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Many faced such an unpleasant phenomenon as convulsions. There are situations when it takes a hand. Some people have these feelings rarely, but someone is very worried. As a result, a person feels not only discomfort, but also experiences many inconveniences. Why does it reduce hands and how to deal with it? First, it is necessary to determine the main cause of seizures.

reduces the hand

The main causes of convulsions

So, why are you taking your hands off? It is almost impossible to determine the main cause independently. Therefore it is recommended to seek professional help. If you do not suffer from serious illnesses, then the problem may arise because:

  1. Excessive loads. Often, cramps occur as a result of intense training - swimming, stretching, jumping, running. As a result, the person is overstrained muscles.
  2. Poisoning. If you take your hand for no apparent reason, then it's worth remembering what you used the day before. Often, convulsions occur as a result of alcoholic or severe food poisoning. A similar phenomenon can occur in the fingers for several days.
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  4. Subcooling. Some people have fingers in their hands in cold water, and also in severe frost.
  5. Sudden feeling of fear.

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Health problems

Why does my hands fall? The reason may be hidden. Often, muscle cramps and spasms occur in the presence of certain diseases and disorders. If there are no visible reasons for spasms, then perhaps the problem is in:

  1. Disadvantage in the daily diet of calcium.
  2. Weak or broken blood circulation of muscles. In such situations, very often there are cramps not only of the hands, but also of the legs as a result of physical exertion or under the influence of cold.

In some cases, only a specialist in a narrow profile can determine the main problem. If you have not been able to identify the cause yourself, you should contact a specialist for advice. You may need to take certain medications.

Massage from seizures

So, it reduces the hand. What to do in such situations? If there is no way to ask for help from specialists, you should gently massage the cramped place. It should be noted that in some cases there can be a spasm not only of the muscles of the hand, but of the legs and fingers. Massage - a simple procedure that allows you to improve the blood circulation of tissues. This eliminates spasm. If the cramps occur regularly, then experts recommend that you do a massage every day. Do not wait for another spasm.

For the procedure, any oil or balsam is suitable. Movements should be stroking and pinching. Strongly press on the affected area is not recommended.

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Warm baths and collections of herbs

If you reduce your hand at night, then for a preventative, you can take a warm bath every day before going to bed. In this case, it is recommended to add relaxing aromatic oils or sea salt into the water. This procedure allows you to relieve tension, improve blood circulation and prevent the emergence of a new spasm. In addition, as a result of taking a warm bath, all the muscles relax.

In addition to the above procedures, you can use a variety of herbal preparations. Phytotherapy is a great way to prevent the development of many diseases. If the cramp is holding hands, then it is worth regularly drinking tea from the flowers of chamomile. This drink allows the muscles to relax. Lip tea has the same properties. If the convulsions of the limbs occur during pregnancy, then before using one or another herbal remedy it is worth consulting with specialists. Self-medication in such cases can harm both mother and child.

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Proper nutrition and heat

In some cases, hand cramps can result from unbalanced and irregular feeding. As a result, there may be a shortage of substances necessary for the normal operation of the whole organism. The most common cause is the lack of trace elements such as potassium and calcium. Experts recommend to include in the daily diet fresh greens, a variety of vegetables, cottage cheese and milk. These products will make up for the lack of calcium and potassium in the body.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid hypothermia. Often reduces his hand as a result of exposure to cold. It is worth noting that regular hypothermia can lead to seizures. This process can be chronic. If you often have spasms of the muscles of the limbs, then you should warmly dress and avoid hypothermia.

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In conclusion

If you can not get rid of spasms in your hands, you should immediately contact specialists for advice. It is best to visit a reflexotherapist. If there is no such specialist in your polyclinic, you can seek help from a neurologist.

It should be noted that muscle spasm can occur as a result of exposure to a specific point of the body. In such situations, the blood flow increases, which leads to convulsions in the limbs. A specialist of a narrow profile will prescribe the necessary examination and will accurately determine the cause of such a phenomenon. In the presence of certain diseases it is not recommended to engage in self-medication and independently take any medications. This can only aggravate your condition. Only a doctor can diagnose an ailment and prescribe a full and adequate treatment.