Queryulence is an irresistible litigious activity. The main signs and methods of treating querulences

Querulence is a person's tendency to constantly argue, conduct litigation and defend his interests by any means, even to the neglect of the rights of others. The name of the ailment came from the Latin word "complain", which reveals the very essence of this phenomenon. So, what is this - querulatess? Let's understand. querulancy is

Description of the

syndrome The people exposed to the quilulence have the property of constantly complaining of infringement of their rights, social injustice, deceit on all sides, non-observance of legal norms and laws. The meaning of the life of such people is the circulation of judicial instances and human rights centers, long-term proceedings to achieve the only possible, in their opinion, justice. The search for "victims" for their attacks delivers visible and undisguised pleasure to the querulants. The desire to defend their rights in a hospital, in a shop, at work or on the street is intrusive and irresistible for such people. Healthy people call it all a difficult case.

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Quite often quailulants can become quick-tempered and even aggressive, they have a very high psycho-emotional background, they are characterized by cruelty and perseverance in achieving their goals. A cleric can be cunning and treacherous, neglecting the notions of morality, kindness and humanity. Sutility can be both a separate pathology, and just a symptom of a more serious mental disorder of the brain.

The most affected are psychopathic personalities. Hard case

Definition and signs of vindication

Already in the XIX century, began to study the phenomenon of a querulent reaction. K. T. Jaspers, a psychiatrist from Germany, placed this state on the border between psychopathic fanaticism and delirium, calling querulence the psychosis of passion. Later, persistent complaints received another name - litigation. In the modern world, the severe syndrome is practically not studied. This is due to the recently developed tendency to defend the rights imposed by the West, in particular the United States. The line between the norm in this issue and pathology has blurred, and it is quite difficult to determine quaverulence.

Queryulence is a syndrome that occurs and develops according to the following scheme. A man is seized by the idea of ​​an injustice committed against him. Sometimes this is due to a real court decision not in favor of the covert. This becomes the starting point and the appearance of a protest against the infringement of his rights.

After this, there is a long bureaucratic activity in various instances, endless complaints, suits, appeals, etc. The cases of making decisions not in favor of the litigious are perceived by the latter as a prejudiced attitude, and everything starts on a new one. Such a person is not able to soberly assess the situation, the interests of others go to the background. The purpose of life is to prove that you are right. quaverulence as a vestige of suicide

Querulence is a syndrome that is common in both sexes, with a peak in development between 40 and 70 years. Particularly strong and often querulant manifests itself in times of severe social and political crises. Unemployment, low pensions, infringement of rights and freedoms - all this is a trigger for suticants.

There are two hypotheses for the development of quaverulence.


Querulence is regarded as a hereditary pathology that manifests itself in the presence of certain psychogenic factors. Especially high risk of development of a serious syndrome in stuck individuals. The most susceptible to the development of the syndrome are people with heightened emotional background, touchy, susceptible to any criticism.

Symptom of a mental disorder

This is a more severe case. As mentioned above, quaverulence can only be one of the symptoms of another disease, schizophrenia or paranoia. In this case, suitors are regarded as mentally ill people. Serious delirium can be the cause of aggression. In psychiatry, there were cases when the suitors organized riots and even went to kill. Covers are characterized by the absence of hallucinations, however, false memories that become the basis of sly delirium are not ruled out. The aggravation of the situation occurs during periods of exacerbations and depends on their duration. Formally, the behavior of the querulants is correct, but often too aggressive and impractical. quavering in psychiatry

Symptoms of

The main symptoms of quaverulancy are:

  1. Tenderness and high emotionality.
  2. Infinite criticism of the political situation, health, work.
  3. Persecution Mania.
  4. Paranoia.
  5. Aggression towards others.
  6. Ignoring the rights and interests of others.
  7. Selfishness and egocentrism.
  8. Negativism.
  9. Exaggeration of the scale of their own problems.
  10. Demonstrative behavior.
  11. Super-valuable ideas.
  12. Confidence in its importance.
  13. Denial of an existing disease.

Many people wonder what querulence is and how it is treated. With the first part of the issue sorted out, it's time to move to the second. psychotic personality

Necessity of placement in a hospital

In some cases it is urgent to place a suitor in a psychiatric clinic. This leads to a negative reaction of the patient, causing in some cases a state of affect. Therapy, as a rule, long and without a guarantee of complete cure.

Querulants are often quick-tempered and suspicious, selfish and prefer not to pay attention to the interests of others. Their behavior is demonstrative and aggressive, and quite often only veils in defending their rights. Complaints of such people usually have a subtext of menacing nature( this may be the threat of dismissal, payment of compensation for moral damage and even physical punishment).Most often, the threats are purely oral, but there were also cases of committing wrongful acts.

Only self-interest

If we consider querulence as a syndrome of litigation, then people suffering from this disease tend to defend only their own rights and freedoms, and not society as a whole. They do not listen to the opinions of others and fight their imaginary enemies alone.

Siders are very persistent in their aspirations, they have been litigating for years. As a rule, the decision rendered by the court does not satisfy them, and the proceedings continue. Own imaginary inferiority delivers hidden pleasure to the querulants, they love when they are pitied. The lost cases spur on the suitors to commit new "exploits."In the Guinness Book of Records, a case was recorded where a US resident filed about three thousand suits in seven years.

querulence and how it is treated

Treatment of

Querulantry in psychiatry is considered a fairly common ailment. Two approaches are used in the treatment of taut syndrome:

  1. Drug treatment, which involves the administration of neuroleptics and tranquilizers.
  2. Psychotherapy, which includes psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and psychodynamic approach.

What can play a positive role?

Only patience and high qualification of a specialist can play a positive role in the treatment of querulence by the psychoanalytic method. Sedious persons skillfully spread their negativism to others. Often they accuse the therapist of incompetence, especially during the theoretical analysis and the search for the causes of the disease.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is aimed at eliminating conflict situations. A specialist helps the interpreter to understand the underlying cause of the appearance of pathology, remove obsessive ideas, explain suspiciousness on the topic of infringement of interests and rights.

the meaning of the word querulence

How long does the exacerbation last?

The stage of exacerbation can last up to several years with the subsequent onset of remission. However, a new round of the disease may begin on a background of psychosocial changes. Unfortunately, sometimes the treatment of painful syndrome can give the opposite effect, aggravating the situation.

The relationship with the queuvers is rather complicated and ambiguous. If this pathology has developed in a family member, it is necessary to urgently consult a specialist and begin treatment. The problem in this case is that it is impossible to forcefully place in a medical institution if a person does not pose a danger to others and himself. And the querulant will not give his consent to hospitalization because of the lack of criticism regarding his condition.

We examined the meaning of the word "quaverulence".We hope you do not have to meet such people in your life.