How to use carrot tops? Useful properties and methods of treatment

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Many people know what magic properties have a bright orange root - carrots. But not everyone is aware of the medicinal qualities of the tops, although it is widely used in non-traditional medicine for the treatment of various kinds of diseases. It is for medicinal purposes that the carrot tops are used. Useful properties are the content of the vitamin complex. So, for example, the presence of vitamin C in green is many times greater than in lemon.

carrot tops useful properties

In addition, it is worth mentioning and useful microelements, which are rich in carrot tops. Useful properties of the unremarkable product are unique and can give odds to any vegetable. They contain phosphorus, iron, calcium, cobalt - all these substances help maintain our body in working order. With regular application, you will improve digestion and cleanse the body of accumulated salts.

The plant has a beneficial effect on the function of the excretory and sexual sphere. From it, prepare medicinal decoctions, infusions and mashed potatoes. Our ancestors also used it as a hair conditioner. The broth strengthened the growth of hair follicles and strengthened the roots. The recipe is quite simple: the ground plant is poured with boiling water, then filtered and used for its intended purpose.

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To get rid of thrombophlebitis or hemorrhoids the following recipe will help: 20 grams of tops, pour 2 cups of boiling water. The liquid is infused all night. Ready to divide the infusion into 3 parts and drink throughout the day. The course should be conducted for 3 months. For this recipe, both dry and fresh carrots are suitable. Useful properties will preserve health for many years.

properties of carrot leaves

People suffering from insomnia, it is recommended to brew tea from carrot greens and use 2-4 glasses a day. Like any other therapy with folk remedies, the above should be lengthy and conducted by courses. To remove a headache it is possible by means of compresses which are applied to an occipital part. Pat prostatitis should do warm compresses on the stomach for a month.

In cystitis and inflammatory processes of the genitourinary area, it is advised to drink infusion, which is prepared from a handful of leaves and boiling water( 0.5 ml).The mixture is infused for about an hour and is taken orally before meals. The carrot tops are treated with urolithiasis: 20 grams of herbs are infused in boiling water for 10 hours. Healing decoction is used at least three times a day before meals. The duration of therapy is 6-8 months.

carrot topping

The carrot tops will also help to improve eyesight. Useful properties in the treatment of myopia and hyperopia are repeatedly confirmed by practice. Many people with existing eye diseases manage to restore vision and get rid of wearing glasses. To do this, you need to drink tea daily from the plant to achieve a tangible result. Lotions from the leaves are applied to the venous network of the legs and to the inflamed skin. Such procedures relieve irritation, redness, itching, flaking and eliminate the blueness of the covers.

Infusions are used for bleeding and fibroids. The properties of carrot tops are multifaceted, they help to tonicize our blood vessels and treat skin diseases. This is an affordable and cheap tool that saves you from ailments, but not everyone knows about it. The most important thing is to apply medicinal raw materials correctly, under the strict guidance of a doctor and without fanaticism.