Ointment "Cloveit": instruction, composition, indications, analogues

Diseases associated with severe skin damage are a real test for people. In these situations, prescribe glucocorticosteroid drugs, such as "Cloveit" ointment. Hormonal or not - that's what worries patients who use it for treatment. Yes, it is hormonal and addictive, but despite this, it works effectively even in the most serious situations. The remedy is strong enough. It can only be used for the doctor's prescription in the event that weaker medicines do not help.

Ointment "Cloveit": composition, form of release

The drug refers to glucocorticosteroids used locally. Produced in the form of a white translucent substance. The "Cloveit" ointment in one gram contains 500 micrograms of clobetasol propionate. Additional components in its composition is propylene glycol in the amount of 50 mg, sorbitan sesquioleate in a dose of 5 mg, here also added white petrolatum in a volume of 1 g.

The product is manufactured in aluminum tubes of 25 g. Each tube is packed in a cardboard box and has instructions for use.

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In order for the medicine not to lose its therapeutic properties, it should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.Ointment can not be frozen. Shelf life of the drug is three years.

The manufacturer is the Polish company JSC "Farmzavod Elfa".The official representative is in Moscow.

Pharmacological action

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Ointment "Cloveit" refers to glucocorticosteroids and is applied only topically. Prevents the accumulation of neutrophils. Reduces inflammatory exudation, as well as the secretion of lymphokines. Slows the movement of macrophages. Reduces the severity of the formation of infiltration and granulation. The drug has a pronounced local antipruritic, antiexudative, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect.

Suction. The average maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is 0.63 ng / ml. This level in the plasma appears after thirteen hours after the initial application and after eight hours with repeated application of the medicine to a healthy dermis. Three hours after the simultaneous application of the drug in patients with eczema and psoriasis, the maximum concentration of clobetasol propionate is 4.6 ng / ml and 2.3 ng / ml, respectively.

If the medicine is applied to large areas of the skin, it may be absorbed. The presence of damage to the epidermis and the inflammatory process on the skin increases absorption. Such a picture can provoke the appearance of a systemic effect.

The drug is cleaved mainly by the liver, only a small part of it is excreted in the urine.

Indications for application of the

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remedy Ointment "Cloveit" is prescribed for therapeutic purposes in acute uninfected dry diseases in a difficult stage of development. The agent is used for inflammatory skin diseases that respond to glucocorticosteroid therapy, where itching, excessive keratosis occurs and when treatment with weaker preparations of such action does not give the desired effect.

Ointment "Cloveit" is recommended for dermatitis of seborrheic, atopic and contact type. It is recommended to use the medicine for psoriasis, erythematous and red flat lichen. Assign the drug for erythema multiforme and discoid-type lupus erythematosus. Recommended ointment for various forms of eczema.


"Clove"( ointment) is a serious hormonal drug that should be prescribed only by a doctor. The use of this drug has a number of contraindications, these are pink and vulgar acne, a cancerous skin disease. The ban is the nodular pruritis of Gaida. Do not use medicine for perioral dermatitis, as well as with itching of the perianal and genital character. It is not recommended to treat skin rashes with syphilis and hepatic rash. You can not use "Clove" if there are fungal, bacterial and viral infections of the epidermis. Contraindication is plaque and pustular psoriasis with a vast area of ​​distribution.

Do not prescribe the drug to children under one year, as well as pregnant and lactating women and people suffering from hypersensitivity to substances in the composition of the ointment.

"Clove"( ointment): instruction manual

ointment cloves instruction

The drug is used only externally. Ointment "Cloveit"( the instruction before application of a medicinal product should be studied) is applied a thin layer on the problem area once or twice a day. The therapeutic course does not exceed four weeks.

In particularly severe situations, when there is hyperkeratosis and not only, the effectiveness of the drug is increased by applying a compress overnight with ointment made of polyethylene film. This use of the drug, as a rule, gives a positive result. Before applying a new occlusive dressing, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. After a certain time, the achieved effect can be maintained without compress.

