"Amiksidin": instructions for use, composition, price, reviews

What is Amixidine? Information about the disinfectant will be discussed below. Also you will learn about its cost, methods of application and other features. amoxidine instructions for use

Basic information

What is a remedy like Amixidin? The instruction for use asserts that it is a transparent liquid with a pinkish-red color and a weak specific odor. Its active substances are 10% N, N-bis( 3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine, 3% polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride, N, N-didecyl-N, 7% N-dimethylammonium chloride and other functional ingredients.

This preparation is packaged in polymer bottles with tightly screwed caps. Also it can be purchased in cans.

General characteristics of

The "Amiksidin" disinfectant, the instruction of which is described below, is an antimicrobial preparation that shows a high activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria( including mycobacteria tuberculosis), as well as viruses and other infectious agents of parenteral hepatitis, atypical pneumonia, herpes, avian influenza, Candida fungi, mold fungi, trichophyton, HIV, anaerobic infection and other pathogens of nosocomial infections.

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This product has good deodorizing and detergent properties. It does not discolour the fabric, does not damage the surface of the objects, does not cause corrosion and does not retain organic contaminants.

What other properties are inherent in the drug "Amiksidin"?Instruction for use informs that this product is able to maintain all its qualities even after exposure to cold and further thawing. amoxidine instructions price

This working solution is explosive and fireproof. It is incompatible with anionic surfactants and soap. At the same time, it can be used without special caution together with the "UMD" detergent.

Features of the solution

What is remarkable about such a tool as "Amiksidin"?The instruction for use states that in terms of toxicity indicators, this drug belongs to the 3rd class of hazardous substances when administered orally and to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when applied to the skin.

According to experts, the solution in question has an irritating effect( moderate) on contact with the skin, and also adversely affects the mucous membranes of the visual organs.


Why do you need such a tool as "Amiksidin"?Disinfectants, reviews of which are infrequent, are intended for:

  • washing of surfaces in the room, floor coverings, upholstered furniture, upholstery fabrics, appliances, furnishings, linen, appliances, utensils, sanitary equipment, rubber mats, toys, cleaning and sports equipment;
  • disinfection of medical waste( disposable linen, dressings and others);
  • disinfection of anesthetic equipment, kuvezov, components of anesthetic and respiratory equipment;
  • disinfection of medical devices;amoxidine disinfectant information
  • disinfection of dental impressions of polyester resin, silicone and alginate materials, spittoons, denture billets from metals, plastic from ceramics, suction systems;
  • disinfection, which is combined with pre-sterilization cleaning of medical supplies;
  • pre-sterilization cleaning, which is not combined with disinfection;
  • disinfection, which is combined with the final or presterilization cleaning of endoscopes( rigid and flexible);
  • final cleaning of endoscopes;
  • disinfection plastic, rubber shoes for the prevention of fungal infections;
  • disinfection of sanitary and food transport;
  • conducting genebourots in preschool, medical and preventive, school and other institutions;
  • air disinfection at various sites;
  • fighting with mold;
  • disinfection of equipment and facilities in public catering establishments, consumer markets, food trade, hotels, communal facilities, swimming pools, hostels, water parks, saunas, baths, places of mass gathering;
  • disinfection of garbage trucks, cleaning equipment, garbage chutes;
  • disinfection of overalls, premises, tools, equipment and air in hairdressing salons, cosmetic and massage salons, clubs, laundries, sanpropodnikami and others;
  • disinfecting storage tanks of portable toilets, as well as their surfaces.

Preparation of

solution How should I prepare Amixidine solution? Instruction for use informs that this disinfectant must be prepared in a container of any material by mixing it with ordinary tap water.

When creating a working fluid, strict calculations and proportions should be followed. They are listed in the table below. disinfectant amoxidine instructions

Instructions for the use of the disinfectant "Amiksidin"

As mentioned above, the "Amiksidin" solution is used for the disinfection of various surfaces. This procedure is carried out by wiping objects, soaking them, irrigation or immersion.

Disinfection of objects by rubbing can be carried out in the presence of patients without the use of personal protective equipment.

Rigid furniture, surfaces in rooms, apparatus, furnishings and appliances are wiped with rags soaked in a ready-made "Amiksidin" solution.

In the process of processing upholstered furniture, carpet and floor coverings, as well as surfaces that have roughness, porosity and unevenness, the allowable application rate of this preparation is 100-150 ml / m2.Such surfaces should be cleaned with brushes soaked in solution. After treatment, flushing is not required.

Other disinfection methods

Air disinfection with "Amiksidin" is carried out by means of special technical installations.

Sanitary equipment is treated with a solution using a ruff or brush. Irrigation by this means is carried out using an autos, hydro-gun or an aerosol generator.

instruction on the use of disinfectant amoxidin

The tableware is freed from the remains of food and completely immersed in the solution. After treatment, it is washed with water for at least 3 minutes.

Lingerie soaked in a solution, and then properly washed and rinsed.

The inner surface of the shoe is wiped with a swab soaked in the product. After that, it is wiped with water and dried.

Reviews and value

Now you know what the "Amixidin" solution is. Instructions for use, the price of this drug is also discussed in this article.

You can purchase this tool in specialized stores. Its cost is about 1755 rubles per 1 liter.

According to experts, "Amiksidin" is a very effective disinfectant. It can be used not only in hospital conditions, but also in educational and pre-school institutions, as well as in the trade industry. amoxidine disinfectants reviews

Also, experts say that for the application of the working solution, there is no need to prepare the surface of objects to be treated, with the exception of those on which the mold has formed( it must be cleaned beforehand).