We plan dental treatment according to the lunar calendar

Hippocrates also noted in his teachings: the scientist who does not perform dental treatment on the lunar calendar is stupid. It has long been proven that changing the phases of the moon affects human health. In one phase there is an increase in working capacity and activity, in the other - the patient feels a decline of strength and lethargy. Given the order of the changes in the lunar phases, you can easily plan the treatment of teeth.

Lunar Dental Treatment

Moon phases and their effect on the human body.

  • New Moon. At this time, the young moon accumulates energy for further growth. During this period, a person feels a loss of vitality and energy. This state of affairs will occur until the full moon. At this time, the patient should wait and do not perform dental treatment: the lunar calendar has a high risk of bleeding. Implants do not take root well, and wounds remain painful for a long time.
  • The growing moon .It is the best time for dental interventions and prophylactic procedures in the oral cavity. The immune system of the body is strengthened, saturated with energy. The patient is ready for new tests. Therefore, even with surgical intervention, the patient will recover at an accelerated rate.
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  • The Full Moon .The planet has fully accumulated strength and energy, and a person feels weakened and unprotected. About dental intervention can not even be a question. All sensations become painful, and blood cools down less.
  • The moon in the descending phase of .During this period, the moon loses its energy, and the person is saturated with it as much as possible. The most favorable time for visiting the dental office. : The Eclipse of the Moon. Human activity is minimal. He is subject to depression and stress, resistance to viral and bacterial infections at zero. It is worth to refrain from dental procedures.

Lunar calendar favorable days for dentistry

Lunar calendar: favorable days for tooth treatment

There are certain days in the calendar when dental manipulation is most desired. They are also related to the signs of the zodiac. Let's talk about this in more detail below.

Depending on the signs of the zodiac

  • Moon in Taurus - dental treatment of the lunar calendar at the dentist is undesirable.
  • The moon in Cancer or Libra is the best time to treat and remove sick teeth. Recovery period is fast.
  • Moon in Capricorn, Aries and Aquarius - treatment is not recommended. There is a risk of inflammation. As a rule, the life of the seal is short, and implants do not take root.

dental treatment in September according to the lunar calendar

Depending on the lunar day,

  • is the 6th day - ideal for all procedures related to dental treatment and prevention. Luck will accompany the whole day, and treatment will be auspicious.
  • 14th day - ideal for tooth extraction. The period of recovery and healing of the wound is accelerated. So, for example, dental treatment in September according to the lunar calendar is better to carry out this number, as well as 28 and 30.
  • 19 day - the body was replenished with strength and energy. Dental procedures will be painless.
  • 24th day is loyal. Treatment will be without complications, the patient will not experience any pain.
  • The 7th, 20th, 29th days are the most unfavorable days. It is best to postpone visiting a dentist. These days are marked by increased morbidity. Perhaps the onset of inflammatory processes and bleeding.
  • The 9th, 15th, 23rd days - have long been called the days of Satan, since the human body is highly vulnerable and weakened to its maximum. Immunity is at zero, the resistance of the body is minimal. In this period it is better not to risk your health.

Treatment, dental prosthetics according to the lunar calendar

The best time to remove tartar is the moon in the descending phase, especially when it entered the constellation of Capricorn.

Arrangements for the installation of bridges and crowns, prosthetics recommended during the waning moon. Try to exclude the days of finding it in the sign of Aries or Taurus.

Surgery, including tooth extraction, should be performed a week before the new moon. It is necessary to exclude the days of the moon in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Cancer, Aries and Taurus.

dental prosthetics for the lunar calendar

The use of the lunar calendar is not considered appropriate if the patient does not listen to the recommendations of the attending physician. If the procedure of the dentist's intervention was urgent and fell on an unfavorable day, attention should be paid to the healing process.

The moon has a direct impact on human health, which allows the patient to choose the best period and perform dental treatment on the lunar calendar. Ignoring the lunar phases is not recommended, as they can help save the family budget and minimize the risk of inflammation and severe pain in dental treatment.