"Rectaktiv"( candles): instruction manual, reviews

Disturbances in digestion and stool delay bring considerable discomfort to a person. To help in evacuation of the intestine now there is a mass of funds. These are drugs that are taken orally or directly into the anus. There are medicines of fast and delayed action. Our article will tell you about the laxative candles "Rectaktiv."You will learn about the way the drug is used and its cost.

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Composition, form and price of medicinal product

As you already understood, the drug "Rectaktiv" is issued in the form of suppositories. They are intended for rectal administration. In one bundle there are 5 or 10 such candles. Each cell includes 50 or 100 milligrams of chestnut fruit extract, respectively. As additional components, fatty acids of glycerides and fat are used. They are necessary to give the suppository the appropriate shape. On the drug "Rectaktiv" the price varies depending on the dosage and the place of purchase of the medication. If you choose candles with a content of 50 milligrams, then you will have to spend about 300 rubles. For this amount you will receive 5 cells in a pack. For a large package of "Rectaktiv" the price is almost 500 rubles.

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Purpose: what will the medicine help you with?

"Rectaktiv" - candles, according to the instructions, having a laxative effect. The main component of the agent acts on the receptors of the nerve endings of the intestinal mucosa. The dry extract of the horse chestnut fruit enhances peristalsis, due to which the rapid evacuation of stool masses takes place. Indications for the use of the drug "Rectaktiv"( candles) are the following cases:

  • Chronic and senile constipation.
  • Disturbance of the transport function of the digestive tract with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Change in climate and diet that causes stool retardation.
  • Chronic constipation with decreased sensitivity of the intestinal receptor apparatus.


Candles "Rectaktiv" from constipation can not be used by every consumer. If you study the instructions in detail, you can find out about some contraindications. Despite the completely natural composition, the drug is not applied with increased sensitivity to its components. Contraindicated to use suppositories for intestinal obstruction( confirmed, and if there is a slightest suspicion of it).

Do not recommend the introduction of candles for spastic constipation, acute hemorrhoids, proctitis and paraproctitis, inflammatory bowel disease and the formation of cracks. The use of medication during pregnancy is described very poorly. The instruction says that the use of future mothers is permissible in cases where the benefit for a woman exceeds the risk to the health of the fetus. However, laxative candles in the period of bearing a child can provoke the tone of the uterus. In each case, you must first consult a doctor.

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"Rectaktiv"( candles): instructions and dosage

Before using the drug, you should thoroughly wash your hands. After that, remove the soldering of the suppository from the package and break off one dose. Pull the separated edges and remove the candle. Enter the drug after this you need as soon as possible. Take a comfortable position and direct the suppository with a pointed end into the anal opening. Finger push the candle deeper. To introduce the medicine "Rectaktiv"( candles) is necessary for 10-15 minutes before the planned act of defecation. Remember that this remedy is for high-speed drugs. The initial dosage of the drug is 50-100 mg, which is 1-2 candles. The maximum dose per day is 300 mg. After using the product, wash your hands.

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What are the opinions about the medicine?

How do consumers characterize the drug "Rectaktiv"?Candles, according to users, have a good composition: all components are natural and safe. However, the cost of the medicine is too high. After all, you can buy a medicine with the same effect, but at a lower price. For example, "Glycerin candles".Experts, however, alarm consumers. After all, the drug "Rectaktiv" can be used for 30 days. During this time, a cheap analogue can be addictive.

There are clinically confirmed data on the side effects of the described medication. Consumers complain of abdominal pain, increased flatulence, burning. But all these symptoms pass after defecation. Also, the medicine can provoke an allergy. If you are faced with this problem, you should definitely consult with your doctor. When using large doses of medicament( more than 3 suppositories of 100 mg), irritation of the intestinal mucosa, pain, diarrhea.

Otherwise, the reviews about the drug for treating constipation remain positive. Consumers say that the medication acts gently and quickly. A few minutes after the introduction, the first urges for defecation are noted. To get effective action, you need to wait at least five minutes. In addition, the drug has a tonic effect on the intestinal wall. It does not stretch the muscle organ, it does not become addictive. The active substance strengthens the vessels of the excretory canal. With the course application, defecation reflex and biorhythm are restored.

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A small conclusion

Medication "Rectaktiv" is an effective and safe drug for the treatment of constipation. Its active substance does not accumulate in the body. The medication acts immediately after administration and does not leave an effect after the act of defecation. You can buy suppositories at any nearby pharmacy without a prescription. Storage conditions are extremely simple for patients: the ambient temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. Shelf life of the medicine is 22 months from the date of its production( the date is always indicated on the package).Do not use the drug after the set time. It is also unacceptable to store opened suppositories or divide them into parts. If digestive disorders and stool retardation are recommended, consult a doctor. Be healthy!