How quickly to sober up?

Situations when you need to quickly become sober, happen quite often. It's not always possible to sleep well and wait until everything goes by itself. There are many ways how to quickly become sober. Which one to choose depends on many circumstances: how long does a person drink, that is, a prolonged drinking or one-time intoxication, a man or a woman.

The effect of alcohol on the male and female body is markedly different. In women, motor skills are the first to die out, so they often just want to sleep. In men, psychoemotional functions are the first to "leave," therefore they keep "cheerfully", but they do not understand much.

For a short time

To bring a person to life for a short time, for example, if you need something urgently to learn from him, or somewhere to take him away, you need to raise the tone of the nervous system. It is a well-known cold shower( at least on the head) or a bathtub, if possible. The massage of the auricles helps( need to rub the ears with the hands) - the blood flows to the head( briefly), and the person starts to think something out.

A cup of coffee and strong tea with lemon will certainly help if the degree of intoxication is low. A good action will have ginger tea with honey. But tea and coffee should be without sugar, or before drinking, you need to clean the stomach, because the sweet helps absorb alcohol. Rinse the stomach in several stages. Each serving of water should be at least 700 ml, and repeat the procedure you need at least seven times.

Sober for a long time

It's harder. To withdraw alcohol from the body, you need to clear not only the stomach, but also the intestines. This can be done only by full enemas of 2 liters each, at least three. Help to bring alcohol to the sauna, sauna( with then comes out a lot of toxins), a diuretic( if the kidneys allow), walk in the fresh air( oxygen also helps to burn the leftovers of alcohol).

Instead of a diuretic, you can use the tools available: watermelons, green tea, oat broth, will help non-alcoholic beer. A physically developed person will release the body from alcohol by intense stresses - then everything will quickly come to an end, especially since the metabolism will simultaneously accelerate, which means that alcohol will also be released faster.

After washing the body - sniff ammonia and take a shock dose of vitamin C( about 5 tablets) and thiamine( vitamin B1).The latter can be bought in a pharmacy in the form of ampoules. At one time you need 10 ml of 5% solution. Even better, if thiamine is in glucose.

Another simple way, how quickly to sober up, may seem ridiculous, but it works. Straining brains, a drunk man prevents the spread of alcohol in the head, and intoxication will be less. Crossword puzzles and puzzles will come in handy.

Folk remedies

Different organisms require different approaches. Whom is the most suitable method for you? You will not know in advance. Therefore, several additional options on how quickly to sober up, do not interfere.

It is advisable to eat more fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, grapes, bananas, peaches, apples, strawberries.

In America, a cocktail of milk and Coca-Cola is distributed. Perhaps, for someone it will be the best means. Milk, by the way, is good to drink before the feast, so as not to get drunk so quickly, it prevents the absorption of alcohol.

If this happens, you need to have a mint tincture in your house, 20 drops on a glass of water will lift almost anyone. The same non-failure action has ammonia, it needs 5-6 drops per glass.

If it's been a while since libation, in other words, there has come a hangover, there is a very good recipe that will put on your feet and even give you the opportunity to work. It is necessary to drink an aspirin tablet and a cup of strong black coffee without sugar.

It's even better not to think about how quickly to sober up, not to drink at all.