The occurrence of acute overdose is almost impossible. If used improperly, signs of hypercorticism may appear, and when they occur, the medicine should be discarded.

Side effects of

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With prolonged treatment with ointment, negative effects can occur: burning of the skin, itching, acne of steroid nature, excessive dryness of the epidermis. As a result of prolonged use, a decrease in the protective barrier of the skin is observed. When using ointment in large quantities, when there is a need for occlusive dressings, or when applying the product to a folded site, atrophic dermis changes occur, including thinning of the epidermis, the appearance of striae, and superficial venous expansion. In special cases, pigmentation of the skin, hypertrichosis, is observed. In the treatment of psoriasis or after withdrawal of the drug may develop pustular psoriasis.

If the drug is used on a large surface, then the following symptoms may appear: gastritis, lesions of the gastrointestinal mucosa, increased intraocular pressure, hypercorticism. Particularly predisposed to such side effects are children who are impose an occlusive dressing. The diaper in this case performs a role similar to a bandage.

When appointing an ointment in a dose exceeding 50 g per week, temporary impairment of the functioning of the pituitary and adrenal glands may occur, after the course of treatment, these symptoms pass. In exceptional situations, the medicine causes an exacerbation of the disease.

Specific instructions

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"Cloveit" ointment is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of skin lesions, in which excessive dryness of the dermis, thickening or hyperkeratosis occurs.

The drug is addictive and therefore only suitable for short-term therapy. Do not use glucocorticosteroid for a long time, especially for children, because in this case there is a possibility of suppression of the adrenal glands. When treating this facility, babies require constant monitoring of a specialist at least once a week.

Skin on the face is more susceptible to atrophic changes than on other parts of the body, especially as a result of prolonged use of the ointment.

Do not apply medicine to the eye area, as this may affect the appearance of glaucoma.

In the treatment of glucocorticosteroids of psoriasis, relapse of the disease, generalized pustular form, tolerance to the drug, development of external or systemic reactions of toxic origin can be observed. During the period of treatment with this drug, it is important that the situation is controlled by a doctor.

If the disease is accompanied by a secondary infection, then the therapy is supplemented with antibacterial drugs. If the infection has been generalized, stop treatment with ointment and perform antibiotic therapy. The moist and warm environment created by the occlusive dressing creates favorable conditions for the penetration and development of bacterial infection. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the epidermis before using a new compress.

The drug does not affect the concentration of attention and the speed of the patient's reactions.


If, for some reason, the "Cloveit"( ointment) preparation has not approached, the analogs are always able to replace it. Alternative medicine should be selected by the doctor, based on the full picture of the disease.

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To analogues having the same active substance as Cloveit, - clobetasol, it is necessary to refer:

  • "Decloclan";
  • Power Pack;
  • "Dermovayt";
  • "Carizon";
  • "Clobetasol".

All drugs are approximately equal in their action, but "Cloveit" ointment is cheaper than analogues.


The drug "Cloveit" is sold only in pharmacies and is dispensed exclusively by prescription. Its average price fluctuates around 200-250 rubles.

Reviews of patients about the ointment

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They say that gives a quick and effective result ointment "Cloveit", reviews. Patients claim that the ointment improves skin condition in psoriasis and eczema. Gives a positive result in allergic dermatitis. All strong lesions of the epidermis are removed in a short time. Many patients like that ointment does not smell anything, it is inexpensive and quickly absorbed, leaving no traces behind. Softens coarser skin areas. For some people, this drug is a real salvation, as it heals painful ulcers, wounds on the hands that are formed due to excessively dry skin with dermatitis and eczema.

Some are very cautious about this remedy. It is noted that it contains a strong hormone and it can not be used without prescribing a doctor. It is claimed that the drug can cause a side effect in the form of a rash. It is advised to think several times before using this ointment.

Despite the fact that reviews about the drug vary, there are no patients who did not benefit from the medicine. Exceptions are cases when the ointment was used for other purposes and without the doctor's prescription.