What does the rash under the armpits look like in adults? Causes

What does the rash under the armpits look like in adults? Why such skin manifestations arise? Photos, causes and treatment of the problem in question will be presented in the materials of this article. rash under the armpits in adults


Eruptions on the skin can have completely different causes. Very often this phenomenon causes discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the form of intolerable itching and burning.

Skin rash under the armpits in adults appears quite often. If this problem touched you, then you should immediately contact a dermatologist.

The main causes of

Why does a rash develop under the armpits in adults? The causes of this condition can be hidden not only in the development of certain diseases, but also in the failure to observe the banal rules of personal hygiene.

Factors provoking the development of rash

Why does a rash develop under the armpits in adults? Most often, this pathological condition is observed due to a number of reasons.

Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene. It is not a secret to anyone that so many people suffer from increased sweating. Most often this condition is associated with hormonal imbalance of the body, excess weight and working conditions. In this case, it is not enough for a person to take a bath or shower several times a day. If you do not carry out any additional hygiene procedures, the rash under the armpits in adults will not take long.

Depilation. Many women know that improper depilation contributes to severe skin irritation, as well as the appearance of itching. Therefore, after such a procedure, you should always use a softening cream or lotion( preferably a baby).

Frequent use of antiperspirants. Rashes under the armpits in adults often occur after the application of ball, gel and other deodorants. What is the reason for this? The fact is that such drugs can cause clogging of pores and glands in order to reduce sweating. Often such an effect on the tender skin of the armpits causes irritation, redness, burning and itching. rash under the arms in adults photo

Allergy to hygiene products. Some types of foam for baths, body creams, shower gels can provoke the development of an allergic reaction, which is manifested by severe rashes on the skin. Especially often this pathological phenomenon is observed after the use of depilation creams, which are considered to be rather sparing means used to get rid of excess "vegetation" on the skin.

Irritation from clothing. The rash under the armpits in adults( the photo of the problem under consideration is presented in this article) very often appears due to wearing too tight clothes, which rubs the delicate skin strongly. As a result of this friction, a person gets very irritated and itchy.

Diseases that cause rash under the armpits in adults

As mentioned above, rashes under the armpits can occur not only because of non-compliance with personal hygiene rules. Often, this phenomenon indicates the development of serious diseases. Consider them right now.


As is known, this is a chronic disease of non-infectious origin, which is manifested by skin peeling and various eruptions. In psoriasis-affected areas, not only the itching and rash occur, but there is also a noticeable densification of the skin.


Most often, this fungal disease develops due to insufficient or improper personal hygiene. In addition, the fungus can easily get infected from another person by visiting the sauna, sauna or swimming pool. Candidiasis is indicated by such symptoms as severe skin rashes, itching and redness. This disease requires timely and immediate treatment, as it can easily spread to other parts of the body. rash under the arms in adults


It is rather difficult to call such a pathology a rash. Indeed, with its development, there is only one or several furuncles, which are a purulent inflammation of the follicle( acute), connective tissue and the sebaceous gland. A distinctive feature of such a sore is the presence of a purulent stem. Very often furunculosis affects the place under the armpits. It is preceded by itching and redness in the area, as well as pain and noticeable seals under the skin.


In modern medicine, this term refers to inflammatory skin disease. It is characterized by the appearance of scales, blisters and pustules. Also, with the development of eczema, the patient feels tightness of the skin and severe itching.

If the rash under the armpits in adults is painful, accompanied by puffiness, general malaise of the patient and fever, then immediately consult a doctor. Very often, such symptoms indicate the development of certain diseases.

How to diagnose?

If the rash on the skin of the armpits does not pass for a long time, and is accompanied by an intolerable itch and spreads over an ever larger area of ​​the skin, then as soon as possible contact a narrow specialist such as a dermatologist. what does the rash under the armpits look like in adults

After the examination and questioning of the patient, the doctor will be able to draw the first conclusions. To make a more accurate diagnosis, the doctor must use other methods of research. Very often to identify the disease, the patient is recommended to pass a number of general tests. Also, patients often take scrapings from the affected area, and then examine it.

Only after carrying out all diagnostic procedures the doctor will be able to select the necessary therapy scheme.

How to cure a rash under the armpits in adults?

Treatment of such a pathological phenomenon depends on the reasons for its development. Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, candidiasis and others require a special approach. Patients are assigned local anti-inflammatory and oral antibacterial or antifungal agents that help to eliminate the rash in the armpits and other symptoms that accompany this pathology.

To treat the rash on the skin should be not only in the presence of certain diseases, but also with banal allergies. After all, such reactions bring enormous discomfort to the patient, significantly reducing his quality of life. skin rash under the armpits in adults

Thus, if a person has allergic dermatitis, then he must necessarily exclude any contact with the active allergen. To identify it, you need to pass a series of tests. Also, a patient with a similar problem may need the appointment of a correct diet and compliance with the normal regime of the day. In addition, some doctors do not recommend eating foods that contain nickel, as this will only worsen the person's difficult condition.

In the event that the rash on the skin is due to the banal dryness of the covers, the patient is prescribed salicylic petrolatum. This ointment should be treated armpits three times a day.

If the rash is accompanied by swelling, the patient may need:

  • special baths, in which boric acid is added;
  • various lotions, including herbal;
  • antihistamines( for example, Suprastin and others).rash under the armpits in adults treatment

It should also be noted that in the presence of rashes in the armpits, some experts recommend using local hormonal ointments. However, with the use of such drugs you need to be careful. Very often they give only a temporary effect, and after their use other means prove to be ineffective.

Preventive measures

Is it possible to prevent the development of rash in the armpits? Of course, you can. To do this, we recommend that you follow the following rules.

You should not scratch the affected skin, as this can only aggravate your condition.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor if rashes in the armpits are accompanied by swelling, general malaise, pain and increased body temperature.

Before using cosmetic and hygiene products, do not be too lazy to get acquainted with their composition, and also to test on the back of the hand.

Try to wear clothes that will not block your movements and allow the skin to "breathe".You should also opt out of synthetics. It's better to pick cotton underwear.

Revise your diet and make sure that your rashes do not represent an allergic reaction to foods. rash under the armpits in adults hurts

Do not use antiperspirants too often. Choose a good deodorant that does not clog the pores of the skin.