Inguinal rings: characteristic manifestations, symptoms and treatment

The inguinal canal is the main organ of any man. In case of problems with it, first of all, you should pay attention to inguinal rings. They can cause some changes in the body, which most often affect the health of men unfavorably.

The most common cause of diseases associated with the inguinal area, are the inguinal rings, photos of which can be seen in the medical reference books on andrology. If any changes in the body are found, it is necessary to contact the hospital. After all, your own health should be above all else, and you should pay regular visits to the doctor for a while.
inguinal rings

Inguinal rings

It is known that the inguinal canal has walls on which the rings are located. The superficial inguinal ring in appearance resembles a depression, which lies exactly in the middle of the inguinal ligament. It should also be noted that it is located clearly opposite the fovea and never moves from this place.

But the deep inguinal ring lies directly above the pubic bone. On the outside, there are oblique abdominal muscles( the press), and it is they that limit the deep ring. Above it is a medial edge, and clearly parallel to it on the other side is the lateral margin.

superficial inguinal ring

Doctor's visit

For the sake of health, every man should undergo regular examinations with specialists. This will help prevent various diseases or get rid of a problem that can cause considerable damage to the body in the future.

Standard inspection does not involve any complicated procedures. First, the doctor examines the inguinal zone, and then clarifies complaints, if any. In order to understand the cause of the patient's discomfort, the doctor inserts a finger into the outer inguinal ring.

The usual inspection scheme is quite simple. The finger is immersed in the ring as much as possible. If only one tip is placed, then the organ is perfectly healthy. But if the little finger is completely placed inwards, the doctor may decide to conduct a cough test. At this time, he feels jerks and draws the appropriate conclusions.
external inguinal ring

Pain in the inguinal rings of

Many professional doctors say with accuracy that the inguinal rings themselves can not get sick, because the ring is just a hole. Also, pain in that area does not guarantee the presence of a hernia. Its appearance is not connected with the inguinal rings.

The two most common problems that can be accompanied by pain near the rings are inguinal lymphadenitis and sprainy of the inguinal ligaments. But still, instead of making conclusions on your own, you should consult a specialist.

Causes of inguinal lymphadenitis

The most important cause is an infection that has somehow penetrated the inguinal lymph nodes. A common pathogen is the E. coli. And besides it, other pests of the human body can also contribute to the emergence of problems: staphylococcus, diplococcus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

In addition, there is another, no less important reason - the accumulation of inflammatory cells in the detection zone of the microorganism. Most often microscopic organisms get to the lymph nodes with the help of vessels with a current of lymph from a certain part of the body that has recently been infected.
inguinal ring photo

Symptoms of

Inguinal lymphadenitis has the main symptoms, finding that you can accurately be sure of the presence of the disease. These include the following:

  • lymph nodes located in the groin area, increased in size and significantly thickened;
  • feels weak, and body temperature rises;
  • the skin in the field of the inflamed lymphonoduses also inflames and finds a reddish color;
  • in the groin area frequent and sometimes sharp pains while walking or other active activities.

Lymphadenitis usually does not spread to other lymph nodes. That is why this problem can be eliminated quite quickly and not harm these other bodies.

deep inguinal ring


Lymph nodes in the groin area of ​​a healthy person have an unimportant shape, they are soft and do not cause discomfort. In men with a normal physique to feel healthy lymph nodes is often very difficult, and perhaps impossible.

First of all, the doctor examines the inguinal lymph nodes, and then immediately tells the patient about the first guesses and possible causes of the problem. After this, a conversation with the patient follows, which will help the doctor to establish a further method for conducting the diagnosis.

The basis of the diagnosis of inguinal lymphadenitis includes a general blood test, due to which the changes in its composition will be more accurately determined. If there is a suspicion of a tumor in the circulatory system, then a biopsy of the affected nodes is performed. After that, the examination continues in normal mode.

Also do not forget that in the presence of swollen lymph nodes doctor necessarily excludes inguinal hernia. Because without this procedure, it can begin to progress in the future and will damage the health of the patient. But its exception is the right move, because in this case, problems with it will no longer arise. The ring of the inguinal canal can also take part in the diagnosis, but only on the exact decision and urgent recommendations of the specialist.

Treatment of

In the event that lymphadenitis appears as a result of an infection or a venereal disease, the main task of treatment in the hospital will be precisely their elimination. It is quite possible to quickly solve the problem, if after the destruction of the infection, the lymph nodes themselves will come back to normal soon.

In other cases, the main source of the disease can not be precisely determined, therefore, general X-ray therapy is prescribed. After that, the standard therapy, aimed mainly at strengthening the system of lymph nodes, follows.

Most recently, people considered surgical intervention to be the best treatment. Although recently a number of studies have shown that removal of the affected lymph nodes often contributes to the formation of not quite the right outflow of lymph. inguinal ring

Tension of the ligaments

The usual sprain of the ligaments, where the inguinal rings are also involved, happens quite often and for various reasons. This injury is not the most painless, so it can be very difficult to survive.

Athletes often face this problem after violating certain rules when practicing in the gym, for example, with heavy weight. But despite this, many men have a natural tendency to frequent dislocations in the region of the hip joint, which further leads to stretching. Inflammatory processes often create problems with tendons, disrupting their functioning, and then leading to serious consequences.