Ectopia of the cervix. What is this, consider in more detail

In Soviet times, gynecologists used the term "erosion" to determine the ectopia of the cervix. Today this term is rarely used by specialists who follow the news in the development of medicine. In fact, ectopia is pseudo-erosion, which can look like an inflammation, and sometimes as a tumor, but in reality it is often a variant of the physiological norm.

Signs of ectopia

So, ectopia of the cervix - what is it? The surface of the vagina is covered with a flat pink epithelium, glossy, which functions to protect the cervix and uterus from penetration of microbes and infectious organisms. The cervical canal is covered with another skin layer, a cylindrical epithelium. It is brighter red, with a matte, velvety-looking surface. It is a more tender tissue that is more susceptible to the spread of microbes. Ectopic cervix - what is it? This is the location of the cylindrical epithelium in such a way that it extends beyond the cervix and is lined in the vagina. For those wishing to see the eyes of a gynecologist, what is cervical ectopia, a photo that clearly shows the location of various skin epithelia can be found in the medical literature.

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The main reasons for the emergence of

Those who have been diagnosed with the "ectopia of the cervix" of the uterus, the reasons for its occurrence are not always clear. In most cases, pseudo-erosion is a normal physiological condition and does not require treatment. Pseudo-erosion does not cause pain, burning or itching. The only thing it can bring inconvenience is an increased amount of secretions without color and without a smell, sometimes pain during intercourse and spotting after it. If you are concerned about these symptoms, it is better to see a doctor. To determine the presence of ectopy, the gynecologist will perform colposcopy and take a smear on the flora. In the case of the spread of the infection, the ectopy flows into erosion, which must be treated.

What is the main cause of the disease called ectopia of the cervix? What is it, can you protect yourself from this diagnosis? Ectopy occurs in about half of women, often under the age of 40 years.

This condition is characteristic of early childhood, when the physiological features of girls were not yet fully formed, for the period of pregnancy, and also during the intake of drugs containing hormones. In such cases, no treatment is required. But if various infections that cause diseases of the genital tract get into the body, they cause a reorganization of the mucous membrane of the epithelium, inflame and destroy the tissues, playing the role of an irritant. In such a course of the disease, the doctor can prescribe surgical methods for removing unwanted epithelium by laser, cryotherapy, electrical and radio emission, and also coagulation( thermal, chemical or pharmacological).

I hope you managed to get an answer to the question: "Ectopic cervix, what is it?"If you do not care about the discharge, then do not focus on this diagnosis. After all, all people have an individual structure of the body externally, why should the internal organization of a person be adjusted to strict norms established many years ago?