How to get rid of ingrown corn quickly and effectively

Sometimes on the skin there are various unpleasant "surprises": pimples, keratoses, warts. Methods of getting rid of each of them are their own, and in this article you will get information on how to get rid of ingrown corn. This unpleasant neoplasm does not bring catastrophic harm to health and it would even be unnoticeable, except for one "but": it is very painful it causes when walking. Daily discomfort increasingly raises an obsession - how to get rid of dry calluses?

What's this?

Do you read this article? So the corn has tortured you completely. First, read the essence of the problem: why discomfort? Dry corn is a seal that has developed under adverse conditions. You walked a lot, did not pay attention to the primary signs, abandoned the treatment, when the liquid formed under the skin, as a result, the corn did not break, as it should be, but went inside - a rod was formed, hardened. As a result, you have grown a "monster", biting into your flesh and not giving rest. How to get rid of an ingrown corn? There are several methods: baths, creams, laser surgery.

Self-medication - no!

The doctor-dermatologist should determine the degree of complication of the disease and the method of getting rid of calluses. Do not engage in self-medication, so you can not cure, but only delay the process of aging education, thereby complicating the situation. Dry compaction is hard and soft. Solid appear in the area of ​​the feet, pads of the fingers, soft calluses tend to be located between the fingers, while the skin around the seal is normal, only corn became hard. Consult a doctor, let him tell you how to get rid of an ingrown callus, or help you do it.

How to get rid of

Perhaps, in your case, you will designate a bath to soften the seal. The bath can be used soap and soda, hot, keep the corn in it every day until 30 minutes. If corn is not started, after such procedures it will disappear in a week. In a more neglected case, it is recommended to use a special softening cream, waiting for detachment of ingrown corn will take longer. Effectively, together with the cream, use a plaster from the growing corns. If there is a fungus in the skin, it will be much more difficult to remove the seal. Sometimes the only way to remove unwanted calluses is laser surgery, but do not try to cut it yourself! The laser and the razor are different things, at home you will do much more harm than you will help yourself in this way of intervention.

Operative methods

To remove ingrown callosum with a laser, you can contact a polyclinic or a cosmetic center that has the right to conduct such surgical interventions in the human body. Contact a dermatologist and he will be happy to help solve the problem using his knowledge and experience. More recently, a new method has appeared - drill, which more effectively removes unwanted hardened flesh along with the core. It is after drilling that you will have a guarantee - the ailment will not appear any more due to the remaining piece of the rod, therefore, there will not be a question about how to get rid of an ingrown corn. Be healthy!