Dermatix, gel: instructions for use, analogs, composition and reviews

Throughout life, a person's skin often undergoes various injuries. And many of them after the healing leave scars or scars. Often people feel uncomfortable because of them, even if they hide in clothes. And scars on the face, especially in women, can cause serious psychological problems. Therefore, the modern pharmacological industry recently offers more and more drugs to get rid of such skin defects. One of the most effective is the gel "Dermatics".Instruction for use describes it as a safe product without color and odor, which can cope not only with fresh scars, but also with old scars.

Features of

Scars and scars can form after any skin damage. Most often this happens after burns and wounds. Scars always remain after surgical operations. In addition, severe acne or incorrect removal of acne can also leave scars. Their size and degree of expression depends on the characteristics of the skin. To similar defects carry also extensions - some strias of more thin and light skin, located nearby.

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Scars can be a white strip or spot, a bulge or a depression. If the deformed cells of the epidermis rise above the surface of the skin, such a defect is called a scar. They can be small, almost invisible. But sometimes scars and scars strongly disfigure a person's appearance, especially if they are located on the ground, which can not be covered with clothing.

Such skin defects are not only a serious psychological problem, but they can also bring physical discomfort. This feeling of tightness, itching, sometimes pain and burning, especially at the initial stage of scarring of the skin. Therefore, the treatment of these cosmetic defects is necessary. And the best preparation for correction of scars is Dermatix. It completely removes all unpleasant sensations and eliminates scars. And in the most severe cases, it makes them less noticeable. The use of this drug is recommended by leading international experts and is one of the few ways to help get rid of scars without surgery. dermatrix instructions for use

Dermatics gel: description of

The instruction explains the reasons for the effectiveness of the drug in its composition. This agent is a mixture of inorganic and organic compounds of silicon. Produced in the form of a silicone transparent gel. It covers the skin with an air-permeable film, eliminating the loss of liquid from the surface. As a result, scars and scars are smoothed. The smallest of them disappear altogether-this is how the instructions for applying gel to Dermatix describe the action. The price of the drug is quite high - an average of about 2000 rubles per package. However, he is popular, and his expenditure is very economical.

Three variants of the preparation are available for sale:

  • transparent gel in plastic tubes of 6 or 15 g;
  • gel "Dermatix Ultra" 15g, containing additionally vitamin C;
  • silicone dressings, sometimes also called plasters.

These drugs are available in any pharmacy, sold without a prescription. Due to the special silicone base, there is no Dermatix ointment. Gel, instructions for use to which describes in detail its positive effects, it is much more convenient to apply. dermatrix ultra gel 15 g

Advantages of using

Recently, the drug "Dermatix" has become very popular all over the world. Instructions for use, analogs, testimonials and the result of the action - all indicate its high efficiency. In this case, there are many tools with this effect, but doctors and patients choose it. The drug has many advantages:

  • prevents the appearance of scars during the healing of lesions;
  • improves skin condition after injuries and burns;
  • it is safe, not absorbed into the blood, so it has no serious side effects;
  • it can be applied on any parts of the skin, except the mucous membranes;
  • gel "Dermatix" is easy to apply and quickly dries;
  • creates a film on the surface of the skin, but does not block the access of oxygen;
  • is very easy for them to use;
  • can be used at any age, it is safe for children and pregnant women. dermatrix ultra instructions

Features of the drug

Thanks to its silicon compounds, Dermatix gel helps to improve skin hydration and smoothing of scars. Its silicone base after drying creates a film on the surface that prevents evaporation of moisture. As a result, the scar tissue softens. Gradually there are changes in the upper layers of the epidermis, and the scars are smoothed."Dermatix" has the following effect on the skin:

  • prevents the formation of scars at the stage of healing of skin lesions;
  • smooths existing scars, making them less visible;
  • removes itching, redness, a feeling of tightness;
  • softens the skin;
  • aligns its color, removes pigmentation;
  • reduces the severity of inflammatory events. dermatix ointment gel instruction manual

Indications for use

Many doctors dermatologists and surgeons prescribe to their patients gel "Dermatics".Instruction for use notes that it can be used both to reduce the already formed scars, and to prevent the formation of scar tissue after injuries or surgical interventions. You can use the drug as prescribed by the doctor, and yourself when there are various skin defects. Indications for its use are such pathologies:

  • traces after acne and extrusion of acne, and also after chicken pox;
  • keloid or hypertrophic scars after burns, injuries;
  • prevention of scar formation after surgery, including plastic surgery;
  • striae formed with obesity, hormonal failures or after the administration of certain drugs;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy, lactation, slimming;
  • stretch marks and striae on the skin of adolescents during the rapid growth of the body;
  • muscle contracture.

Result of application of

The gel "Dermatix" has proved its effectiveness with prolonged use. Reviews of numerous patients note that the result of his action is actually the same as stated in the instructions. Scars are smoothed, all bulges or indentations become less noticeable. The shade of the skin is equaled - reddenings and pigmented spots leave.

