Bcaa pureprotein: reviews, descriptions & photo

It is known that any athlete, fitness enthusiast, and just a slimming person for growth and preservation of muscle mass, as well as prevention of the process of its catabolism, should take BCAA.PureProtein( reviews about sports supplements of this manufacturer represent a wide range of opinions from admiring to negative) is a Russian company that uses German raw materials for the production of a wide range of quality sports nutrition. The products of Pure Protein LLC are certified and tested for compliance with all domestic and European quality and safety standards. BCAA PureProtein reviews In the production of essential amino acids( BSAA), natural ingredients are used, the formulation is regularly improved and the taste range is expanded.

Description BCAA( PureProtein)

Feedback from athletes who have tried a complex of essential amino acids from a Russian company from St. Petersburg, divided into several categories. In the first( most numerous) the product is praised, when testing the BSAA, most connoisseurs dilute the amino acids in water, obtaining the same "cherished" film on the surface that must be formed when dissolving leucine, isoleucine, and valine, the main components of the natural protein. The ratio of three indispensable "Amino"( as the name of the amino acid experienced athletes) in this complex is ideal( 2: 1: 1), because it includes( per 100 g of product) 45 grams of L-leucine and 22.25 g of L-isoleucine and valine. To improve the taste, 5 grams of fructose and citric acid are added to the complex. In the product line, you can find various flavors: green apple, forest berries, orange or lemon.

Positive feedback: product advantages

The rise in prices for products from foreign manufacturers determined the desire of many athletes and adherents of fitness training to pay attention to the budgetary version of the BCAA PureProtein complex. Reviews comparing this domestic product and expensive sports nutrition of the world's leading brands, argue that the amino acids "Pure Protein" are not inferior in quality to the analogues from Optimum, Nutrition, S.A.N and others. PureProtein BCAA reviews The Russian amino acid complex serves as a source of energy and additional endurance under intense loads, directly entering the muscles. Passing the liver, the BCAA stimulates the construction of tissues, has a beneficial effect on the preservation of their structure and helps to improve performance. Thus, during training, thanks to the reception of a harmonious combination of amino acids, athletes achieve two goals: build muscle mass due to the restoration of damaged and the formation of new protein fibers. In addition, adepts of fitness praise aminocomplex for reducing unpleasant pain in the muscles after intense cardio and strength training. This is facilitated by saturation of cells with vital building materials, creating conditions for anabolic processes and hormone secretion.

How to take the preparation

Packaging PureProtein BCAA( 200 g.) Reviews get positive, because it contains a high-quality protein( about 55-60%).In addition, essential amino acids are not synthesized in our body, but only come from the outside. Take the complex usually on an empty stomach, before and after training. Before going to bed, you can drink it at will( to slow down the destruction of proteins during fasting), but in the evening reception it is possible to replace 200 g of cottage cheese. PureProtein fuze bcaa reviews Professionals dilute the BSAA in a shaker, which helps to turn the solution into a yellowish emulsion without sediment. For one portion of the powder( 10 g or 2 measuring teaspoons), 4.5 grams of leucine and 2.25 grams of valine and isoleucine. Athletes warn that the muscle mass grows slowly enough, so no noticeable effect of the drug at the initial stage should not wait. This amount of product for one reception is enough to get a result of the work of "aminok" after 3-6 months of regular use.

About tastes and calories

The product's quality of the PureProtein BCAA product is called low. One serving contains only 2 kcal or 8.4 kJ, and 100 g of the preparation contains 20 kcal or 84 kJ.Carbohydrates due to the sweetener( aspavita) in the complex is 0.5 g per serving and 5 g per 100 g respectively. Judging by the users' polls, many prefer orange( 69%) and lemon( 56%), slightly less than green apple( 50%), and the last place for the sale of "wild, wild berries"( PureProtein BCAA 200 гр reviews).38%).

Description of the line PureProtein FUZE + BCAA

Reviews of the basic composition of a multicomponent protein using a mixture of animal and vegetable proteins of 5 species( casein, egg and wheat protein, soy isolate and whey protein), essential amino acids( leucine, isoleucine and valine) and carbohydrates( glucose and fructose), praiseits biological value. The ratio of fast-digestible whey protein and slowly processed casein, amino acid balanced soy and high molecular weight wheat protein, other useful ingredients of the product allows them to be absorbed and absorbed optimally by the muscles, protecting them from destruction. PureProtein BCAA 200g reviews Depending on the taste( vanilla, caramel, cherry, chocolate chip cookies or ice cream), new components may be added to the product line, but the basic complex remains unchanged. Studies among athletes using the product PureProtein FUZE + BCAA + PROTEIN, reviews of fitness trainers and ordinary amateur athletes about it have proved highly effective. They testify that this product helps a lot in increasing muscle mass, in recovery after exhausting training, in the prevention of infectious diseases against a background of intense stresses.

Neutral and negative comments

Most neutral responses are associated with a short period of application of the amino acid complex when the visible result has not yet been obtained. Users write about the usefulness and quality of the Russian-German product, but for themselves they conclude that he did not help them build muscle. It is extremely rare, in isolated cases, BCAA PureProtein reviews get negative. They talk about the unpleasant bitter taste of amino acids, sweetener and flavors, reminiscent of cheap "pads" chewing gum. Other users do not like the complex of "forest berries", but they are delighted with the "orange" product. PureProtein fuze bcaa protein reviews Many people who had previously negatively responded to OCPA "Pure Protein" had to change their minds when, in a shaker with powder, they used their favorite juice instead of water. Myths about an overdose of amino acids are often told by beginners, since the daily intake of these substances reaches 400 grams, and the excess is excreted from the body by the excretory system.

About the cost of

On the rise in prices of PureProtein BCAA( 200g) reviews deserve grateful. An inexpensive source of additional energy is called his bodybuilders. This small package can be bought in a sports nutrition store for about 700-800 rubles. An expanded network of representative offices of the St. Petersburg company allows you to do this in any city or order in an online store with delivery.