Antiparasitic spray "Bolfo"

Any owner of a dog or a cat is well aware of how dangerous their pets can be bitten by ticks. For safety reasons, the animal must be regularly treated with antiparasitic drugs. One of the most effective means is the "Bolfo"( spray).The instruction on its application will be considered in today's article.

Composition and pharmacological properties of

This preparation is a liquid with a mild specific odor. A hundred milliliters of the drug contains 0.25 grams of proproxur, which is the main active substance. Spray "Bolfo" is realized in metal bottles with spray nozzles. The volume of one cylinder leaves two hundred and fifty milliliters.

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This aerosol belongs to the category of insect-acaricidal preparations. It is effective in controlling external parasites, including ixodid ticks, withers, fleas and lice. The remedy is considered to be moderately toxic to warm-blooded animals. If it is used in strictly recommended doses, it does not have a sensitizing and skin-resorptive effect. Spray "Bolfo", caught on the surface of the mucous membranes, it causes a slight irritation.

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Indications and contraindications

This drug is intended for disposal of ixodid ticks, withers, lice and fleas that parasitize on our younger brothers. They are not allowed to handle sick and convalescent animals, pregnant and lactating females, and also individuals who are under six weeks old.

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With proper use, the spray "Bolfo" does not cause side effects. If you have symptoms of poisoning( muscle weakness, diarrhea and increased salivation), stop the treatment of the animal with aerosol and provide appropriate assistance. If necessary, the pet should be shown to the veterinarian.

"Bolfo"( spray): instruction for use

It is recommended to treat the animal with this drug on the street or in a well ventilated room, away from heating appliances and open flame sources. Before using the antiparasitic agent, it is necessary to remove the cells with birds from the premises and cover the aquariums with fish. Immediately before the procedure, the vial should be shaken well and, after pressing the sprayer, direct it to the animal's body for several seconds. In the process, it is important to ensure that the torch of the aerosol falls on the pet's body against the growth of its coat and slightly moistens it. Direct the jet preferably from a distance of about thirty centimeters from a cat or dog.

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First, the ears and chest of the animal are treated, carefully making sure that the spray "Bolfo" does not hit the eyes of the pet. Then the jet is directed to the neck, body, paws and tail. The coat around the eyes and nose is carefully treated with fingers, which are applied a small amount of the drug.

Repeated use only according to indications. Do this more than once a week. In order to completely destroy external parasites, it is desirable to treat not only the animal itself, but also the means of caring for it, including blankets and litter. After a couple of hours after treatment, all surfaces must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

"Bolfo"( spray): reviews

Those who have at least once tried this drug on their four-footed pet, assure its high efficiency. According to many owners of cats and dogs, he really copes with the destruction of external parasites and prevents them from reappearing.

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The only thing that consumers recommend to remember is the security rules when working with this tool. Despite the fact that the spray "Bolfo" does not belong to highly toxic substances, the violation of the instructions can lead to unpleasant consequences, manifested in the form of allergic reactions. Therefore, treating your pet with an anti-parasitic spray, you must always wear gloves. After the manipulation is complete, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water under a stream of warm running water. In addition, during the day after the procedure, a four-footed pet is undesirable to iron and let close to small children.