Irkutsk, sanatorium "Electra": description, photos and reviews

Sanatorium treatment is available anywhere in Russia. To improve your health, you do not need to go to the southern seas. Clean air, balneological zone, almost untouched nature and modern buildings of the northern health resort are located not far from a city like Irkutsk. Sanatorium "Electra" cordially invites to visit all those who are looking for an opportunity to improve their health, undergo a course of medical procedures or just relax from the city bustle.

Natural therapeutic factors

The "Elektra" sanatorium( Irkutsk) gets, passing from the city bus station 43 kilometers along the Baikal tract. A northern oasis of tranquility lies not far from Lake Baikal, three hundred meters from the source of the Lena River. The sanatorium is located in the balneological zone on the shore of the Irkutsk reservoir, where the main healer is nature itself.

Irkutsk health resort Electra

Balneological advantages:

  • Proximity to a large water source( Lena river).
  • The phytoncide-saturated foothills of the forest zone.
  • Own mineral springs.
  • Healing mud of sulphide-silt group.
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Infrastructure of the

complex The Electra Sanatorium( Irkutsk) has located its cozy buildings in the natural landscape of coniferous forest, which is a source of life-giving air. The atmosphere of rest enfolds everyone in the health resort. It is the state of balance that is the key to healing and effective treatment. The guests are offered:

  • Residential buildings, cottages, administrative building.
  • Children's center "Kid".Dining room, bar.
  • Sauna, Turkish hammam, solarium, Jacuzzi.
  • spa area.
  • Two swimming pools( indoor all year, outdoor open during the warm season).
  • Equipped beach with rental catamarans.
  • Tennis court, equipment for table tennis.
  • Billiards.
  • ATM, shops, including souvenir.
  • Library with a large book collection.
  • Fitness center, massage rooms.
  • Conference room with a capacity of up to 80 people with equipment for corporate events.
  • Games room for children. The small guests are professional animators, there are thematic programs, children's evenings, holidays, competitions are held.
  • Laundry.
  • Free parking, luggage storage, safe. Outdoor areas for barbecue.
  • In winter, all buildings and other premises are heated.

Medical profile

Guests from all over Eastern Siberia come to the balneological zone for wellness procedures, but especially in the sanatorium of residents of a city like Irkutsk. The sanatorium "Electra" has a medical base, specializing in the following types of diseases:

  • Pathology of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Respiratory system ailments.
  • Cardiovascular diseases in adults and children.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Gynecological, urological diseases.
  • Eye pathologies.
  • of ENT disease.
  • Nervous disorders of various etymologies.

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In addition to the standard line of medical activities, the sanatorium is offered to undergo a course of health-improving, cosmetology procedures for individual programs. The result will be not only health, but also a beautiful appearance, cheerfulness and youth. General health-improving programs of the sanatorium:

  • For women: "Business lady. Day for yourself "," Cellulite treatment. Beautiful skin. "The main procedures take place in the spa zone. The program "Women's Health" is held for at least 11 days, prescribes the doctor after diagnosis.
  • For men: "Men's health".The program is developed individually after consultation with the urologist and therapist, is designed for a period of 11 days.
  • For children: "Your child's health".The program of recovery is intended for children from 3 years, appointments are issued after an individual pediatric examination.
  • General purpose: "Spine without pain" and "Healthy joints".The programs are designed to stay for 10 to 20 days in a sanatorium.

The program "Treatment of overweight" requires the presence of treatment for at least 13 days."Antistress" is designed for a period of 11 days, appointed after consultation with specialized specialists. Anti-stress treatments can be used by adults and children. Even a two-day stay at the sanatorium will provide balance and energy for new achievements.

Children's center "Kid"

For the improvement and treatment of children's audience in the health center all conditions are created that contribute to the early achievement of therapeutic goals. Comfortable stay for each child is provided not only by professional personnel, but also by the conditions in which the baby is. The specialized center was built in 2014, it is located on the second floor of the first medical building. The children's zone provides a neighborhood of game rooms and treatment rooms, which helps the youngest visitors to easily go through all medical appointments.

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The children's department provides:

  • Modern medical equipment, adapted to the child's body and its structure.
  • The interior reflects the world of children's fantasies and heroes, and furniture designed for small patients is ergonomic and safe.
  • Game rooms are filled with toys. They are constantly on duty with qualified personnel, there is a 24-hour video surveillance system.
  • Ventilation system with air disinfection equipment.
  • Heated floors.
  • During the procedure, the child can be left in the care of caregivers.