The drug "Dermatix Ultra" is considered more effective. The instruction notes that it better lightens the skin, removing pigmentation. In addition, the ether of vitamin C, which is part of its composition, helps to achieve a beautiful smooth skin faster. dermatrix for correction of scars

How to use it correctly?

Dermatix gel is a drug intended for external use only. It should be applied to the skin with a thin layer twice a day. In order for the effect of the treatment to be more noticeable, it is necessary to follow certain rules stated in the instructions for use on the Dermatics gel:

  1. Rinse the affected area of ​​the skin and wipe it dry.
  2. Apply a thin layer of gel and leave for 5 minutes.
  3. If after 5 minutes the preparation does not dry, remove the residues with a tissue and again wait until it dries.
  4. When a dry, almost imperceptible film is formed on the surface of the skin, you can apply makeup or dress on top of it.
  5. Such procedures should be done 2 times a day. When applying the drug at night, it is recommended to apply a bandage on top, this will speed up the regeneration process.

It is not always clear how long you can use Dermatix gel. Instruction for use recommends a two-month course of treatment. But many reviews point out that the positive effects appeared only after using the drug for 4 months. dermatrix analogues and prices

Contraindications and side effects of

In most cases, patients and doctors note the good tolerability of Dermatix. Instructions for use of the gel, too, almost does not describe the side effects. Sometimes the patient feels a slight burning or itching at the place of application, the skin may turn red. Typically, this is due to the fact that there is a process of restructuring in the cells of the epidermis. But if such phenomena are alarming, it is better to stop using the agent.

Despite the relative safety of the drug, there are several contraindications to its use:

  • Open wounds at the healing stage. In this case, the composition of the gel disrupts the natural regeneration of the skin and can enhance the inflammatory process.
  • Do not apply the drug to the mucous membranes and the skin around the eyes due to the high sensitivity of the epidermis.
  • Do not use Dermatix gel together with other medicines applied to the skin, especially if they contain antibacterial components.
  • Individual intolerance of the drug components. dermatix gel instruction on application price

Special instructions

It is undesirable to apply gel "Dermatix" to other agents. It is necessary to wait for its complete drying, after which you can use cosmetics.

When treating Dermatix gel, it is advisable not to use other external medicinal products. When combined, their effectiveness will decrease. Apply the gel only on clean, dry skin. Be sure to let it air dry.

There is no information about an overdose of the drug, as when applying too much, it simply does not absorb. Therefore, the excess gel is removed with a napkin.

Dermatics patch

This tool has the same efficiency. Judging by the reviews, it is better to apply it on the skin areas covered with clothing. This version of the drug is more popular, because it has a lower price. Reviews of the "Dermatix" note that it is enough for a long time. There is a plaster for 500 rubles cheaper than a gel, one package is enough for a course of treatment.

It's very easy to use: you need to cut a small piece so that it covers not only the scar itself, but also a small patch of skin around it. Protective film is not recommended to be discarded, since the bandage is reusable. It has an adhesive layer, so it is often called a plaster. You need to paste it on the scar. Wear the bandage from 12 to 23 hours. After removing the skin and the patch itself, flush with neutral soap water and dry. dermatrix gel description instruction

Dermatics gel: analogues and prices

This preparation is unique. Therefore, it has no analogues in terms of the active substance. But there are similar tools for the features of the action. Most of them cost less than Dermatix, and their effectiveness is not so high.

  • The closest analogues of the drug are most often referred to as "Kontratubeks" cream. But it has a plant base, so it is effective mainly with fresh scars. The price of the drug is about a thousand rubles.
  • Zeraderm gel is well suited for masking scars and scars on the face. It can be applied to cosmetics, which makes the defects completely invisible. True, it costs the same as "Dermatics" - about 2000 rubles.
  • "Kelo-Kot" has a similar composition and action. It is produced not only in the form of a gel, but also in the form of a spray, which allows it to be applied to hard-to-reach places. Depending on the form of release is a drug from 1000 to 1700 rubles.
  • "Kelofibraze" effectively improves the blood supply to the skin, relieves inflammation, removes fresh scars. Tuba 25 g will cost the patient 1200 rubles.
  • Ointment "Mederma" well removes atrophic scars, striae and stretch marks. But the preparation for keloid and hypertrophic scars almost does not work. It is quite inexpensive - it costs only 700 rubles. dermatrix price feedback

Reviews about

Gel "Dermatics" has won many positive reviews. People say that he copes even with old scars, softening them and making them almost invisible. After the disappearance of such defects, the skin remains moist and smooth. In addition, many people like that the drug removes pigmentation spots. At the same time, you need to use the gel for a long time, but no one's use of it caused difficulties. And negative feedback is only about its price: some people think that 2000 rubles for a drug that eliminates a cosmetic defect is expensive.