How to learn to eat less to get rid of excess weight?

Woman every day faces a lot of temptations: longer sleep, buy a new handbag, do not wash off cosmetics for a dream to come. But it's easier for ladies to give in to something delicious. Is it possible to resist a luxurious pasta or fragrant pastries? And how to fight the main enemy of the figure - a cake? No wonder that many women are looking for the answer to the notorious question: how to learn to eat less? Let's try to find the answer together.

how to learn to eat less

From Extreme to Extreme

It's no secret that for women who find it difficult to control their appetite, the easiest way out is to "tie the stomach to a knot".Ladies literally deny themselves everything, eating for lunch pathetic crumbs and not having dinner at all. All these victims are aimed at a good goal - losing weight, but after all, starving for a week, a woman often begins to sweep everything in its path.

Why is this method dangerous? First of all, it will not bring the desired result because the lost kilograms will turn into a hundredfold at the end of the hunger strike. Secondly, such a diet, like any other, harms the body in the form of stress and a spoiled stomach. Not for nothing that nutritionists do not recommend themselves to prescribe themselves diet programs, it is dangerous to joke with a non-professional with such things. Then how to learn to eat less to lose weight?

how to learn to eat less to lose weight


According to psychologists, it is not entirely correct to wonder about how to learn less. You need to ask yourself: why do you want to eat more and more?

Why does it make you sleep after a big dinner? It turns out that when overeating the stomach requires a lot of effort to digest a huge amount of fast food, sweets and sweet tea. All this takes away precious energy from the body. After all, the available stocks of gastric juice are not enough for the whole dinner.

But our body is arranged simply superbly - it can adapt to everything. And the stomach will necessarily stretch over time, and also will start to allocate an increasing amount of liquid for digestion, causing serious famine. And over time, it's getting harder to struggle with your appetites. But how to learn little to eat, is not lost time irrevocably? Well, there is always a way out. Consider the correct ways that help to deceive the body.

how to learn little to eat

You eat breakfast yourself

You do not need to know how to learn to eat less when it comes to breakfast. This is just the case when you can act in the opposite way - try to get enough. Before lunch, all calories will be consumed. But the energy reserve, obtained in the morning, will not allow the body to demand sweets and buns in an hour. Still, do not get involved in the morning of harmful food - breakfast should be healthy. You can accustom yourself to fruit salads with cottage cheese or yogurt, and an alternative to oatmeal is delicious muesli with berries.

Do not eat if you do not feel hungry.

. It is not necessary to start eating, if lunch or dinner has come, but the body does not feel it. It is not necessary to go to a cafe with a friend, if you do not feel like it - it's better just to take a walk. Finally, at the first sign of hunger you can drink ordinary water. Surprisingly, we tend to confuse hunger with thirst.

how to learn to eat a little

Do not eat something that does not cause an appetite

Trying to lose weight, many go to the most healthy food - exclude fried and salted, relieve the refrigerator of mayonnaise and fat ribs. But as a rule, in this case, the question of how to learn to eat less, disappears on their own - healthy food causes only disgust and does not climb into the throat.

Dieticians advise not to use violence to the body and not eat unpleasant food. Otherwise, such a regime will not bring the expected results. Food should bring pleasure, attract smells and appearance, provoke the separation of saliva and, as a consequence, promote healthy digestion.

What if I do not like anything other than pies and french fries? In this case, you can divide the portion into several parts and try to stretch the treat for the whole day. Why not lightly "secure" food by adding healthy snacks to it? You can also replace some of the harmful elements in food, for example, add olive oil instead of mayonnaise in salads.

how to learn to eat in small portions

Not to be distracted

Surprisingly, TV promotes obesity. Scientists have found that when watching an interesting film or transfer a person is so carried away that he can unnoticedly eat twice the amount of the prescribed portion. This also applies to snacks or snacks - they just disappear in front of the TV.

The harm of television is also that a person spends less time eating. Nutritionists are advised to eat slowly, stretching pleasure. On average, this process should be given no less than 20 minutes. When watching an interesting movie you can manage for 10 minutes, which is bad for the body. If you have dinner or dinner in silence and peace, then the question of how to learn a little is gone.

how to learn less is

Small secrets of

Nutritionists distinguish not only the principles of healthy eating, but also some tricks that deceive the body and cause it to eat less:

  • Fresh air. No matter how surprising this may sound, we are able to feed on oxygen. Contrary to popular belief, after a walk in the open air a person eats less food. But with great appetite.
  • Small plates. How to learn to eat in small portions? You can use the psychological method - serve the dinner table with small dishes. A number of experiments have proved that a person inevitably puts more food into large plates. Accordingly, and he eats more. With a small plate will do the same - fill to the brim. But food in it will fit much less. This tip can be applied to relatively ready meals sold in packages.
  • Change of interior. It turns out that warm colors and bright colors kindle appetite. If your kitchen is painted red or orange, it will be more difficult to cope with the diet. Why not paint the walls in blue or green? If this option categorically does not consider the option, you can do with small victims. For example, dilute the interior with decorative elements of cool colors.
  • Out of sight! Harmful snacks or sweets should be hidden away so that they do not attract the eye. If the dishes with sweets are at work and you can not get rid of it, ask your colleagues to replace the vase with a less attractive one.
  • Hobbies as an exit. How to learn to eat less if, except for eating, absolutely nothing to do? Practically nothing. To think about food is not annoying every minute, it is recommended to distract yourself with some occupation. Why not go into sports or dancing? Suitable for any interesting activity, if only it took as much time as possible and distracted from food.