Effective ointments for gout

The main symptom of gout is severe joint pain, which is inflammatory and provoked by the deposition of uric acid salts. Often, the treatment of this disease takes a long and painful period for the patient. In order to eliminate pain symptoms quickly and effectively, the use of ointment for gout is recommended.

However, with the exacerbation of the disease can not do without treatment with drugs, including injections and tablets. Ointments are local means of action. The most popular are medicines based on anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs and medicinal plants.

Ointment for gout is only possible after elimination of acute inflammatory processes of the affected joints. ointments for gout

Ointments based on anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs

NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs considered effective for gout. May contain the following agents with a direct anti-inflammatory effect: naproxen, diclofenac, butadione, ibuprofen and indomethacin.

Enzymes that stimulate the formation of biologically active substances, which are responsible for the development of inflammatory processes, are blocked by the active substance, which is the action of such ointments.

However, with gout, not all NSAIDs of the group can be used. Opposite action has acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin. It can hinder the excretion of urates from the body.

The use of acetylsalicylic acid and its derivatives in gout is contraindicated.

What are the ointments for gout?

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"Diclofenac" can be called one of the group of the most popular and commonly used ointments. In 1 g of 1% ointment contains 10 mg of active substance, that is sodium diclofenac. On the affected area, a thin layer of a small amount of the drug is distributed, and then rubbed with massaging light movements. In the field of inflammation, it is necessary to avoid sudden movements and too strong pressing.

Ointments for gout should only be used after consultation with a specialist!

Repeat the procedure is necessary on the day 2-Z times. To avoid the occurrence of side effects, it is necessary to comply with the mandatory conditions of use, namely, to monitor the daily dose. The group of NSAIDs has a lot of side effects and contraindications, topical even with external use of drugs. Negative consequences of the use of such drugs can affect the functions of the liver, intestine and stomach.

There are still ointments from gout. Effective among them are available.

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Butadione Ointment

The synthetic butadione substance contained in the ointment can help in achieving a good effect. The difference from other NSAIDs is the possession of the active substance of uricosuric action( i.e., excretion of urate from the body of a patient with urine).

To exclude the allergic reaction of the body to the drug, it is recommended to start a course of treatment with the application of the medicament to the skin in minimum quantities. This ointment from gout per day should be used several times.

Butadione-containing agent has a number of effects: it removes pain in the affected area;relieves swelling;improves the motor properties of the joint.

Applying gauze dressing to the treatment site is not required, just apply the ointment on the affected area with a thin layer( do not rub it in any way!).In particular, you must avoid direct sunlight on the place where the product was applied.

Ointments used for gout should be used regularly.

Ointments with plant components

Patients who do not tolerate medicinal chemical agents are perfectly fit ointments that have a plant base. However, such treatment should be supplemented by a complex of dietary compliance and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment.

Ointment helps with gout, but it can not replace ingestion of medications for this disease.

ointment used for gout


One of the most commonly used preparations containing plant components, you can call "Fullfleks" of Russian production. It has the following number of pronounced effects:

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Decongestant.
  • Anesthetic( anesthetic).

The pharmacodynamics of this agent are determined by the constituent components: extracts of garpagofitum( fragrant martini) tubers, horse chestnut, willow and birch bark;oils - eucalyptus, juniper, fir, sage and grape seed( the latter improve blood circulation), as well as vitamins( nicotinic acid, tocopherol and rutin).

Manufacturers of "Fullflex" focus on the harpagofitum extract, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This plant is used in the following preparations, recommended in cases of degenerative pathologies of the joints( osteochondrosis and spondyloarthrosis), Sustamar, Revmafit, Revmagerb and Harpagin.

To contra-indications ointment "Fullflex" refers to the individual intolerance of substances that make up the composition, as well as periods of pregnancy and lactation.

Apply ointment for gout and dosage: the drug is applied 2 times a day to the painful areas, lightly massaging. The course of treatment lasts one month.

Side effects can be expressed by an allergic reaction.

Keep out of reach of children! Also a necessary condition is a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C and no direct sunlight. The drug is suitable for 24 months.

This ointment allows not only to remove symptoms of the disease, but helps to eliminate the causes of gout. Use the product twice a day. This ointment is prescribed at different stages of gout and development of gout due to the fact that it contains medicinal plants, and in this regard is also considered a means of effectively fighting the disease.

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Chinese ointment used for gout

The Chinese remedy Tiger Balm White is actually a balm for muscle pain. The composition of this ointment includes Vaseline( 36%) with additives in the form of peppermint oil, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and cloves. Apply ointment to the affected area and rubbed into the skin. The drug causes a reflex rush of blood, which improves the trophism of the tissue, due to which the effect occurs.

Many ointments, positioned as Chinese, in most cases consist of extracts from plants used in oriental medicine: aml, unabi, rhubarb and aconite roots, tree leaf terminology, etc. With articular pain, they contribute to the reduction of edema and pain syndrome. In fact, the accompanying instructions do not provide enough reliable information about the mechanism of their therapeutic effect.

Birch extract

The birch extract is characterized by effects: diuretic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant. Side effects of the ointment were not noted. However, this tool is not recommended for use by women in pregnancy due to the stimulation of uterine contraction.

Isolation of components of the drug with breast milk makes it contraindicated also in breastfeeding. Also, the drug is not recommended for use by children under the age of 14. The drug is also released in capsules for oral administration.

Folk remedies

Most patients suffer from a chronic form of the disease, so people prefer folk remedies to support treatment. Let's consider the most effective of them.

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Alternative honey treatment

Honey is the most simple and effective remedy for gout. It can be applied independently and in the composition of natural ointments prepared at home, because it has excellent bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Traditional medicine also helps to achieve a good effect. However, it should not be forgotten that any remedy, even the most laudable, can cause even greater harm to the health of the patient. Therefore, one should not neglect seeking help from a specialist and self-medicate.

What ointments are used for gout?

Ointment with butter

Preparation of the ointment, which is based on butter, goes as follows: enameled dishes are taken and melted 200 g of butter on a small fire. Carefully removed formed when boiling film;then add a thin trickle of about 70 ml of beer, based on the preparation of which malt and hops. Then add 50 g of camphor, mix well. Use the obtained ointment is recommended before going to bed, lubricating the affected joints. The period of use of the ointment should be 10 days, and if necessary, repeat after a break of 5 days. The treated area should be warm( under the blanket), also before the morning it is better not to give a physical load to the body.

Ointment with sunflower oil

¼ cup sunflower oil and ¼ of soap household soap are taken as the basis of the ointment. Soap is rubbed finely on the grater and mixed with butter. Then add 1 teaspoon of soda and kerosene 50 ml, mix thoroughly. Can be applied to the affected areas up to 2 times a day.

Ointment with poplar buds.

Effective remedy for gout - buds of wild strawberry or poplar black. To prepare the ointment, it is necessary to grind the kidneys into powder and mix with the preheated butter beforehand in the amount of 1 to 4. In the absence of oil, you can use Vaseline. The product must be allowed to freeze, and then it can be rubbed into the affected joints without using a gauze dressing.

Ointments from gout can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently. However, this does not eliminate the need for consultation with a specialist.

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Ointment for gout: feedback from

There are many positive reviews about the use of ointments in this disease. Patients note that the effect of treatment comes quickly, lasts for a long time. There were no adverse reactions. But to use all means is necessary in a complex.