The white belly line - what is it? Symptoms of a hernia of the white abdominal line, operation

What is the white line of the abdomen? What it is? Why does a hernia occur in this area? These and other questions are answered by reading our article.

White Belly: what is it?

This is the fibrous structure of the anterior abdominal wall. It is located on the middle line of a man. On the right and left of it are muscles.

white belly line what is it

They create the abdominal press. The divergence of the muscle is indicative of a hernia. This disease will be discussed further.

Hernia: causes of

This disease is most often diagnosed in men. Especially if the scope of their activities is associated with heavy physical exertion. Men are more susceptible to this disease in the age of 20 to 30 years. Another cause of the disease is obesity. A healthy lifestyle and a taut body prevent the appearance of various diseases, including hernia.
This disease can also occur due to poor heredity and innate characteristics of the body. Weak muscles of the abdomen can cause a hernia with certain physical exertion.

hernia white belly line treatment without surgery

It should be noted that the hernia is treated by surgery. Cure hernia with medication or other methods is impossible.
It happens that a person does not notice that there is this ailment in his body.
The fact that there is a problem becomes noticeable already when the protrusion comes. The peculiarity of this type of hernia is that protrusion can occur without any painful sensations. The sooner a person turns to a doctor and the operation for removing a hernia is prescribed, the better, since the surgical intervention will pass without any complications for the organism. The complexity of the disease lies in the fact that its symptoms can be similar to other diseases. Therefore, it is important that the diagnosis is correctly and not confused with other ailments of the stomach.

How to behave when a hernia is detected? How is the diagnosis made?

At the first signs of uncomfortable sensations in the area of ​​the white line of the abdomen, you urgently need to see a doctor.

The fact is that in the initial stages of the disease, protrusion can occur in the subcutaneous layer of the body. At the reference of the person in clinic for inspection in the beginning the doctor will spend conversation with the patient for revealing of signs. Namely, the doctor will ask the person what complaints he has, if there is constipation, pain in the area of ​​the white line of the abdomen, whether there are large physical exertion and so on.

hernia of the white abdominal line in children

The above factors can affect the change in pressure in the human body. Also, the doctor prescribes the following types of examination:

  • Visual examination of the patient by a surgeon.
  • The person is given a referral to the X-ray.
  • Gastroscopy is also included in the survey.
  • Gerniography.
  • Ultrasound examination.
  • Tomography, which is carried out by means of a computer.

hernia belly operation

These survey methods will ensure the proper treatment of a hernia in an area such as the white line of the abdomen. What it is, was said above. It will also protect the body from relapse. Various scars or tissue disorders can cause another appearance of this ailment.

Basically, if a surgeon diagnoses a "hernia of the white line of the abdomen," treatment without surgery is not applied, since it is ineffective. The patient gives a referral to the patient for surgery. The sooner it is done, the better for the patient. It is possible that the state of the human body will not give him the opportunity to perform the operation in the shortest possible time. This is affected by the presence of chronic diseases in the body or other contraindications.

What types of surgical interventions exist?

Currently, there are several types of interventions. Depending on how the hernia is located, the appropriate operation is assigned. These factors are taken into account:

  • What kind of access to a hernia exists.
  • How much space does it take.
  • How far the organs go into the cavity of the peritoneum.
  • Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall.

Some time ago, the operation was that the patient was sewn up a place through which the hernia emerged. The drawback of this method is that after a certain time the seams can disperse. Especially if a person exposes his body to physical stress. In this case, the person again got on the operating table.
after removal of the hernia of the white line of the abdomen

In this sense, hernioplasty is the best option. With this method, special implants are used, they are reticular. This species is well established in the body and cases of relapse are excluded.

The old way of operating, which consisted of conventional stitching, is still present, but it is used much less often. It can be applied when the hernia is small and in patients that belong to the young category, as in the older generation of people the healing process is lower.

There is also a method in which a decision is made directly to conduct a surgical intervention on the setting of a reticular implant. This is due to the way the hernia looks inside. When the surgeon assesses the connective tissues of the body, namely: they will be able to further contain the internal organs or not.

What are the operating modes?

The only procedure that will help a person who has a hernia of the white abdominal line is an operation. And what are operational accesses now?

