Medical Center of Kirov "Mama": review, specialists, services and feedback

Each married couple sooner or later comes to the idea that he wants to have a child. At the same time in our country from 8 to 19% of couples can not have children for physical reasons. To solve such problems, a lot of family planning clinics have been set up on the territory of Russia. Such institutions deal not only with the treatment of diseases of the male and female sexual sphere and hormonal pathologies, but also the most important issue of preserving the health and well-being of the population of our country and its descendants. Let's consider in more detail the medical center in Kirov "Mama".

General description of the institution

One of the examples of these organizations, referred to in the article, is "Mama" - a medical center in Kirov. Mum Medical Center of Kirov Let's consider features and specificity of this organization in more details.

"Mama" is a medical center in Kirov, which operates on the basis of universally recognized principles of highly qualified medical services. Mama Kira Medical Center

The clinic is provided with modern medical equipment, which allows for accurate research and qualitative diagnostics. Doctors who observe a woman during the entire period of bearing a child, competently conduct necessary medical examinations in a specific situation and conduct treatment methods."Mama" in Kirov is a medical center, functioning on the basis of an individual approach to each patient.

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Principles of operation of the

"Mama" in Kirov is a medical center that carries out its activities in conjunction with the organization "AltraVita", dealing with in vitro fertilization. This institution is unique in that it works according to the standards of the American association of medical workers. Also the medical center "Mama" in Kirov actively cooperates with other domestic and foreign clinics.

The number of employees of the institution increases year after year. It promotes high-quality, high-quality and qualified medical services for clients. When applying for medical services, you can be sure that experts will thoroughly examine your pathology and take the necessary measures to eliminate it. Doctors of "Mama" - the medical center of Kirov - competent workers who carry out their activities together, willingly exchange experience of treatment and professional skills with each other.

The institution operates in an exactly established mode throughout the week. Specialists carry out medical support of the patient, observe and timely conduct of examinations and treatment, and also prepare him for pre-planned surgical interventions. medical center mama kirov reviews Before starting therapy, an individual program of activities is determined for each patient. After their completion, the client's condition is also regularly monitored.

Other services presented in the

clinic "Mama" - the medical center of Kirov, where you can get information about any problems that bother the patient. Clients of the institution are people of both sexes and different age categories. As you probably already understood, the main directions of the center's work are problems of family planning, artificial insemination, and pregnancy management. But all of the above is not the only specificity of the clinic's work. Specialists in men's health, pathologies of the mammary glands, heart and blood vessels, hormonal disorders, genitourinary problems, cancer, as well as general practitioners are also here.

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"Mama" is the medical center of Kirov where diagnostics and treatment of problems of male and female sexual and reproductive spheres, as well as difficulties with bearing is carried out. Here, the selection of effective contraceptives and hormonal therapy during the menopause. As you can see, the clinic pays attention to the health of not only the female but also the male population.

About the employees of the medical center

The following specialists are taking care of this organization:

  1. Obstetrician-gynecologist.
  2. Gynecologist-endocrinologist.
  3. Oncologist and gynecologist.
  4. Oncologist-mammologist.
  5. Urologist andrologist.
  6. Endocrinologist.
  7. Therapist.
  8. Cardiologist.

The clinic also conducts ultrasound diagnostics, physiotherapy, treatment with ozone and leeches. Many employees of the institution have international certificates confirming their professional level, as well as the highest qualification categories. Most specialists have been working in this field for a long time, for example, since 1997, 1993, or even since 1984.As the most experienced doctors of the clinic, you can list Tarlavin MG, Podgorny UM, Khlebnikov SA, Kondratovskaya Ya. G., Pakhomova EV

The effectiveness of the institution

The effectiveness of the functioning of any organization can be judged byspecific facts and percentages. In this case, the clinic is no exception.

Continuing the theme of the work of the center, we can add that the IVF procedure, which is carried out by the doctors of the institution together with medical workers from Moscow, has had a positive effect in 60% of patients. This is a very good result.

The indicators, with which you can assess the quality of the work of the clinic, also include a complete cure of problems with conception and bearing, well-being and absence of complications after serious illnesses. Another important criterion is the customers' confidence in the effective operation of the organization. The medical center "Mama" of Kirov liked many patients.

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Literate people understand that medical help, although the main, but not the only factor that determines the release of a particular person from a particular pathology. An important role is also played by a positive psychological attitude and a vital attitude. Yet despite this, not all opinions about the clinic are unequivocally positive. Consider the reviews about the organization in the next section.

Mama's Medical Center Kirova: reviews

Pregnancy management in a commercial clinic is a widespread service that many people use today. But before choosing a medical institution and a specialist, you need to study the question well and determine which option is right for you. If you consider reviews about the medical center "Mama" in Kirov, it can be noted that the merits often mention the politeness and good attitude of staff, the competent selection of examinations and therapy. medical center mom in kirov Many women say that they had serious problems with health, conception and bearing, but thanks to the work of experienced and qualified doctors could overcome all difficulties in a very short time.

Negative feedback from

Among the shortcomings of the center are often noted inflated prices and directions for analyzes, which in the end were not needed. Often the negative impression about this private clinic is due to the patient's overstated expectations. You also need to be careful about the appointments and procedures to avoid unnecessary costs. Negative opinions of patients about the medical center "Mama" also relate to not quite attentive attitude of some doctors to patients. For example, some women complain that they came to see a specialist, and the doctor was constantly distracted by telephone conversations. Complained and tactless. Some doctors comment on the mature age of patients who want to get pregnant for the first time. Women perceive such a remark as an unfair reproach. After all, they turn to the paid center precisely because they hope to help a difficult situation. And not because they want to listen to someone's opinion about their private lives.

Contacts of the medical center "Mama"

The clinic is located in the house number 32, located on Pyatnitskaya street. It runs from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 9pm and from 8am to 6pm on weekends. If you need help with family planning or pregnancy management, as well as in other medical services, you can ask questions by calling the Mama Medical Center.

Remember that every medical center has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh for yourself all the pros and cons and draw conclusions.

mother of the medical center of the Kirov Please note that your health, as well as the health of your unborn child, is in your hands.