Yantarlif: the key to tranquility

In modern life, stress plays a significant role. They affect the behavior of a person, his relationships with others and in the family, his appearance, working capacity, memory, attention, sleep, overall emotional and physical well-being, health. How to deal with them? How to prevent early wilting of the body, caused, including, the pace of modern life and the number of emerging problems?

Stress is the response of our body to overstrain, fuss, negative emotions. Undoubtedly, stress in small amounts is useful, as at this moment adrenaline is developed, and the person begins to think differently and finds non-standard ways out of the situation.

how to deal with stress

Stress, experienced by the body constantly, leads to a feeling of irritation, bad sleep, physical weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, attention, and in the future, the development of a nervous tic, obsessive habits, and sometimes attachment to alcohol.

To eliminate stress, nervous tension and increase mental activity, the unique complex "Yantarlife" was developed.

How to deal with stress?

As part of "Yantarlife" components are combined to improve the body's resistance in stressful situations, improve mood and mental activity, fill the vitamin deficiency that occurs against the background of stress.

Amber acid has an antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals, has the strongest health-improving effect, has an undeniable rejuvenating effect. Due to its properties, it removes accumulated fatigue, increases immunity, raises the tone of the whole organism.

Glycine has a sedative, mild tranquilizing and weak antidepressant properties, reduces feelings of fear, anxiety, and reduces psychoemotional stress. It increases mental performance and activates the processes of protective inhibition in the central nervous system. Glycine is used in stressful situations( the period of examinations, difficult life, conflicts, etc.), with reduced mental capacity for work, emotional instability, increased excitability and sleep disorders. Improves memory and associative processes. Has antioxidant effect.

amberlight complex

B6 plays an important role in the metabolism necessary for the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. Improves the use of unsaturated fatty acids, lowers cholesterol and lipids in the blood, improves myocardial contractility.

B1( thiamin) is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and has a regulating effect on the activity of the nervous system. Thiamine improves blood circulation and participates in hematopoiesis. It optimizes cognitive activity and brain function. Has a positive effect on energy level, growth, normal appetite, ability to learn and is necessary for the tone of the muscles of the digestive tract, stomach and heart. Thiamine acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from the destructive effects of aging, alcohol and tobacco. Allows to maintain mental and emotional health and keep youth.

All these components in the complex "Yantarlife", in properly selected proportions, complement and enhance the action of each other. The complex effect of the components of "Yantarlife" due to the cleansing of the body of toxins and free radicals that destroy cells, maintaining the correct synthesis of nucleic acids, preventing aging, slows down the aging process.

Results of application of

The complex "Yantarlif" improves memory and physical endurance, optimizes the mechanisms of regulation and metabolism, eliminates insomnia. Thus, it serves as a preventive measure against senile diseases."Yantarlife" well neutralizes alcohol in the blood and reduces the harmful effects of tobacco. The composition is effective for alleviating the consequences of both occasional, one-time use of alcohol, to eliminate the consequences of a hop evening, and with regular use and is an indispensable component of complex treatment and recovery. Long-term use of "Yantarlife" reduces the motivation to drink alcohol in persons suffering from alcoholism.

how to deal with streso

Yantarlife is easy to use: 1 capsule 2 times a day. The optimal form of release( capsule) helps the components to dissolve in the stomach. Reviews about the action of "Yantarlife" are positive.

If you are experiencing:

  • high nervous and psychological stress and stress,
  • mental disability,
  • vitamin deficiency on the background of stress,
  • quickly get tired physically,
  • take care of preserving and maintaining your youth,
  • want to strengthen immunity,
  • can not sleep for a long time at night and you can hardly wake up at nightin the morning,
  • consumes alcohol( regardless of the amount),

, then the complex "Yantarlife" is designed specifically for you!