach the norm of pressure, people are worried more and more

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A fairly large number of people are wondering about what is the norm of pressure in a person. To date, the optimal value of this parameter is considered to be 110 to 70. Moreover, it should be noted that the question of what the norm of pressure is, people are also worried about, because its limits are not limited to these indicators, but are within a fairly wide framework. As for its systolic component, its physiological values ​​for humans are at a level of 90 to 139 mm Hg. Art.inclusive. If we talk about diastolic pressure, then it is considered normal in those cases when it does not drop to 59 mm Hg. Art.and below, and also does not rise above 89. With a more significant increase, one can speak of a disease such as hypertension. If these parameters are reduced, this indicates that the person has hypotension. Norms of human pressure

How to reach the pressure norm?

People the problem of arterial hypertension every year worries more and more. Modern medicine has long recognized her as very serious. As a result, scientists have tried to find ways to achieve the norm of pressure. People now often try to teach this at the therapists' therapies. And they often have to deal with the increase of this indicator.

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Sometimes you can do without medication, in order to reach the norm of pressure. People do not always like this treatment, since it is possible only with a slight increase in pressure( up to 150/90).Return the indicators to physiological limits helps to reduce body weight to normal values. The fact is that every extra kilogram is capable of adding 0.5 mm Hg. Art. In order for a person to lose weight, doctors recommend him a diet. In addition, the patient should increase his motor activity, because without this, it is extremely difficult to lose weight. The norm of the arterial pressure of a healthy person

A person with high blood pressure should also adjust the amount of table salt they consume. The thing is that this substance helps to increase the pressure in the vessels of the body. It is recommended to try to reduce salt intake to 3 grams per day. What is the norm of pressure in a person

In addition, some people should limit the amount of water consumed. The fact is that too much of its volume can also contribute to some increase in pressure.2-2.5 liters is enough for any person.

Often such non-pharmacological methods fail to reach the norm of pressure. People do not always manage to persuade people to change their way of life. In these cases, they have to prescribe medications that lower blood pressure. The most common drugs from the group of ACE inhibitors, diuretics, beta-adrenoblockers, as well as antagonists of calcium channels.

If the pressure falls below the level of 90/60, then it is customary to talk about hypotension. Increase blood pressure by using coffee, strong tea, and chocolate. In addition, there are tonic drugs that help restore the physiological level of pressure. We are talking about all sorts of tinctures( the root of ginseng, eleutherococcus, magnolia vinegar and others).

It is worth remembering that the norm of blood pressure of a healthy person does not exceed the indicator of 139/89.Moreover, even such figures are a serious reason to think about correcting the weight or reducing the amount of salt consumed by table salt.