Why do menstruation last longer than usual?

There is no mystery in the healthy body of a woman, as Greek philosophers said. At the same time, gynecological problems are not discussed, although every girl wondered why the monthly ones go longer than usual. Let's figure it out.

What is a normal menstrual cycle?

How many days should the menstrual period be? This is all individually and depends on heredity, such as climate, women's constitution and other factors. Most often, the question of why menstrual periods go longer than usual are women with excess weight. In general, the duration is 5-7 days, no more and no less. However, with climacteric changes or after the onset of menstruation, the duration may vary and reach ten days. If the cycle has settled and from the beginning of the first menstrual period has passed 5-6 years, then long or too short a month should alert the woman. Any change in the cycle can indicate pathology, hormonal failure or inflammatory processes.

Why do menstruation last longer than usual?

If a woman notices that the menstrual period lasts a long time, then in this case it is best to go to a women's consultation. Only a doctor will be able to make a clear diagnosis and say what is the reason for the changes. Meanwhile, below we will consider the main causes of the cycle failure.

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The first is hormonal changes. For everything in our body meet hormones. In particular, progesterone is responsible for the coagulability of the blood and the duration of menstruation. If there is a deficiency in the body, the bleeding will last longer than usual. In addition, this hormone is important for the onset of ovulation. If the monthly goes longer than usual and in recent days only mucus discharge is available, this is a sure sign that ovulation has not occurred. And this means that conception becomes impossible.

The second reason why menstrual periods go longer than usual is dysfunction of the reproductive system( abnormal ovaries).In particular, this is indicated by long and profuse menstruation. In this case, you should definitely see a doctor, as the possible cause of the problem is cystic formations, in other words, an ovarian cyst. This is quite serious, since the cyst is a benign formation that will not pass without medical intervention. The third reason is sexually transmitted diseases. To completely eliminate this factor, it is necessary to pass the corresponding analyzes.

Finally, the fourth reason is emotional overexertion. It is known that women are sensitive to the moral climate, which means that emotional overstrain can change the normal cycle of menstruation. How many days there will be a delay or how much the bleeding will extend, it is impossible to say in this case.

Clinical picture, or how to determine the cause of the malfunction prior to going to the doctor

Different clinical picture of prolonged periods may indicate the cause of the problem. So, painful, abundant discharge with mucus and clots, which last more than a week, can signal an ectopic pregnancy.

Prolonged menstruation can indicate the onset of erosion of the cervix. Note that with poor blood clotting or anemia, it is very difficult to stop bleeding.

Thyroid dysfunction( producing more hormones) can also be the cause, with the normal cycle of menstruation changing. How many days will go monthly, depends on this small gland. It should be noted that prolonged bleeding can provoke adenomyosis, or inflammation of the uterus, namely its muscle layer.

Contraceptives play an important role. Intrauterine spiral can cause prolonged bleeding, however in this case it should be immediately abandoned, in order not to aggravate the situation. Hormonal pills can also provoke malfunctions, as they change the balance of hormones in a woman's body.

Prolonged bleeding is a serious symptom that may indicate the development of benign and malignant tumors. Yes, you need to ask yourself a question about why the monthly goes longer than usual. But this is not enough. Save life and health will help only timely correct treatment.

How to solve the problem?

When the monthly goes longer than usual, the main thing is to determine the cause. This is best done by a gynecologist. Many women are afraid to go to the doctor and postpone the visit until the last. Meanwhile, the violation of the cycle and the causes that cause it do not go away by themselves. Here you need a specialist consultation and in some cases - treatment.

If the cause of the failure is emotional overexertion, the surest way is to relax, relax, and minimize the effect of stress factors, if possible.

Folk remedies for long-term menstruation

There are folk remedies that help if the periods go on for a long time. What to do in this case? At a minimum, reduce bleeding. For example, you can make tea from nettles or tea from a dogrose. However, it will eliminate only the effect of the problem, not the pathology itself or stress. It is better not to risk your health, but to seek medical advice from a gynecologist. But in any case, in order for the body to function normally, we must abandon bad habits and establish a balanced diet.