How to cause a monthly delay with traditional methods and with the help of traditional medicine

The menstrual cycle is determined by the characteristics of each woman's organism individually. Someone's men begin strictly on schedule, and the cycle is always permanent. In some, on the contrary, the onset of critical days is chaotic, which indicates hormonal disorders of the body.

Often a woman is asked at some time or another how to induce a monthly delay, and the reasons for which such a problem arises are different.

If you are considering an unwanted pregnancy, then not only a gynecologist, but any sane person will advise you not to cause menstruation. In this case, the best option is to diagnose pregnancy and get rid of it by medical abortion, performed by professionals.

Therefore, after making a pregnancy test, do not ask the question what to call the monthly, and go to the doctor. The provocation of miscarriages at home in more than half the cases is fraught with a life threat.

But if you are preparing for an event and are sure that you do not have a pregnancy, and for some reason the months do not come, sometimes you can try to call critical days. Information on how to induce a monthly with delay is presently abound. It is worth saying that not all methods are harmless and really produce the necessary effect.

The simplest thing you can do for this, take a hot bath with iodine and salt. Just be careful if you suffer from increased blood pressure. Taking a hot bath for a few minutes, you provoke a rush of blood to the genitals. After such a procedure, menstruation starts earlier if the delay is not caused by pregnancy.

How to cause a monthly delay with medication? The beginning of this process provokes the reception of contraceptive pills, the strongest of which, but also the most harmful, affecting the hormonal background of the body as a whole, are the tablets "Postinor".Use this method is extremely rare, because you run the risk of violating the natural cycle. If you suffer from persistent delays in menstruation, then using this method can aggravate the situation, which will eventually force you to go to see a specialist.

In addition, it is worth turning to folk medicine, in the arsenal of which there are methods of resolving the issue, how quickly to call monthly. Sometimes it is herbal medicine that helps better traditional medical methods.

You can try to take a large amount of fresh parsley, which provokes the beginning of menstruation, or prepare a decoction from this herb and take it several times a day.

Also the monthly cause chamomile and oregano. Chamomile is mixed with mint and valerian, then brew a tablespoon of boiling water and insist. Take infusion should be hot. A fragrant is sold in the pharmacy chain in filter bags, which are brewed as tea and drunk.

Herbs are used in all spheres of medicine, but it is worth remembering that not all of them can provide the necessary help, in addition, you should be sure that your body will not be harmed by this or that component.

You can also accelerate the onset of menstruation, or cause it to start when delayed, increased intake of vitamin C. And this effect will be observed if a large dose of vitamin you take one-time. After all, ascorbic acid dilutes the blood, which leads to monthly.

Now you know how to trigger a monthly delay. There are a lot of ways. Just remember that any violent intrusion into the body's natural processes can cause its negative reaction. The choice is yours, but before you call for monthly, weigh all the pros and cons to approach the issue meaningfully.