Can I pierce the blister from the burn? Theory of first aid

Each of us has repeatedly burned - fire, hot object, chemicals. Some, and just in the sun, burned to blisters, forgetting for a while about caution. Cope with the consequences usually people prefer on their own, resorting to medical care only in the most extreme cases. So the question is, is it possible to pierce the blister from the burn, is relevant today, as in the old times. And the answer to it must be sought meticulously, because the correctness of the actions depends at least on the appearance( scars do not paint anyone), but as a maximum - health and life.

Something about burns

Of course, before serious injuries it comes rarely. But to know the basics of the theory of their reception is required, only then will there be its own, and the correct opinion as to whether it is possible to pierce the bladder after a burn.

Blisters can occur only from the second degree of a burn, of any origin - chemical, thermal or solar. At the first stage, it manifests itself only with reddening of the skin with accompanying signs: ecdysis of the epidermis, rising temperature and other things.

To decide whether it is possible to pierce the bladder from a burn, it is permissible only when it is small. Approximate maximum dimensions of damage - with your palm. Otherwise, the only thing in your power - as soon as possible to hospitalize the victim. Burn shock is a serious thing, and mortality from it is higher than from tissue damage.

There is no consensus among doctors about whether it is possible to pierce the bladder from a burn. Many traditionalists resort to this step only in the most serious cases, when suppuration is seen, the symptoms of which are the cloudiness of the subcutaneous fluid and the obvious inflammatory signs around the affected area.

However, the blister itself can not resolve. If it is not opened( or it does not burst), the exudate, which is inside, sooner or later provokes inflammation. In addition, the bubble can burst at a time when there is no disinfectant at hand. And the contact of an open wound with the same clothes may well lead to the same inflammation.

So it can be said, the question is formulated incorrectly. Do not "can I pierce the blister from the burn," but "who and how should I do it."The ideal option is to trust a professional who will open the blister in sterile conditions. Can I pierce the blister from the burn

Puncture of blisters

With small lesions, many people consider it foolish to go to a polyclinic and stand in line. Especially no one will call an ambulance. If in doubt, whether it is possible to pierce the bladder from a sunburn( as well as any other), are resolved in a positive way, the procedure must be approached responsibly. A disposable syringe is purchased in the pharmacy;replace it with a needle, burned on a burner, not worth it. You will not achieve 100% sterility, so infection is very likely to occur.

Before piercing the surface of the burn and the area around it are treated with alcohol. When the operation is carried out, the leaked liquid is first removed, then the freed shells are picked up and cut by the forceps and the tetracycline ointment is treated after the wound. The application of a sterile bandage is mandatory - it will prevent the infection of an open wound. Is it possible to pierce the bladder after a burn

Stimulation of lobes

Not everyone has enough determination to pierce the blister - and do not. You can do without extreme measures. It will burst itself if in the morning to grease the burn with a solution of potassium permanganate( 5 mg per 60 ml of water), and in the evening - with sea-buckthorn oil. And the gap will turn out to be very small, the liquid will flow out, the cuticle can be cut off, and a new one will start growing on the wound. Can I pierce the blister from a sunburn?

Primary care

In many everyday situations, you can completely avoid the need to think about whether it is possible to pierce the bladder from a burn. Small urgent measures - and it simply does not form or will be so small that an autopsy is not needed. The first thing you need to do is place a damaged place under cold water for ten minutes. Or use ice. When the skin is sufficiently cooled, it must be treated with a solution of "furacilin".Small blisters are left alone, they are only regularly lubricated with anti-burn ointment. With extensive lesions and large blisters - immediately to the doctor.

Is it possible to pierce the blister from a burn by a cow-sherker

Is it possible to pierce a blister from a burn with a hogweed: the opinion of experts

In addition to the usual dangers, a burn can be obtained from plants. The most likely meeting with cow-weevil. And its juice does not cause chemical damage, but makes the skin very sensitive to sunlight. In fact, you get a burn with ultraviolet light. Moreover, a person can discover it even after half an hour after exposure.

The self-rescue algorithm is simple:

  1. If there are no blisters, rinse. If they have appeared, in any case not to wet.
  2. Take precautionary measures to prevent ultraviolet light from entering the burn. It is better to refuse to appear on the street for two days.
  3. Treat the affected area with alcohol or manganese.
  4. Lubricate with a healing agent, for example "Panthenol".
  5. Take medications for swelling, inflammation and allergies.

Blisters, even large, do not open yourself! Infection will be guaranteed to you. If the blisters are still swollen, run to the doctor.