Teratozoospermia and pregnancy. Teratozoospermia - what is it and how to treat it

Many couples who have difficulty with conception begin to take various tests. Quite often, especially in recent years, the problem is found in a man. One of the diseases leading to the formation of male infertility is teratozoospermia.

Some doctors, after seeing a confirmed diagnosis, immediately recommend turning to assistive methods of reproduction, in particular, in vitro fertilization and its varieties. However, before deciding on extreme measures, it is worth knowing more about the insidious disease. How is teratozoospermia and pregnancy related? Let's look at this article.

Definition of disease

teratozoospermia and pregnancy

Teratozoospermia is a lesion of spermatozoa, consisting in the violation of their morphological structure. In common speech it is often called "sickness of ugly sperm".Spermatozoa containing various genetic errors can not form a full, viable germ.

The wrong shape of the tail, head, neck or all together also interferes with the normal process of progression to the egg. Instead of smooth slip in a straight line, the defective spermatozoa move in different directions, backward or in general remain in place. Most often teratozoospermia and pregnancy are mutually exclusive concepts.

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What is the danger?

The disease can create many obstacles that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant and bearing a child:

  • impossibility of pregnancy;
  • termination of embryonic life in the early stages;
  • fetal developmental pathologies leading to natural or forced abortion;
  • extremely high risk of rejection of the embryo and miscarriage.

Factors of statement about the presence of the disease

Teratozoospermia treatment who helped

Consider how teratozoospermia and pregnancy are related.

It should be taken into account that in any portion of the male seed, submitted for the study to compose a spermogram, a certain number of incorrect spermatozoa will necessarily occur. This is a normal situation, moreover, this state of things is necessary for the implementation of productive fertilization partner.

A huge number of sperm, simultaneously advancing to the place of meeting with the egg, is dangerous because they will interfere with each other, crowding and not letting anyone get to the right point. Morphologically erroneous cells can be up to half the total number. The diagnosis of "teratozoospermia" is made in the presence of less than 50% of spermatozoa with the correct structure.

Therefore, teratozoospermia and pregnancy can not exist together.

Morphological disorders in the development of the disease

Normal spermatozoon has a strictly defined size and shape of the constituent parts. The following disorders are considered pathological:

  • Changes in the structure of the head - increase or decrease in volume, bifurcation, absence of an acrosome - one of the chromosomes, determination of the presence of vacuole cells in the head, unnatural forms.
  • Curved, too thin or thick neck is considered to be the easiest form of teratozoospermia, in which natural pregnancy and the bearing of a healthy fetus are possible.
  • The tail, twisting in the wrong direction, elongated or shortened, especially bifurcated or too twisted, does not allow the sperm to reach the final goal, carrying out chaotic or reverse movement.

Causes of the

teratozoospermia what is it

problem Many people are interested in the question: "Teratozoospermia, what is it?".

The modern world creates more and more risk factors provoking the appearance of male infertility. The following reasons most often correspond to the development of teratozoospermia:

  • abuse of beverages containing caffeine, substances that stimulate energy release;
  • Drinking alcohol, drugs, smoking;
  • permanent overheating of the inguinal area - baths, hot tubs, laptop, located on the knees;
  • prolonged eating disorders - fasting or overeating, a large amount of fatty, sweet, food, smoked foods, marinades, salt;
  • daily wearing too tight clothes and clothes, causing a drop in blood supply to the testicles, lack of oxygen in the cells;
  • external factors - contaminated habitat, radiation effects;
  • sedentary lifestyle, especially, complicated by the presence of excess weight;
  • work associated with persistent heavy physical labor or daily stress, overly intense schedule, lack of rest and sleep;
  • hereditary disorders caused by genetic failure, entrenched in offspring;
  • of the endocrine system, malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • diseases of the urinary system and genitals of various etiologies - viral or bacterial, varicose veins of the testicles( varicocele), prostatitis, orchitis, urethritis, neoplasms both benign and malignant.

Teratozoospermia is possible in these cases. Causes may be different.

Most of the causes of the appearance of the disease, provokes the man himself, refusing to take care of his health. Unfortunately, in Russia the opinion is still widespread, according to which, the inability to have children is only the fault of a woman.

Reproductive capabilities of

teratozoospermia treatment and pregnancy

What can be the treatment for the diagnosis of teratozoospermia? Who helped? Reviews can be found further in the article.