At the children's center, the child undergoes comprehensive treatment according to the medical record or through a sanatorium wellness and general health program. Children at the age of three years, accompanied by adults, are admitted to the health resort. There are two programs: "My Baby", which encompasses the children's audience at the age from three to five years, and "Child's Health", which is intended for guests from five to fifteen years.

Children are accepted by doctors of the following specialties:

  • pediatrician;
  • Traumatologist-orthopedist;
  • an otolaryngologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • is an allergist-immunologist.

Therapeutic programs

You can get to rest by using the free shuttle service. The hospital bus departs daily from the bus station of the city of Irkutsk. Sanatorium Electra provides its clients with five specialized rehabilitation programs designed to stabilize the patient's condition after exacerbation or used for preventive purposes. Within the scope of each type of treatment, a continuous monitoring of the attending physician, conducting studies and correcting the course depending on the reaction of the organism is provided.

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An individual treatment and recovery plan is developed in the following areas:

  • Respiratory-immunological. Procedures are carried out that rehabilitate the body after respiratory diseases, as well as preparation for the period of massive ARVI diseases. Restorative measures are carried out after the transferred diseases, such as pneumonia, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and so on.
  • Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal and joint-muscular systems. Within the framework of these programs, rehabilitation procedures are performed after surgical interventions, primary and secondary prevention of osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, postural disorders, post-traumatic injuries.
  • Treatment of coronary heart disease and hypertension.
  • Course for patients with diabetes mellitus. Patients receive a conservative treatment that involves stimulating the body's compensating mechanisms and primary prevention of the disease.
  • Recovery course. The procedures are aimed at rehabilitation after stressful conditions, treatment of vegetative dystonia and prevention of overfatigue.

Diagnosis and treatment

Procedural rooms where patients are being treated are equipped with modern equipment. The diagnostic base is one of the best that Irkutsk can offer. Sanatorium Electra provides the following types of surveys:

  • Biochemical analysis allows you to track the main types of cellular metabolism: protein, carbohydrate, lipid, water-salt, mineral.
  • General clinical analysis of the composition of blood, urine.
  • Functional: ECG, spirometry, ultrasound of various organs( thyroid, genitourinary system, etc.) and so on.

Preventive treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation procedures consist of a set of measures, the combination of which positively affects the human body. The result of a pleasant time spent in the health resort is increased immunity and a good mood. Adult patients, depending on the diagnosis and the analysis received, are assigned the following types of treatment:

  • Physiotherapy( electrophoresis with medicines, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, muscle electrical stimulation, etc.).
  • Pelotherapy( treatment with special mud applications).
  • Thermotherapy with paraffin application.
  • Inhalations with a set of medicinal products of natural origin.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Halotherapy.
  • Dietotherapy.
  • Massage and exercise therapy.
  • Medication.

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Diagnosis of your body can be carried out on the basis of a health resort, if the plans include health improvement and strengthening of forces. Local residents who want to thoroughly improve their health, it is worth getting a full examination in a polyclinic or a medical center in the place of residence( Irkutsk).Sanatorium "Electra" services provide both free of charge( included in the cost of living), and on a commercial basis. A full list of additional services can be found directly in the sanatorium, but if additional costs are not provided, then the standard set of each health program is enough to acquire an excellent well-being.

Housing fund

The cost of living in a sanatorium is formed depending on the tariff plan that the client chooses. It depends on the treatment program, the chosen room category and the number of days allocated for rest.

Ten-day stay at the rate of "Health-improving program" with accommodation in a "suite", located in the first residential building, will cost 6,400 rubles per day from one person. Standard number for the same tariff plan will cost 5100 rubles. If you want to live in a cottage, you should prepare for expenses according to the same tariff plan for the amount from 4300 to 6400 rubles. The price for a minimum, three-day stay on vacation in the resort starts from 4100 to 6050 r.from the person under the price-list of 2016.

The total housing stock of the sanatorium can simultaneously accommodate up to 240 people. For housing are two buildings and five cottages. In the main building there are 6 deluxe rooms, 22 rooms for single use and 49 for two. The second residential building accommodates guests in single rooms with double occupancy( 12 rooms), and there are 12 two-room suites for three tenants.

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The cottages offer sectional( 8 rooms) and separate houses( 12 suites).A separate cottage is a two-room suite with a living room and a bedroom. Sectional houses are designed for a three-bed settlement in a two-room suite.

