"Stop-Itch"( suspension for cats): description, composition, instructions for use and reviews

Why do you need a drug such as Stop-Itch( a suspension for cats)?Indications of this veterinary product, as well as methods of its use and price will be indicated below. stop itching suspension for cats

Composition and Description of Veterinary Medication

"Stop-Itch" is a suspension for cats that is released in the form of an oral solution, from bright yellow to orange. It is packaged in polymer bottles, packed in cardboard bundles along with the syringe-dispenser.

The main components of this medication are: polcortolone, pyridoxine hydrochloride( ie vitamin B6), methionine, riboflavin( vitamin B2) and nicotinamide( vitamin PP).Also in the composition of this drug include succinic acid and various additional ingredients.

Action of an agent for pets

How does the Stop-Itch drug( suspension for cats) work? Experts say that this complex product, the effectiveness of which is due to the presence in its composition of an effective anti-inflammatory substance, as well as methionine, various vitamins and succinic acid.

This medication has a combined effect on irritated skin, quickly eliminates itching, unpleasant sensations of dryness and discomfort in animals.

Characteristics of the medicinal preparation

What is noticeable about such a medicinal preparation as "Stop-Itch"( suspension for cats, 10 ml)?Its active ingredient - polcortolone - is a synthetic glucocorticoid that not only exhibits pronounced anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and anti-edematous properties, but also blocks the release of prostaglandins that cause the inflammatory process. stop itching suspension for cats reviews

One can not help saying that the agent under consideration reduces the number of mast cells that contribute to the production of hyaluronic acid, reduces the porosity of capillaries and stimulates the biological synthesis of lipocardins that have anti-edematous action.

B group vitamins, methionine and succinic acid, which are part of this medication, improve tissue nutrition and metabolism, accelerate healing processes, reduce inflammatory reactions and have a positive effect on the condition of the cutaneous and hairline of pets.

According to the degree of influence on the animals' organism, Stop-Itch( a suspension for cats) refers to low-risk drugs.

Indications for the appointment of

Why do you need a veterinary remedy such as Stop-Itch? Suspension for cats is intended for the treatment of allergies and inflammatory skin diseases, including hives, eczema, atopic dermatitis, insect bites, diffuse neurodermatitis, scratching, infected dermatitis and allopecia.

Prohibitions on the prescription of

The animal agent should not be used if there is a high sensitivity to its components. It is also undesirable to use this remedy in cats and dogs suffering from viral infections and diabetes mellitus. stop itching suspension for cats price

The drug "Stop-itch" for cats: reviews, instructions for use

How should this drug be applied to pets? Testimonials of experienced veterinarians say that such a suspension should be given to cats and dogs inside, in the morning, together with a small amount of feed.

If the animal refuses to consume such food, the medicinal product is forcibly introduced. To do this, use a syringe dispenser, in which the suspension is taken and injected into the mouth cavity of the cat 1 time per day.

The dosage of the agent in question depends on the type of animal and its weight.

For a cat weighing 1-3 kg, this medication is prescribed in a dosage of 0.25 ml. The specimens having a higher weight are given in the amount of 0.5 ml.

Also experts say that the drug "Stop-Itch" can be prescribed to dogs. For this, the following dosages are used:

  • up to 10 kg of weight - give 0.5 ml of suspension;
  • 11-20 kg - 1 ml of the preparation;
  • 21-30 kg - 1.5 ml of the product;
  • 31-40 and above - 2 ml of solution. stop itching suspension for cats 10 ml

For the first 4 days, the medication is used in the therapeutic dosage indicated above. As for the next 8 days, during this period the treatment is carried out in a half dose.

When treating with Stop-Itch, it is forbidden to skip it, as this can lead to a decrease in its therapeutic effect. Otherwise, the suspension is resumed at the same dosage as indicated above.

Adverse Events, Price

What negative reactions can cause a veterinary drug "Stop-Itch"?Suspension for cats, whose price is about 200 rubles, often provokes the development of depression, lethargy, increased salivation, disorders of the digestive tract( in the presence of hypersensitivity).In these cases, the reception of the veterinary drug is stopped, and if necessary, symptomatic treatment is carried out.

The first time the drug is taken, an increase in salivation can occur in the animals, which goes on independently and does not require the appointment of additional medications.

Special Information

With special care and under the strict supervision of a veterinarian, Stop-Itch treatment is given in pregnant cats. The same applies to nursing females.

Drug storage, shelf life

After purchasing a veterinary drug, it is desirable to keep it in a dry place inaccessible to animals and children, and also protected from the sun, away from feed and food. The storage temperature of this medicine is 0-25 degrees, and its shelf life is two years. top itch for cats reviews user

Reviews about the veterinary drug

As you know, dermatitis is not a deadly disease. However, very often they bring home pets a lot of trouble. To cure your cat or cat and prevent them from getting covered with scratches, scratching and wounding, very many people use the drug Stop-Itch. According to them, this remedy excludes any kind of dermatitis, including atopic, food and flea. It should also be noted that this medication is very simple to use and almost never contributes to the development of side effects.