The conclusion about the presence of teratozoospermia is not always a sentence, meaning the infertility of a man. It should take into account the number of remaining healthy spermatozoa, the degree of damage to the wrong, as well as the rest of the spermogram. It is advisable to perform the analysis as much as possible, in this case the field for the final conclusion will expand.

In the presence of 50-80% of morphologically healthy cells, the probability of pregnancy occurring naturally remains quite high, but it may take more time to achieve conception. However, within 2-3 years the couple usually have a healthy baby. It should be taken into account that this is quite an average indicator, the term often increases, sometimes it decreases.

Teratozoospermia and ECO

If the disease affects more than 80-90% of spermatozoa, an alternative fertilization method, IVF, is usually recommended. The advantages are the selection of only healthy male germ cells and guaranteed their connection with female eggs in an environment as close as possible to the natural. After a successful manipulation, several embryos are transferred to the woman's uterus, where further development takes place.

A variety of in vitro fertilization is ICSI - a much more effective procedure. The technique is shown for male infertility of severe form, including when there is teratozoospermia. Treatment and pregnancy are interrelated.

ICSI is successfully performed, even if only one normal spermatozoon is found in the ejaculate, which is rare enough. From ECO, the difference is only in the method of fertilization of the oocyte - in this case the sperm is injected with a thin needle to be exactly in the right place.

There are cases when a relatively normal number of healthy sperm pregnancy does not occur. This may be due to the peculiarities of the structure of the woman's body, for example, with the bending of the uterus. In such situations, often there is enough procedure for artificial insemination, in which a portion of the ejaculate, specially treated with drugs that raise its quality, is introduced into the uterus during the ovulation cycle - the maturation of the egg.

The effectiveness of treatment

teratozoospermia what is it and how to treat it

How effective is the treatment for the diagnosis of "teratozoospermia" treatment? Who helped?

The reviews confirm that the disease belongs to the category of the most serious pathologies of the reproductive series, which can hardly be corrected. First of all, a cause is established that causes the maturation of spermatozoa with disturbed morphology. Many note that some of the causes are relatively easily eliminated, after which the sperm state improves significantly. However, this does not always happen. Patients note that most often the exact factor of the disease can not be established or treatment does not bring tangible results. According to reviews, in such cases, pregnancy does not occur, is interrupted independently or forced due to pathologies of embryo development. This situation, which lasts for several years, is a sufficient reason for the in vitro fertilization procedure.

If a man has teratozoospermia, can it be cured? This is quite a frequent question. In any case, treatment is necessary, as many patients note that they still managed to recover.


teratozoospermia and eco

In addition to normalizing the lifestyle, diet and avoiding bad habits, a special scheme of taking medications that positively affects the sperm status is usually prescribed:

  • "Spermaplant", "Spermaktiv", "Speronton" and the like biologically active additives containing zinc,selenium, vitamin E, L-carnitine;
  • folic and succinic acids;
  • "Verona" and drugs of similar effect;
  • "Jodomarin";
  • products of beekeeping, in particular, milk jelly, with proven effectiveness in improving sperm counts;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes containing the necessary substances that increase the quality of spermatozoa.

Based on the results of additional tests that have revealed the possible cause of morphological changes, medicines are prescribed to cure the main diseases - hormones, drugs that improve blood supply and restore the condition of blood vessels, antibiotics, antiviral agents and so on.

This is an insidious disease of teratozoospermia. What it is and how to treat, we considered above.



Teratozoospermia is a fairly complex problem that can prevent a loving couple from conceiving a coveted child. And if a man really wants to become a father, he should lead the most healthy way of life, strictly follow the prescriptions of the doctor. Often a good trip is a trip to the sea.

We have examined teratozoospermia. What is this disease, it became clearer. In general, it is desirable for both partners not to focus on the problem, otherwise the situation can only worsen. Doctors know a huge number of cases when the harried future parents agreed to IVF, calmed down, threw out difficulties from the head, and the long-awaited natural pregnancy came.

The percentage of spermatozoa with and without disturbances also does not always serve as a definitive confirmation of the impossibility of conception in a natural way. The use of additional aids, for example special lubricants, the observance of a certain cycle of sexual acts increases the chances of a successful resolution of the problem.