  • Open access method. This operation is carried out after the patient is given general anesthesia. Then a cut is made. It is equal to the size of the hernia. Thus, there is an open access. It should be said that this method of surgical intervention has a low percentage of resumption of a hernia in the human body. Also to the pluses of the method is the fact that the surgeon fully sees the area of ​​the hernia and performs the implant installation qualitatively. Also, this method of carrying out the operation has several obvious drawbacks. These include a large postoperative suture, the patient has painful sensations, a long rehabilitation period.
  • Laparoscopic access method. Several holes are made on the body of the person being operated. Then, by means of a special device, intervention is carried out. The main advantage of this method is that there is not a big seam on the human body. Also minimized painful sensations. In addition to positive moments, there are also negative ones. Due to the fact that visibility is worse than with open access, there is a possibility of not such an exact establishment of the implant as with an open access method. In connection with this, the risk of resumption of hernia and reoperation increases. In carrying out this surgical intervention, a gas is injected into the human body and anesthesia is applied. If a patient has pathologies of the heart and lungs, then this type of operation is contraindicated.
  • Preperitoneal access method. The patient is also made with three holes, as in the laparoscopic method. Then, by means of a special balloon, the abdominal part is peeled off. Then an implant installation operation is performed. The advantages of this method of treatment is that there is not a large seam, and also that the patient does not experience severe pain. But there are also several shortcomings. The operation is rather complicated technically, the attachment of the grid is unreliable.

muscles of white belly line

How can I help a person who has a white abdominal hernia? Treatment without surgery in this case will not help. Folk remedies and medicines will be ineffective. The only way to get rid of this ailment is surgical intervention.

In children

There is a hernia of the white abdominal line in children as well. It should be noted that this type of disease in children and adolescents is rarely diagnosed. Although there are cases of such an ailment. The child has a certain cause for the appearance of this disease. Namely: because of the weakness of the fibers, which are called fibrous. As a rule, this is a genetic pathology. With such weakness, the muscles of the white line of the abdomen diverge. You should know that there are several factors that can trigger the onset of such an ailment. Why does a white abdominal hernia appear in children? It can appear due to trauma, obesity.

The operation was successful. What recommendations should be followed afterwards?
Removal of the hernia of the white line of the abdomen is quite a complicated operation, therefore, first of all, the patient who transferred it must comply with a special diet. Also, you should refrain from any physical exertion. The menu should not contain spicy, fried foods. It is necessary to provide the stomach with an easy digestion process. Therefore, it will be better if people start eating cereals, yoghurts, soups. It is recommended that all products are low-fat.


What is the diastase of the white belly line? By diastase is meant the stretching of the fibers. It occurs under the influence of any factors. If we talk about diastase, then, as a rule, it appears in women after childbirth. The risk group includes those who have had a cesarean section. The fact is that if a woman gives birth herself, then after the birth the process of reduction begins. In the case of caesarean, this function is violated. The stomach goes away longer. It is also worth considering the fact that during pregnancy, the female body is experiencing a change in the hormonal background. Because of this, the connective tissue becomes loose. Also, stretching the muscles is necessary in order for the child to be located inside the woman's body. After delivery, the abdominal form is restored. This process takes a year. At this time, it is not recommended to exercise or exercise a lot of physical activity, as the connective tissue can be fixed in a stretched form. As a consequence, there is a diastasis of the abdominal muscles.

hernia belly-line operation cost

There are several other reasons why this disease may occur. These include obesity and sudden weight loss. At the latter, the connective tissue may not have time to contract. Even to the causes of the divergence of muscles include: a long cough, constant physical activity at work, sports training associated with lifting weights, constant constipation.

What signs indicate a muscle discrepancy?

There is a special test that can be done at home. A person should lie on his back, always on a firm surface, for example, on the floor. Then raise your head and look at your stomach. The muscles of the press should be shortened. If there is noticeable formation in the form of a roller, which is located vertically, this indicates the presence of diastase. If a person has obesity, then during this test, you can see a hollow, which indicates a bifurcation of muscles.

Hernia belly: surgery, cost of

The price is affected by what method will be used to intervene in the body. Usually the cost of such services starts from 10 000 rubles. Also the price depends on what kind of anesthesia is used, and on the type of equipment.


Now you know the answer to the exciting question: "What is this white line of the belly?".We also talked about one very common disease in this area. The article indicates why the hernia of the white line arises and how it manifests itself, and also what methods of treatment are used.