"Emolium": a description of the tool. How to choose an analogue of "Emolium?

Very dry skin needs special, gentle care. It is best to use medicinal cosmetics for this purpose."Emolium" is a line of products designed specifically for the dry type of the epidermis. Thanks to its natural composition, this cosmetics is recommended for use even for toddlers. Let us consider in more detail how the agent works and what analogue of "Emolium" will be the most effective.

Description of the drug "Emolium"

The range of "Emolium" includes a variety of cosmetics designed to moisturize and care for very dry skin. The manufacturer suggests using creams, shampoos, gels and emulsions for bathing. In the composition of such products there are emollients - substances( fats), which contribute to the moistening of the dermis. They can be fixed in the upper layer of the skin.

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When depositing funds on the epidermis, a thin film forms, which will prevent excessive evaporation of moisture and help restore the water and lipid layer more quickly. This effect contributes to the healing of small lesions of the epidermis, eliminates discomfort and itching.

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"Emolium"( cream), analogues of which can be selected among the brands of medical cosmetics, effectively eliminates the increased dryness and sensitivity of the epidermis. Many experts believe that this is the best tool in its category and recommend using it to care for the skin of newborn babies. The cream is suitable for daily use.

Composition of the cream

The product is a highly effective emollient, which can be used for both prevention and treatment of certain skin diseases. The composition of the cream contains an optimal set of substances that carefully take care of the epidermis. That is why it is very difficult to choose an analog of "Emolium".Active ingredients of the remedy include:

  • macadamia oil - has a large supply of phytosterol and lecithin. Effectively moisturizes, softens and eliminates irritation;
  • paraffin oil - prevents loss of moisture and creates a protective barrier on the epidermis;
  • carite oil - strengthens the water-lipid layer of the dermis, smoothes and softens, activates metabolic processes in cells;
  • triglycerides of caprylic and caproic acid - saturates the upper layer of the dermis with fatty components, eliminates lipid deficiency;
  • urea is a natural substance taking part in humidification. It is able to bind water and prevent its evaporation;
  • Sodium hyaluronate - increases the elasticity of the skin.

Emulsion "Emolium"

Analogues for this tool are difficult to pick up, because most of the bathing products still dry the skin. Emulsion from the line of cosmetics "Emolium" can be safely used even by those with skin thickening and sensitivity. The product is specially designed for bathing. It can be used without age restriction.

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There are no dyes and various harmful substances in the composition of the product. This means that the emulsion is hypoallergenic. The elimination of dryness and irritation, the saturation of the skin with useful fat components, the prevention of cracks and the feeling of a tight skin - the effects that "Emolium" has for bathing. Analogues of the remedy do not always have the same pronounced effect.

Than to replace?

Some manufacturers of medical cosmetics produce product lines designed for very dry dermis. Use such tools better in the complex.

emolium special cream analogues

You can moisten the dry skin during hygiene procedures with the Oilatum. This analogue of "Emolium" from the Irish manufacturer is also produced in the form of an emulsion and managed to earn many positive recommendations. It contains liquid paraffin. The product is added to the bathroom when bathing. You can use when bathing babies suffering from atopic dermatitis.

The cost of funds is almost the same. Emulsion "Emolium" is produced in 200 ml vials, and Irish analog - 150 and 500 ml.

"Special cream"

In the line of cosmetic products there is a unique remedy - "Emolium special cream".Analogues of the drug differ not only in price and composition, but also in effectiveness. The unique cream has medicinal properties: it removes the causes of dryness of the dermis, nourishes and saturates the skin, does not cause allergies, eliminates peeling and micro-trauma.

emolium for swimming analogs

The cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed after application to the epidermis. It can be used to moisturize very dry skin and treat a disease such as eczema( atopic dermatitis).

Active ingredients

The preparation contains a unique patented substance that is obtained from borage seeds. It contains organic and mineral components, gamma-linolenic acid. The substance prevents evaporation of moisture and moisturizes the upper layer of the dermis.

In addition to this component, the composition includes macadamia and carite oils, paraffin oil, hyaluronic acid, corn oil triglycerides, urea.


You can not choose an analogue of "Emolium" by its composition. This is a unique product. Similar properties and indications for use are available for such means as "Gistan", "Bepanten", cream "Oilatum".

emolium special cream analogues

These drugs are suitable for children, but without first consulting a pediatrician, it is best not to use them. Especially in those cases, if the baby is predisposed to allergic reactions.

Product Reviews

The Polish manufacturer offers unique cosmetic products for the care of very dry skin. Each tool has proved itself only from the positive side. Especially popular is "Emolium"( cream).Analogues of products are not easy to pick, because the hypoallergenic composition is not all cosmetic means.