Idiocy is. .. Mental abnormalities, the deepest degree of oligophrenia

Widely used in everyday speech, the word "idiocy" is in fact a medical term denoting the most severe form of an inherited disease called oligophrenia.

What is this, modern medicine is well known, what can not be said about people far from it. As a rule, until the ailment touches one family, all its members do not think that such things can happen in their circle. We will analyze in detail idiocy, its nature, symptoms and prognosis for the sick.

idiocy is

General Information

Oligophrenia is a hereditary metabolic disease. The essence of it is quite difficult to assimilate to a person far from medicine. In short, the patient lacks the enzyme involved in the process of phenylalanine metabolism, and the result is that in the child's body, phenylalanine, along with metabolites, begins to accumulate.

This negatively affects the operation of the central nervous system, having a toxic effect. Well, in this, in turn, inhibits mental development, which gradually flows into mental abnormalities. It can not be said when this disease first appeared, only it is known that A. Felling first took it in 1934.Sometimes this disease is called dementia.

oligophrenia what it is

Idiocy is a severe oligophrenia

Oligophrenia has several stages, differing from each other in severity. Idiocy is the most complex and heavily flowing of them. A person with such a degree of dementia is almost completely incapable of expressing words, most of his speech is limited to muffled mooing. Attention also comes to naught, its concentration is out of the question. Incomplete perception of yourself and the environment.

Idiocy is a lack of ability not only to fully speak, but also to understand what others are saying. Many children, who are sick with idiocy, are not able to learn how to stand and walk without help. psychical deviations

Causes of the disease

Idiocy is a disease that has very specific causes. It can be:

  1. Genetic diseases. One of their main manifestations is mental retardation. Mostly it is Angelmann syndrome, Down's syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome. All these diseases, among other things, are accompanied by underdevelopment in the physical plane and are associated with malfunctions in the structure of genes.
  2. Infectious diseases. Mental abnormalities are often formed on the basis of such diseases as rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis.
  3. Adverse factors that affect the pregnant mother. Unfortunately, people began to forget that alcohol, drugs, radiation and bad ecology negatively affect not only the body of the pregnant mother, but also the fetus. Iodine deficiency. For the nervous system to develop properly, iodine should be in abundance. It often happens that women with iodine deficiency suffer more from this disease during pregnancy, and the result is a child who is ill with oligophrenia. To develop the disease can and in the case when during the first three years of life the baby does not get the right amount of iodine.
  4. Ionizing radiation. It is for this reason that pregnant women are not prescribed x-rays.
  5. Exposure to chemical agents. They are household toxic substances - solvents, poison of insects.
  6. Eating too little. Many women, worrying for their figure during pregnancy, torture themselves with strict diets, irregular meals. As a result, the body begins to be depleted, and not only the pregnant woman suffers, but also her fetus.
  7. Fetal infection inside the womb. This happens because of hormonal problems of the pregnant woman.
  8. Birth trauma of the brain. The child's head may be too tightly squeezed by obstetric forceps, or the child can simply be dropped to the floor.

idiocy and marasmus

Symptoms of

Idiocy and idiocy have very similar symptoms. Distinguish these pathologies by the degree of speech impairment. Thus, patients with marasmus persist in a quite persistent speech, with a small, but still sufficient vocabulary, which is not observed in patients with oligophrenia.

Marasmus - the state acquired, and it begins with the disintegration of the already existing intellectual component. And idiocy is a disease that makes it impossible to develop intelligence. It is characterized by:

  • The lag of physical development. Sick children later learn to hold their heads, walk, sit. Some people can not learn this at all.
  • Poor coordination of movements. Most often they are too inaccurate and sweeping.
  • Lack of meaningful speech or its underdevelopment. Speech basically consists of cries, mooing.
  • Unconscious thinking. A person can not read, can not assess the situation, it is adequate to comprehend something.
  • Bad memory. Things, people, even the most relatives and friends, are very quickly forgotten. Seven of his patient can perceive as strangers, forget where edible, and where inedible objects.
  • Violations of the emotional spectrum. Suddenly, outbursts of anger, irritation, aggression can occur.
  • Inability to self-service. Patients are not able to brush their teeth, clean themselves.

idiocy disease

Treatment of

Treatment of the described disease, unfortunately, is impossible. It is aimed solely at removing and improving the course of symptoms.

So, in order to normalize the metabolism, appoint glutamic acid, "Cerebrolysin", nootropics, conduct therapy with vitamins. And to slightly remove the inhibition, apply natural stimulants - Chinese magnolia vine, aloe, ginseng. Neuroleptics cope with excitement, and from seizures are saved by means of anticonvulsants. The earlier treatment is initiated, the more effective its effect.


Idiocy is a disease with a negative outlook. All violations are irreversible. Suffering both mental and mental activity. Often unfavorable diseases develop, such as intellectual and mnestic disorders. Pathology is inherent in nature and can not be cured. With mild illness, people survive to 50 years, with severe die before 20 years. intellectually mnestic disorders

Prophylaxis of

Prevention of the disease involves, for the most part, the maintenance of a correct lifestyle during pregnancy. It is necessary to completely abandon smoking and alcohol, do not forget to visit a gynecologist, register, take walks in the fresh air, sleep the right amount of time. Particular attention should be given to a balanced diet, refusal from harmful fatty food, consumption of greens, vegetables and fruits.

In a natural environment, people with idiocy can hardly live, which is why they are placed in boarding schools of a special orientation. Especially in this need those who are diagnosed with severe oligophrenia.

What is this, we described in the article. And understanding how complex this pathology is, I want to emphasize: no matter what a person is, one must be treated with respect and try to facilitate its existence.