"Enterospazmil": instructions for use, description and reviews

Various diseases of the digestive system cause discomfort and unpleasant sensations. To get rid of troubling symptoms, drug manufacturers produce the appropriate remedies. They effectively cope with the signs of pathology, but do not completely eliminate it. Such a medicine is also "Enterospazmil".The instruction, composition and cost of the drug will be presented to your review.

enterospasmile instruction application description

Characteristics of the drug

The drug "Enterospazmil" is available in the form of tablets. In the package you can find 15 or 30 capsules. An instruction for use is attached to each "Enterospazmil" agent. The price of the medication depends on the number of tablets in the pack. The average cost of a large package is 600 rubles. You can buy a small pack by paying about 400 rubles.

The composition of the drug includes simecon( 125 mg) and floroglucinol dihydrate( 80 mg).Among additional substances are described: silicon colloidal dioxide, talc, calcium hydrophosphate, cellulose, sulfur dioxide and titanium, gelatin.

enterospasmile instruction composition

What helps the medicine?

What information does the user give to the consumer about the Enterospazmil preparation instruction for use? The annotation clearly spells out all the indications for which the drug is prescribed. These include:

  • spasms of smooth muscles, which are accompanied by severe pain syndrome;
  • meteorism of different origin( malnutrition, drinking carbonated drinks, infectious diseases);
  • inflammation in the small and large intestine;
  • stool disorder( constipation or diarrhea with increased gas formation);
  • gastritis, enteritis, cholecystitis;
  • flutulene;
  • gynecological diseases and pathologies of the urinary system( with muscular spasms).

The drug is used in the complex therapy of many diseases of the digestive tract. More information about this can be obtained from your doctor.

Limitations and side effects of

On the tablets "Enterospazmil" the instruction manual warns that the drug has side effects. They occur usually with misuse of the drug or the use of large doses. Also, unpleasant consequences can be observed in those patients who abuse contraindications to use. The most common negative reactions are allergies. Disturbance of digestion and the appearance of pain are also possible. Other consumers do not report other negative effects.

Contraindications to the use of the drug are the following situations:

  • hypersensitivity to any of the constituent substances;
  • intestinal obstruction or suspected of it;
  • children under 6 years;
  • conditions of gastrointestinal obstruction.

enterospazmil instructions for use review

"Enterospazmil": instructions for use

The drug is used on the advice of a doctor in the dosages indicated by them. If the doctor did not give you separate appointments, then you should follow the information from the annotation. How correctly to use tablets "Enterospazmil"?

The instruction for use states that it is advisable to take the remedy before meals. If you have painful sensations outside eating, it is also acceptable to use a dose of the drug. A single dose is 2 capsules. The frequency of application depends on the disease. The medicine can be taken one to three times a day. The maximum daily dose for an adult is 6 tablets.

Children are prescribed a drug of 1 capsule 3 times a day. If necessary, you can grind the tablet to a powdery state.

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Many patients do not know much about the instructions for use about the drug "Enterospazmil".Reviews about the drug they are interested in more. However, one should not blindly rely on the opinions of other people.

Consumers say that the remedy works quickly and efficiently. After its use, the tension in the intestinal region decreases, there is a noisy and spasmodic pain. With increased flatulence, gases are split and leave without much discomfort.

An important plus of the drug is that it is allowed to be used during pregnancy. Doctors do not recommend taking therapy only in the first third of the term. As the uterus grows, the pressure on the intestines increases. In the second and third trimester, many women suffer from increased gas production and constipation. The drug "Enterosporazmil" helps quickly and safely solve this problem.

Patients say that the drug, while observing the described doses, does not cause side effects. At the same time, this portion of the medicine is enough to stop unpleasant symptoms. Doctors remind all consumers that the drug "Enterospazmil" fights exclusively with the symptoms of the disease. Tablets do not solve the true problem. Therefore, if a pathology is found, complex treatment is necessary. Only in this case you really get the expected effect, and not masking the clinical manifestations.

enterospasmile instruction manual

Short statement

Remember that you can not rely on feedback on the drug "Enterospazmil."Instruction, application, description - that's what the consumer should be interested in first. Do not take the medicine yourself. If there is a pathology, consult a doctor and get a qualified appointment. All the best, do not be ill!