Settled in a health resort, people get an excellent level of service, which all tourists can confirm, including those who came from the city of Irkutsk. The sanatorium "Elektra" offers comfort and cosiness in rooms of any category. All rooms for guests are equipped with modern furniture, TV, refrigerator. In the sanitary unit there is a shower cubicle, towels, bath accessories. Rooms are cleaned daily.


How often do you want to leave the city noise and relax in the bosom of nature, not caring about everyday life! For many people, short-term rest in sanatoriums is the way out. So many residents of Irkutsk do. Sanatorium "Elektra" offers five meals a day according to the "buffet" system. The menu is made taking into account the medical profile of the institution. The dietary table helps to strengthen the body, relieves the digestive system and helps to consolidate the effect of medical procedures. If you want to get more than a dietary table, the guests have a bar, where you can relax.


The organization of leisure time for holidaymakers is no less important for the administration than health procedures. Children like the many circles where you can learn how to sculpt, sew, draw. Also for the younger audience there are contests, collective outdoor games on the air. Many adults were introduced to the sanatorium "Electra"( Irkutsk).Photos of events organized for all guests contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations, form an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

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The institution has a plan for entertainment programs designed for all categories of holidaymakers. Those who do not want to take part in active games, dance evenings or learn a new kind of creativity, are offered to watch popular movies on the big screen.

Active participants of the spa life will enjoy all kinds of sports entertainment. Inventory for summer and winter sports is leased in a sanatorium. In winter you can go skiing on the lighted track, go skating, swim in the indoor pool. In summer, you can enjoy water sports in the outdoor pool, sunbathe on the terrace or equipped beach. The ability to share photos of recreation and nature provides free WI-FI throughout the health resort.


Most people who have a rest in the hospital, come from a nearby city, which is Irkutsk. Sanatorium "Electra" reviews received in most positive. Couples who came for rest and treatment with children were satisfied with the time spent. Pluses for children's recreation, many considered entertainment, to the organization of which talented animators were attracted. Children liked active games, swimming pool, the opportunity to attend creative master classes. Parents also noted the quality work of medical workers. Some negative comments were made about the not too rich menu, which lacked variety in the form of fruits and vegetables.

For adults, a positive factor was medical procedures and a SPA-zone, where everyone received a large dose of pleasure, relaxation and care for the sanatorium staff. The majority of vacationers highly appreciate the qualification, goodwill of the health resort staff at all levels. But slip opinions about not too zealous cleaning of rooms. As for the food on the "buffet" system, many respond negatively, as latecomers to the beginning of the meal do not get all the variety of the menu. There are indignant individual reviews of poor heating in winter, but such comments are few.

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Most reviews complain about the high cost of recreation and treatment, but note the magnificent nature, which you can tirelessly admire at any time of the year. Almost all respondents recommend friends and acquaintances to come to the health center to experience the full range of services on their own and to understand what the sanatorium "Electra"( Irkutsk) is.


Every holiday begins with planning and the desire to get the most out of it. To be sure of a quick solution of all issues, you should contact the institution in advance and book the room you like, find out all the details of the transfer, the conditions of treatment.

You can get to the sanatorium free of charge. From Irkutsk bus station, a bus runs to the health center every day at 11:00.All clarifying questions can be asked the administration of the institution "Electra"( sanatorium, Irkutsk):

  • phone for free calls: 8 - 800-333-33-0;
  • you can contact the manager by phone: +7( 3952) 259-262.

If the route is laid independently, then the guide will serve as a general direction of movement and the exact location of the institution in a city as large as Irkutsk. Sanatorium "Electra", the address has the following: Irkutsk region, the 43rd kilometer of the Baikal tract.


In recent years, the sanatorium has been carrying out a policy of updating the staff, expanding the list of services to improve its work. The desire to make the stay of tourists in the health resort comfortable and rich sets new tasks and requires replenishment of staff. Recruitment is provided by the management company "Grand Baikal"( Irkutsk city, "Electra" Sanatorium).The human resources department will not help in this matter, therefore all requests for staff replenishment are sent to the head office.

sanatorium electra irkutsk vacancies

Those who want to link their work with the sanatorium complex, it is worth paying attention to offers of work from the company "Grand Baikal".In the list of vacancies there are offers for those who aspire to the sanatorium "Electra"( Irkutsk).Jobs open for animators, waiters, engineers and other specialties.